Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

November 1997

Alumni who are dentists or work with dentists in Ilion.

"Do you Floss everyday?...."

Correct Answer is
Dr. Vincent Bonvino Class of 1963

""So you need to schedule another appointment..."

Correct Answer is
Mrs. Florence Volo Disotelle, Class of 1961

"Root Canals are Fun!!!"

Correct Answer is
Dr. Anthony Angelichio, Class of 1961

Congratulations to Don Vivacqua, Class of 1982, the Winner AGAIN in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. Don correctly identified the graduates, less than one hour after the November Contest was posted on the Website! You have to get up early to beat Don..

Suzanne Bracken Grainger '65, Leisa Day Merrick '81, Melissa Sudakow Dodson '89, David Remis '84, Paul Harney '92, Brook Bechard Redmond '81, Kelly Richards '97, Alan Merrick '75, Gary Cioch '69, Rob Lewis '78, Robert "Marty" Wilson '64, Kris Lennox '84, Angie Bottini Sayles '86, Sam DeRocco '66, Evie Griffith Moore, Diane Selwood Williams '61. (November 28, 1997)



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