Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

December 1997

Alumni Who Graduated in 1967 and have worked with Ilion Elementary Students

Correct Answer is
Margaret Slocum Haggerty

Correct Answer is
Melinda Marley

Correct Answer is
Laury Cacciatore Saunders

Congratulations to Laurel Morrisette, Class of 1967, the Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature.(Did you check your yearbook? Only kidding!) Welcome Laurel, to the IHS Alumni Website. (Updated December 4, 1997).

Others who guessed correctly were: Corky Fischer Bull '67, Mary Richards Hoy '71, Karen Unsinn Macrina '68, Suzanne Bracken Grainger '65, Jack Wilcox '67, Jospeh Fusco - Former Superintendent of Ilion Schools, Jean Goldin George, Tom Bentley '68, Russell Outtrim, Joan Withington Wing '67, Deb Dunadee '97, Cliff Lane '69, Sam DeRocco '66, Margaret Slocum Haggerty '67, David "Zig" Steele '67, Robert Bracken, '91, Joe Short '65, Vikki Patterson Smithson '79, Karen Bouck Vennera '70, Donna Robbins Sciortino '69, Cynthia Cramer Hommey '65, Deb Dempsey Tayler '84. (December 31, 1997)



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