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July 1998 Guess The Graduate Ilion Alumni Firefighters

Commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the 1963 High School Fire

Congratulations to the Ilion Fire Department on being named recipients of the Herkimer County Fire Chief's "Firefighter of the Year" award. This is the first time in the history of the award that it was given to an entire department rather than an individual.

From the IHS Class of '73
John Day

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From the IHS Class of '72
Karl Tripple

From the IHS Class of '75
Dan Trevor

Cheers to the prior Guess The Graduate honorees! They are now featured in an alumni display appearing in the front window of Durkin's Liquor Store on Otsego Street!

Congratulations to Dan Lewis Class of 1973 the Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. Fifty-eight alumni attempted to guess. Others who answered correctly, in order of appearance, were:

Bill Fischer '66
Kathy O'Connor '74
Colleen Fitzgibbons '76
Leisa Day Merrick '81
Steph Boucher Buddenhagen '79
Jim Trevett '75
Jolene Kinville Matthews '87
Brian Marhaver '78
Cheryl March Darling '82
Adam Short '93
Deb Demspey Tayler '84
Wayne Tayler '73
JoAnn Capes Richards '70
Mary Richards Hoy '70
Kris Lennox Fahey '84
Dean Bechard '77
JoEllen Bleaking Mula '83
Mary Beth Earl '84
Jean Keddell Maneen '65
Sam DeRocco '66
Mr. Joseph Fusco
Donald Vivacqua '82
Michael Murphy '83
John Warner '70
Laurie Burke Brisson '81
Robert Bracken '62
Lesa Siver Decker '64
Courtney Burger '93
Jeff Kinville '81
Halinka Spencer '97
Lisa Marcil '82
Jack Jewell '65
Priscilla Reed Wildey '71
Deanna Wilkins Fischer '69
Suzie Goodman Meres '75


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