Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

October 1998 Guess The Graduate


Eddie Munster is really ....
Don Applegate

Lurch is really ....
Mike McCormack

Gomez Addams is really ....
James 'Chip' DeJohn

Abbra-cadab-bra.... Dippity-doo
Did you guess the grads....From '62?

What's done is undone.... They've been swell
See the boys....without the spell

Happy Halloween!

Were you brave enough to Trick-or-Treat at Goosie Gordon's house?
If you were, please let us fraidy-cats know what it was like.
Send your 'Goosie Gordon Halloween Tales' to The IHS Alumni Web Witch.

'Goosie Gordon Halloween Tales'

"You never had the courage to trick or treat at Goosie's!! She gave the beststuff. My sister Michelle, Ann Strife and I would go and she gave out bottles(glass ones!) of soda and full-size candy bars. You should have gone!! :)"

Sue Kinville Krenichyn
Class of 1973>/p>

"Since I would have graduated in '39 from IHS, I guess that that would be my class year. Let's go for it! I have another anecdote about "Goosie" for you. This really happened. There was a gal in one of my classes by the name of Ruth Blaisdel. We were very good friends & one fall (probably '33 or '34 as near as I recall) she invited me to her house with other kids for a Halloween party. There was a "scavenger hunt" & on my list was a "comb". That was all I needed to complete my hunt. All I could think of was "Goosie", so I brazenly went to her house & banged on the door. I told of my problem. She says to wait a bit. She did return with a comb for me. Wow! Was I ever feeling good about that!"

Raymond A. Prell
Class of 1939

The Winner of this month's feature is Leisa Day Merrick Class of 1981. Seventy attempted to guess. Others who answered correctly, in order of appearance, were:

Nancy Fusco Miles '84
Joe Short '65
Marc Burling '77
Bob Heneka '63
Jolene Kinville Matthews '87
Dean Bechard '77
Alan Merrick '75
Melissa Dickenson Cook '84
Jean Keddell Maneen '65
Bill Fischer '66
JoAnn Capes Richards '70
Kelly Fischer '98
Cynthia Engell McCormack '62
Dan Lewis '73
Anthony Simonette '62
Judith Capes Bennett-Tinkler '62
James 'Chip' DeJohn '62
Bill Remmers '66
Rudy Gadziala '93
Deb Dempsey Tayler '84
Robert Bracken '62
Harold Mogenson '64
Sam Maneen '89
Jim Trevett '75
Brenda Sweet DeJohn '65
Shelly Lyman DiSano '82
Betsy Rathbun Tanner '68
Michele Sweeney Rowland '90
Patricia Alexender Morley '64
Fran Spatol Bato '64
Erin Blair '96
Sandra Dye '98
Kathy Carney Donahue '66
Dave Remis '84


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