Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

This 1956 grad, Vince Durant, also serves on the Ilion Days Committee.

This 1957 graduate, Elisabeth Hitchcock DelGrego, retired from the Board of Education.

This '74 grad, Larry Thibault, was among the first visitors to this site.

From the days of "The Old Stone Building" to today's massive building project, the members of the Ilion Board of Education have been volunteering their expertise in order to meet the District's Mission Statement - "The People of the community of Ilion and the Ilion Central School District are committed to work together to educate our children and ourselves for the challenges of today and tomorrow, encouraging all to be hopeful, productive, and responsible citizens of our community, state and nation."

Congratulations to Scott Lamica '82, The Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. (July 1, 1999)

57 alumni attempted to guess.. Others who guessed correctly were:

Stephen Coupe '84
Carolyn Capes Beran '58
Jim Richards '70
Dean Bechard '77
Jean Keddell Maneen '65
Paul Greenfield '74
Jerry Angelichio '66
Carol Duffy Carney '82
Sherri Raymond Sales '82
Joseph Fusco, Retired Supt. of Ilion
Rob Lewis '78
Karen Welch Sportello '87
Robert Bracken '62
Nancy Thompson Long '75
Jolene Kinville Matthews '87
Sharon Yardley Richards '72
Erin Bullis '97
Deb Dempsey-Taylor '84
Nancy Miles Fusco '84
Mary Fitzer Morse '70
Sam Geragi '63
Leisa Day Merrick '81
Cheryl March Darling '82
Stephen Morse
Alan Merrick '75
Barbara Kingl Kiefl '61
Donna Urtz '80
Mary Duffy Earl '74
Paul Losier '73
Jessica Richards '94
Helen Moyer Mickle '51
Joanne Seymour Miller '86



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