Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

Homecoming King A
Dave 'Ziggy' Steele '67

Homecoming King B
Steve McGrath '72

Homecoming King C
Jerry Alsante '81

Homecoming King D
Mike Spohn '95

Were you able to guess the identities of these Ilion Homecoming Kings?
A photo of the actual Homecoming Crown was used in the composites shown above. Individual round tags, around the base of the crown, contained the name and year of the recipients.

Congratulations to Mary Applegate Boyd '75 , The Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. (October 19, 2000)

77 alumni attempted to guess.. Others who guessed correctly were:

Larry Laymon '77
Ralph Bottini '83
Mary Fitzer Morse '70
Greg Day '75
JoAnn Capes Richards '70
Carol Steele
Deborah Streeter Bullis '71
Mary Richards Hoy '71
Sam DeRocco '66
Erin Bullis '97
Lori Loomis Salvagni
Tom Bentley '68
Jean Keddell Maneen
Barb Boucher '71
Kelly Vivyan '79
Dale Boudry Parmer '75
Dean Bechard '77
George Kornbrust



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