Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

Seymour A is
Tom Seymour '69

Seymour B is
Deb Seymour '74

Seymour C is
Mike Seymour '66

The above three Seymours are the children of Fireman Burton F. Seymour, who lost his life while fighting the 1963 Ilion High School Fire.

Next year, you can see more Seymours at the
Dr. Jeffrey Seymour Scholarship Fund Dinner
March 17th 2001 - Ilion Knights of Columbus
Cost is $6.50 for adults and $3.00 for children under 12.
Enjoy choice of corned beef or ham along with POTATOES and cabbage.
There is a 50/50 raffle, drawn that night along with a number of gifts raffles.
DJ Ron Clive will provide entertainment, after the dinner, downstairs.

Congratulations to Kevin Vivyan '73, The Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. (January 2, 2001)

81 alumni attempted to guess. Others who guessed correctly were:

C.J. Steele
Terri Gage Vivyan '81
Kelly Vivyan '79
Jolene Kinville Day '87
Matthew Wilson '97
Bill Remmers '66
Sharon Yardley Richards '72
Larry Laymon '77
JoAnn Capes Richards '70
Patti Ramsey Sterling '73
Kevin McGrellis '69
Dan Lewis
Robert Bracken
Bill Fischer '66
Matt Urtz '78
Erin Bullis
Jason Dempsey
Mary Duffy Earl
Ron Clive '70
Gail Smith Krueger '73
Mary Fitzer Morse '70
JoEllen Bleaking Mula '83
Lori Loomis Salvagni '80
Sandy Jones Simonette '65
Laurie Devins Fischer '76
Mary Coffin Day '82
BeverlyAn Tutty '55
Kathy O'Connor '74
Don Vivacqua '82
Laryr DelGrego '83
Brandi Marshall Martin '95
Gail Bechard Mount '70
donna robbins sciortiino '69
Robert Bracken '62
Patricia Richards '92
Betsy Rathbun Tanner '68
Judy Gray Wickersham '65
Matt McCann '95
Betsy Morris Klupa '66
Shannon Haggerty '94
Ryan Shepherd '93
Jamie Seymour '93
Joe DeRocco
Dean Bechard '77



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