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Click on the thumbnail image to see the names of the alumni who guessed correctly for that month and to see the full-size images of the graduates featured that month.

2002 January These Brothers of the 'Bush-Wackers' have groomed many of you over the years. They can get you ready for the Ilion Sesquicentennial Celebrations. Crystal Maddocks '89
2002 February and March Bomber Barbs are introduce by Mrs. Barbara Teeter. Jody Richards '95
2002 Spring Mr. Monk Manion announced that The Guess The Graduate Feature went on hiatus so plans could be made for the 2002 Mega Reunion.  
2001 January - February can you name the senior class presidents? JoAnn Capes Richards '70
2001 March - April - May St. Patrick's Day - Do you see more Seymours? Kevin Vivyan '73
2001 June The Class of 1971 holds a reunion! Karen Cranney '72
2001 July Can you guess the Bomber Boilermaker runners? Kelly Vivyan '79
2001 August These grads are labeled 'Boomerang Bombers' because they returned to teach in the Ilion Central School District. Ralph Bottini '59
2001 September A class reunion for members of the Class of 1981. Sherri Raymond Sales '82
2001 October Fair is foul and foul is fair, Guess these grads, if you DARE! The Witches of 'Yenrac'. Margy Vella '74
2001 November Guess the members of the Class of 1976 for their 25th year reunion. Rudy Gadziala '93
2001 December Can you guess the Golden Bomber Christmas Carols? Jamie Richards '01
2000 January Here is a toast to a 'Sterling' New Year! Barb Boucher '71
2000 February Cupid's Marks are Married Classmates Matt Bouck '77
2000 March This month's theme was alumni who played featured roles in school musical productions. JoAnn Capes Richards '70
2000 April These Guess the Grads have special ties to the Bomber Cafeteria. Mary Richards Hoy '71
2000 May Happy Mothers Day! Guess the mothers and daughters. Carol Steele
2000 June Salute to Valedictorians! Anne Paestella Clive '68
2000 July Class of 1965 Reunion JoAnn Capes Richards '70
2000 August and September Guess the Bomber Lawmen! Jim Richards '70
2000 October and November Guess the Homecoming Kings! Mary Applegate Boyd '75
2000 December Merry 'Mary' Christmas! Rob Lewis '78
1999 January The Mirror - Editors-in-Chief Jessica Richards '94
1999 February Bomber Pharmacists Zig Steele '67
1999 March Bomber Band Members Erin Bullis '97
1999 March The April contest celebrated Easter by presenting Bombers nicknamed after bunnies. Bill Fischer'66
1999 March Can you guess the Bombers who starred in the Ilion Little Theater Club presentation of "Chester and Grace"? The drama was based on the Herkimer County 1906 trial and execution of Chester Gillette for the murder of Grace Brown. JoAnn Capes Richards '70
1999 June In honor of Fathers Day, can you guess the fathers and sons? Dan Lewis
1999 July The July Guess the Graduate featured members of the Board of Education. Scott Lamica '82
1999 August What happens when you cross a Bomber with a Mohican? Leisa Day Merrick '81
1999 September Can you guess four decades worth of football captains? JoAnn Capes Richards '70
1999 October Can you guess four decades worth of Homecoming Queens? John Day '73
1999 November Can you guess the identities of these former Ilion Mayors? JoAnn Capes Richards '70
1999 December Deck the "Halls" with Boughs of Holly? Mary 'Merry' Duffy Earl '74
1998 January Ilion's own Lennox Brothers. Deborah Dempsey '84
1998 February What's Up, Doc? - Ilion Physicians Jane Russell Nile '50
1998 March Guess The McGraduate JoEllen Bleaking Mula '83
1998 April Guess The Cheerleader Graduates Alan Merrick '75
1998 May Guess The Mothers and Daughters Mike Miller '79
1998 June Guess The Fathers and Sons

Mary Coffin Day '82
1998 July Graduates who keep us safe - Ilion Firefighters Dan Lewis
1998 August Ilion Days Volunteers and Participants Jolene Kinville Matthews '87
1998 September Welcome Back... Welcome Back... Welcome Back IHS Faculty and Staff Graduates Mr. Joseph Fusco - Retired Superintendent of Ilion Schools
1998 October Halloween - Guess the Distorted Graduates Leisa Day Merrick '81
1998 November Election Time - Student Council Presidents Jean Keddell Maneen '65
1998 December The Christmas Ball Queens Kris Lennox Fahey '84
1997 September The Alumni Site Guess The Graduate feature was introduced featuring the Class of 1936. Laurel Morrisette '67
1997 October Faculty Staff members of Ilion High School. Don Vivacqua '82
1997 November Alumni who are dentists or work with dentists in Ilion. Don Vivacqua '82
1997 December The contest featured alumni who graduated in 1967 and have worked with Ilion elementary students. Kris Lennox Fahey '84


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