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Ilion Alumni Physician
Ilion Alumni Physician Dr. Theodore Carney
Picture above on the right: Dr. Theodore Carney IHS 1936

Alumni Physicians ....

1878 - Jennie Richardson
1879 - Milton Joy
1880 - Albert D. Chattaway
1883 - John A. Schmidt MD and DDS
1884 - Frank Bert Rasbach
1884? - Henry J. Hunter
1890 - Sherwood Ackler Haggerty MD
1890 - Louis Fowler Joy MD
1893 - Adelbert Chittenden Douglass
1894 - Harry Parker Lewis
1896 - Charles E Lewis
1896 - Harry J. Chismore MD and DDS
1897 - Arnon Comstock
1897 - Charles Diss
1897 - Harry Halliwell
1902 - John Gordon - brother of teacher Ruth 'Goosie' Gordon
1911 - Lewis Parry Jones
1918 - Edward M. Jones
1923 - Paul M. Schneider
1925 - Erwin Hollandt
1926 - Harold Ross
1929 - Robert B. Ainslie
1930 - Everett 'Vince' Mack
1936 - Arthur Applegate
1936 - Theodore R. Carney
1939 - Donald Watkin
1940 - Edwin C. Smith
1942 - Charles Arthur Jarvis
1948 - Joseph Anthony Leistyna
1954 - Younger Power
1955 - Charles 'Chuck' Brown
1966 - James Patrei
1972 - Lawrence Manion
1972 - Lynn Nile
1974 - Nancy Morris
1974 - Peggy Nile Albrecht
1977 - James Callahan
1978 - Elise Sanchez
1980 - Helen Panarites
1982 - David Morris
1983 - Jeffrey Seymour
1984 - Mark D. Harris
1991 - Kevin Hoyt
1993 - William Lennox III
1999 - Luke McCann
2005 - Kate Murphy
2007 - Keith Wilner
2011 - Jon Treen


Dr. Charles Diss, Class of 1897, left an endowment earmarked for athletics/recreation. Over the years the fund grew and became known as 'The Diss Fund'. This fund helped to finance Ilion's athletic complex which was constructed in the 1980s. The complex was named in honor of the doctor and is known as The Diss Memorial Athletic Complex'.


Through the generosity of Ilion Class of 1938 Alumni, Constantine 'Gus' Panarites and Mary Panarites Gasper, the Ilion Central School District Foundation is offering a new annual $1000 scholarship. The recipient must be a graduate of Ilion High School and have been awarded a four year undergraduate degree. He/She must be accepted or already attending a certified medical school. Inquiries about the scholarship can be made to the Superintendent of Schools at 894-9934.


Dr. Jeffrey Seymour

A scholarship to honor Ilion alumnus, the late Dr. Jeffrey J. Seymour, Class of 1983, has been established by family members and friends and will be administered by theFoundation. The award will be presented to a graduating senior, who is a science major, with high family and social values. Dr. Seymour, 31, resided in Ilion with his wife Pina and was the son of Alfred & Patricia Seymour, of Ilion. On January 6, 1997, Dr. Seymour, who was chief resident at Albany Medical Center, died in an automobile accident on Rt. 28, south of Mohawk. Contributions can be submitted to the Foundation at 6 Weber Avenue, Ilion. Donations should be earmarked for this fund.


Class of 1936 alumnus - Dr. Theodore Carney's legacy was siring nine children and delivering many more babies who grew up to graduate from Ilion High School. He eagerly embraced new technologies, (ie. installed home intercom system, listened to his Hi-Fi stereo, used an air horn to call kids home for supper, built an 8mm home movie library, experimented with a Polaroid camera and watched 'Bonanza' on his 13 channel-COLOR TV!). If he were alive today, perhaps he'd be a Net Head too! However, this would happen only if he could use a laptop computer, on the 19th hole of the golf course!

This web site is dedicated in loving memory of my dad, Dr. Ted Carney.

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