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Acknowledgements and Permissions

Since May 1997, individuals and organizations have granted me permission to reproduce their photographs and stories. Their contributions and generosity have helped to build this site into a large collection of non-commercial, advertisement free, content about the history of the Ilion Central School District. Below is a partial list of those who have made this site possible. If there are any omissions, it is not intentional and is only because there were so many, many contributors. Where it has been possible, acknowledgements are also included on individual pages. Logo

A special acknowledgement is also extended to Thomas M. Tryniski for creating and maintaining the non-comericial web site The site contains searchable, OCR scanned, newspaper pages of New York State Historical Newspapers. The files are in pdf format. His site is a phenomenal source for newspaper articles of local interest.

Applicable Copyright Information

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The Ilion Public Library and Mike Disotelle who gave me access to the following:
  • Library copies of Ilion High School yearbooks for scanning covers and content in 1997.
  • "ILION SCHOOLS UNION SCHOOL DAYS" - Frank Russell Publication
  • 1952 Village Centennial Publication
  • Various other newspaper historical clippings


All Class Contacts and these alumni, in particular, deserve special recognition:
  • Paul McLaughlin - Class years 1939 - 1941
  • John Gilmartin - Class 1943
  • James and Dorothy (Loopman) Garnsey - Class years 1948 & 1949 and Cheerleader photographs
  • Lillian Barger Gaherty - Class 1946
  • Carolyn Demming Bayer - Class 1947
  • Jane Russell Nile - Class years 1950 & 1951 and Cheerleader photographs
  • Frank Jennings - Class 1958
  • Bob Joy - Class of 1965 and the person who installed my original scanner & Adobe Photoshop
  • Joe Collea - Class of 1965 and IHS Principal for researching Valedictorians, Salutatorians and Class Sizes data
  • Kathleen Carney Donahue - Class 1966 and former Faculty Member
  • Ted Carney - Class 1981


School Officials who provided information and granted permission to publish:


Photographs of School Musicals - individuals who provided photographs and granted permission to publish:


Newspaper and Organization Publishers for permission to republish their specific articles and photographs:


Contributors to sections related to local history and/or specific graduates:

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