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Reunion - Thanks/Reactions

Post Reunion Responses December 8, 2002

Richard Darling 1958 - "Has anyone contacted you on arriving home with the wrong coat? A slender lady with short to medium length dark hair and wearing glasses was seen picking up my wife's dark blue Tommy Hilfiger jacket with a hood. This happened during the last dance Friday night in the tent. Security showed me a jacket left that night that looked almost the same, and had a disposable camera in the pocket.. We figure she picked up the wrong one since they almost looked alike. On a strange note, you got me back to Ilion just in time. I got to see my family and after I returned to Alabama my Mother, Dorothy Darling, passed away. Thanks to your Mega-reunion, I was able to see her one more time. Thanks again to the entire commitee for all the work and time you put into this. You can all stand proud."

Post Reunion Responses November 1, 2002

Robert Smith 1963 - "Thanks to you and everyone that organized the MEGA reunion. We had a great time. Everything went so well."

Jane Spatol Smith 1960 - "I'm a bit late in doing so but just wanted to thank everyone for doing a super job putting together the Mega Reunion. Any thoughts of doing another in say five years or so? Great job!!! and thanks."

Linda Prentice 1973 - "We had a great weekend!!!! Thanks so very much! Great job!!!!!!!"

Marie Leonard Claffey 1938 - "Just wanted to thank you for all the extras you did to make our visit to the reunion such a wonderful affair.... The rest of the weekend was wonderful and we are so happy we could come. Please extend our thanks to all on the committee."

Bonnie Robinson Charles 1983 - "Thank you so much for all you did for the Mega Reunion. It was worth every penny-such an incredible weekend! It was so neat seeing people from other grades who I played sports with as well as siblings friends, not to mention so many relatives! The only hard part is we all lost our voices trying to talk over the bands but well worth losing them over.."

Mary Daily Trueblood 1973 - "Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication."

Nancy Morris 1974 - "Had a blast at the reunion..."

Jack Carter 1943 - "Wow! A great reunion, a great party. Thank you and whoever else was involved in the planning. We first went into the tent, then to the band on the ground floor. Great music and everyone was enjoying the people and the atmoshphere. We asked where the 'old' people were gathered and were told to follow the big band sound. Seeing old friends and classmates was marvelous. .... Thanks again for all your effort."

Leigh Potter 1966 - "The reunion was great and I wanted to thank you for all your hardwork. Your dedication to maintaining this website is a tribute to the parents that raised you. Dr. Carney took care of the Potter boys and family for many years. Thanks again for your being there for IHS."

Robb Stubbs and Ramona Belfield Stubbs 1975 - "We had a blast!"

Ellie Smith Riddell 1953 - "I just wanted to thank you for all you did in putting the Mega re-union together. It was absolutely perfect and don't know how you were able to spend that much time on it. There must have been millions of details. I haven't talked to anyone who didn't have a wonderful time. Thank you from all of us!"

Mary Carney Houlihan 1967 - "Kudos to 'My Sister Aileen', Jim Garnsey, and the entire reunion committee for a spectacular achievement. What a fabulous event!!! I had a terrific time catching up with all my old classmates, and with all the others who touched my life in Ilion - going way back to early childhood memories on High Street, our Annunciation years, and of course our wild and crazy times at IHS. You're Ilion's hidden treasure Aileen, and although you were never on the squad, you're the best cheerleader Ilion ever had."

Joan Withington Wing 1967 - "Great reunion! I put the few pictures taken (due to too much talking) on You have to type in wingjoa and the pictures are in the mega reunion album. I added the gorgeous fall pictures taken on Monday before returning to the boring green of Florida. Great to see everyone."

Dick Capes 1971 - "Wanted to join the hundresd of thrilled people who will never forget that weekend or those of you who made it possible."

David Enjem 1965 - "GREAT JOB!!!!!"

Tina Johnson 1977 - "Anyone that missed this reunion, really missed a wonderful time! Still trying to regain my voice, and the trip came close to killing me, as came back with viral infection, ear infection, equilibrium was off (and it wasn't the beer!)....but, it was all worth it! 'When in Ilion, drink beer.''You know you're too old when you want them to turn down the music.' Thanks to all that worked so hard. The organization was extraordinary, and 'no-one could be prouder' of Ilion!"

Michael Sparrin 1968 - "What a once in a lifetime event!!! Just seeing all the old crew was tremendous. The football victory was like the games we all remember. The class of '68 were few, but lively. As always, Brian Volo was front center for every photo op........Glenn Smith looks like he could still run 15 flat in the high hurdles.........Thanks for a great weekend from the the class of '68"

Jeanne Castle Morris 1961 - "What a party!!!..... I would like to thank you and the reunion committee for a wonderful job you did in reuniting all the classes of Ilion High School. No one should be prouder. I am sure it took a great deal of time and effort but it was truly appreciated by everyone that attended. I moved away from Ilion early in life but attending the reunion once again reminded me of the excellent education, wonderful friends and great times we all shared growing up in Ilion. HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!"

John Gilmartin 1943 - "Everyone I have met and talked to about the reunion has had nothing but praise. You did an outstanding job on this and I want to offer my congratulations to you. GREAT JOB !"

Glenn Smith 1968 - "My wife, Sue, and I had a great time at the reunion -- along with my sisters, Marcia, Gail, and Maureen and her husband, Craig. Despite some uncooperative weather, the whole weekend was a tremendous success (although I'm still waiting for my voice to recover). While the class of '68 was short on numbers, it was great catching up with those who came, and even better reconnecting with those from neighboring classes that I had not seen in 30+ years. Seeing Barb Teeter, with as much spunk as ever, single-handedly made the trip worthwhile. And I can't forget the great turnout of former South Fifth/Crescent Street residents! Well done!."

Steve McGrath 1972 - "The Reunion was indeed Mega!! Had a great time seeing everyone...please pass on my thanks and gratitude for the enormous effort you and the committee put forth! The party and the events were a tremendous success. Enjoyed seeing all the "kids" from different classes, older and younger, and had a wonderful time visiting with my old buds. Having my brothers and sister there was truly icing on the cake! GO CAKE EATERS! What do you mean we don't play Herkimer anymore!!?? It was WONDERFUL! Hope the home team is up the to task in another 5-10 years!!."

Colleen Fitzgibbons 1976 - "Thanks for such a great great time! It was so well organized and such a fun event. It made me feel very fortunate that we grew up in that great town."

Darlene Doolen Bauer 1972 - "You did a MARVELOUS job with the Mega Reunion; thank you! We had a great time. There was so much work involved for you. Again, thank you, it was truly a success!"

Dawn Lawrence 1983 - "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work on the reunion. It was great! I had such a wonderful time As a matter of fact everyone that I spoke to all weekend kept on saying what a great time it was."

Barbara Beckwith Kirchhoff 1972 - "I couldn't possibly thank you enough for your committment to this Mega Reunion. It was especially memorable for me, because like other families I am sure, it was a family reunion as well. I have a small family and we are spread out across the country (Utica, Wisconsin, Texas and Nebraska) and over the past many many years the only time all of us have gotten together was at funerals. This was a very special time to just laugh and have fun!!! My 84 yr father, Class of 39, had so much fun laughing and dancing with his other classmates... I just want to thank you for pushing everyone to attend it was a great time to see my old friends again. 30 years is a long time but we still knew each other and I am still smiling!!!"

Fritz Limpert 1939 - "Thanks so much for everything that you did and the others to make this a great MEGA REUNION."

Vincent Pugliese 1972 - "Thank you for the wonderful job on the class reunion. Your efforts and the efforts of all the volunteers made the weekend one of the best times I've had."

Stacia Cooper 1984 - "I just wanted to drop a line to make sure all that were involved with this reunion did a spectacular job! It was a great pleasure to see former teachers and classmates. I can't wait until the next one!!!"


Nancie Bowes Kenney 1977 - "Thank you so much for all the work that went into the weekend. It was a great time!!"

Roberta Pedersen Mahlmeister 1971 - "Just wanted to say thanks for organizing such a wonderful event! I had such a great time. It was amazing to see everyone from so many different classes. Your hard work is gratefully appreciated. Thanks again."

Corky Fischer Bull 1967 - "Wasn't the reunion a blast? I had soooooo much fun. My face still hurts from smiling."

Ken Lynch 1974 - "That was a great event, and I had the time of my life. I can't imagine it could have happened if you hadn't thought of it, pushed it... It was a once in a lifetime experience, and it couldn't have been any better. I admire how much personal time and sacrifice it took on your part. Bravo!"

Dotti Dauten Pohleven 1976 - "I am so glad I had a few moments to speak to you ... to thank you for the wonderful work you accomplished!!! Everyone was wonderful and so memorable!!!! ... Just so you know the "Dauten Clan" had a great time and I thank you deeply for all your hard work and coordinated efforts of all those who helped you!!!"

Steve Castle 1966 - "CONGRATULATIONS on the Mega Reunion. Everything was great. Please pass on to the committee that you did an outstanding job organizing and pulling off one of the most important events in Ilion High School history. You did a lot of hard work to make it happen. Many thanks for a great time. It is people like you that make a difference."

Bill Bracken 1966/67 - "Had to drop a line to tell you that you did a magnificent job on this weekend. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you & tell you in person, but everything was really well done, and obviously the planning and sweating the numbers took a huge toll in time and effort and worry. I just hope you know that your efforts were truly appreciated by me and everyone I talked to. I can't thank you enough. Take it easy and try to recover your sanity. Thank you again.."

Margi Vella 1974 - "Just wanted to thank you again for putting so much time and effort into the reunion. You really did a terrific job and everyone had a great time."

Jim and Char (Abeline) Putch 1970 - "You and your committee gave everyone a Reunion to remember for years to come."

Patrick DeForrest 1974 - I heard the reunion was a big success! You and everyone involved with organizing it, should be very proud. I wish I could have been there!"

Pre-Reunion Alumni Enthusiasm!

Reunion Proposal Responses February 25, 2002

1988- "What a GREAT idea! I just read the e-mail and am so excited about this reunion! And I am interested in helping in anyway that I can. Just send me an e-mail or give me a call anytime and let me know what I can do to help! I hope we get a great response and turnout for this MEGA reunion! I had a great time at our 10 year reunion for the class of '88 and think this will be even better!"

1980 - "I am very impressed with this concept of a MEGA- SUPER CLASSREUNION!!! It is concurrent with the tremendous cohesion that I have experienced in Ilion in the last few years."

1967 - "Hello fellow classmates! Just found out about the Mega Reunion--what a great idea! But it will be an even greater event if the Class of '67 is there in mass! Let's get on the band wagon and get the word out.........October is a great time of year to be in Ilion... I remember many a crisp, clear October Saturday afternoon walking to the high school for a football game or catching the fan bus. October's bright blue sky and the beautiful fall colors, is certainly one reason to return "home", but renewing old frienships is even a better reason. "we're from Ilion and no one could be prouder.....we're the Class of '67 and no one could be prouder!!!!!"

1953 - "This is a wonderful idea and a tremendous undertaking. I live in Florida but would be willing to help by emailing graduates, letter writing, etc. Please feel free to contact me."

1949 - "I think our class needs to have something that is unique foridentifying us. Such as a goldmine, the 49ers or gold coins would be nice.Perhaps we could all wear the same color clothes. This is just an idea."

1941 - "It is a great idea and I hope that Classes through the ages will respond positively. It's been almost 50 years since I left Ilion, and I'm proud andsatisfied to hear of the continuing pride of being a Bomber that is exhibited through Bomber's Buzz and the Guest Signin book. I'll be glad to help out any way that I can, from Houston, TX.."

1962 - "Great idea! I would like to be a part of this event."

1965 - "Just finished a contract in Saudi Arabia leaving there after 3.5years. An experience to tell at the reunion."

1974 - "What a great idea! Don't know what I can do to help you out from St. Louis, but I'm willing to help in any way I can. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a fun weekend."

1966 - "I have a lot of secretarial experience which could be put to use."

1966 - "Just a quick note to tell you your plans are very exciting and I know you will have much to do to pull this off."

1973 - "This seems like a great idea. I am glad you already have dates set because that makes it easier for us out of state people to make plans to travel home. I would love to attend and think it would be really nice to have all the classes attend one big party together. I'll keep checking the website for any updates."

1977 - "I am very interested in attending the BIG reunion in October. I also would be interested in helping out. I have recently started my own "Karaoke" business and would love to be part of the reunion. I'd gladly bring down all my equipment from Maine, to help make this event a success."

1982 - "I currently live in Lebanon, PA, which is about 5-6 hours from Ilion. I would like to help out in some way with this big event.

Reunion Proposal Responses as of January 15, 2002

Sesquicentennial Committee Member - "I am certain that the Sesquicentennial Committee will embrace this idea. It sounds fantastic. Please let me know further details."

Foundation Member - "Great Idea, I'd be willing to help. Keep me posted on progress. Our class ... just had our 20th this summer."

1937/1938 - "We are looking forward to coming to the Sesquicentennial Reunion in October 2002. Is there someone who keeps track of the Classes of 1937 and 1938?"

1943 - "Sounds like a great idea. Keep me on your information list."

1943 - "This is a great idea of yours, very ambitious but doable with the right committees and good people involved. A big boost to the economy of Ilion for that time as well. I will survey my class of 43 and let you know. Certainly, I would be happy to help."

1948 - "Great thoughts! I'm not sure where the e-mail went. I assume to The Alumni Foundation? Don't let them sit on it too long! If it's going to happen plans have to be started very soon. Idea could be floated by contacting each of your class contacts. Keep me on the mailing list."

1950 - "I think it is a great idea, Aileen. I have forwarded to Barney Conway to include in his current newsletter, soon to be released."

1952 - "Sounds like a great idea and lots of work. I am the IHS Class of '52 50th Reunion Coordinator. This past Oct, the organizing committee met and picked the Ramada Inn (New Hartford) and Oct 12th, 2002 for our 50th Reunion headquarters and dinner. On Friday, the 11th, we have a get together planned in Ilion. Just thought I'd bring you up to date on our plans, since that sounds like the same weekend you are considering."

1962 - "Sounds like a great idea. Can't help much from Australia but would consider attending."

1964 - "What a GREAT idea!"

1966 - "Currently living in Vermont so I do not know how much help I could actually be. Great idea for a party! "

1966 - "Aileen - Excellent idea! Count me in on any planning you want to do. I'm sure we can get several College facilities (Dining Areas? Gyms?, etc.) to do balls in. Let me know where this is going."

1968 - "Currently residing in Virginia, but make a couple trips to Ilion every year. Definitely would like to attend.!"

1969 - "Sounds like a great idea!"

1969 - "I can't wait for the "MEGA REUNION". It should be a blast!"

1969 - "I think this is an absolutly wonderful idea. Most classes just have there own private reunions this way we will get to see people from other classes that we were friends with that we have not seen in a very long time."

1970 - "This sounds like a good start to a great event. I am looking forward to attending the January meeting."

1971 - "This sounds like a GREAT idea! We're in the process of moving out of state, but if there is anything I can do from 1300 miles away, I'll be glad to help!"

1972 - "I like the idea let me know what is going on and maybe I can help."

1974 - "That's an excellent proposal, very well presented ... Sign me up! [Arizona]"

1974 - "OK, count me in. What ever I can do from afar [Florida] I'll be happy to assist."

1974 - "Just got your e-mail, and forwarded it onto my 5 other brothers/sisters, an aunt/uncle, etc. I think it's a great idea, especially on Columbus weekend. If one large hall could accomodate multiple classes (ie 10 years for the earlier classes and 5 years for the later classes) for the main dinner event, that would cut down on the conflicts that may occur for married couples that graduated in different years... I like some of the ideas you mention."

1975 - "I think this is a great idea. I would be willing to help in any way that I can."

1976 - "This will be a wonderful event and I would love to help in any area needed. I work half day and have the time to help out. Please let me know..."

1976 - "Great Idea... I am game... definitely not for the lead role, but as a participant. I am sure that Bob and Ted will join me as the reps from the Class of '76... right guys???"

1976 - "Happy Holidays and greetings from San Francisco! I was in Ilion for the class of 76 reunion last month-we had a blast! I heard ... about this idea. I just wanted to let you know (even though I am far away) I would LOVE to help in any planning-this is a great great idea! Please let me know how it progresses."

1977 - "This would be GREAT! I would love that and I would Shang-hi [my sister] to come with me! Let me know if I can be of any help down here in the city."

1977 - "Keep in mind '77 that this is our 25th year! What a great opportunity to use this as a vehicle for our milestone reunion."

1978 - "I am right here in Ilion and willing and able to help in any way."


1981 - "This is an AWESOME idea. I was wondering who was providing any OFFICIAL video coverage of the event...I can't wait to be there."

1982 -"This sounds like a very intriguing idea. Let me give it some thought and I'll get back to you on it. Thanks for including me in the loop."

1982 -"I think it's a great idea to have all the classes get together for a reunion. It will be nice to see friends from graduating classes either before or after mine. I live in California so I don't know how I can help but if there is something I can do, don't hesitate to include me. I'm from the Class of 1982 and I know we are in the planning stages of our own reunion next year. I am wondering if ours will coincide with the All Class Reunion or be a seperate date? Is there a date set in the Fall of 2002? Please let me know so I can put it in my calendar. Thanks."

1983 - "I got your message from my sister & I wanted to give some feedback... It's a great idea! We would actually be able not only see each other, but also Aunts, Uncles & Cousins from a variety of graduating years!." - Camillus, NY

1983 - "Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it ... let me know what I can do to help."

1983 - "i just received the email on the reunion for all classes i think that is a wonderful idea think it would be great to come home with all our friends instead of just our class. i dont know how much help i can be but im willing if there is anything i can do.please keep me informed on any updates and details that arise.good luck in getting all this together. wouldnt it be nice to play our rivals at a homecoming game (herkimer)."

1986 - "This sounds like an awesome idea! I am an experienced reunion planner and although I can't take on the "Executive" position of planning the whole thing, I'd love to be on the executive committee - maybe represent the 80's or something."

1988 - "Sounds like a great idea and I'd certainly be willing to represent my Class of 88 and support/help with some of the planning. Thanks and keep me updated on your responses thus far."

1989 - "This sounds like a great idea and just shows one more way that IHS is the best school district in the Valley."


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