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Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Salute to Ilion High School
Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Year Valedictorian Salutatorian
2013 Emily LaLonde Alexander Klosner
2012 Bobbi Kristina Latray Tressa Burrello
2011 Kathe Blydenburgh Rachel Gay
2010 Rachel Stegemann Meghan Fogerty
2009 Julie Hall Stephanie Lachacz
2008 Angela Verenich Erin Sweeney
2007 Keith Wilner Mary Morse
2006 Rachel Bigelow Christopher Maley
2005 Christina Kucerak Gail Murray
2004 Alicia Korol Ashley Hoffman
2003 Jerome Socolof Shannon Bradle
2002 Janice Murray Matthew Skinner
2001 Alison Haefele Andrew Zvirzdin
2000 Sara Korol Kathryn Adams
1999 Heidi Mergenthaler Theresa Murray
1998 Jessica Steele Valerie Dye
1997 Donna Thibault Kara Benson
1996 Reneka Mergenthaler Miranda Dove
1995 Erika Meyer Tricia Turley
1994 Thomas Jennings Kim Mergenthaler
1993 Kristen Lamphear Suzette Applegate
1992 John Kowalczik Angela Scalise
1991 Justin Stutz Matthew Stutz
1990 Paul Hall Jodi Karla
1989 Michelle Worden Elizabeth 'Betsy' Getman
1988 Peter Wardle Mike Grainger
1987 Donald Brien Christine DePaola
1986 Griffith Green Elizabeth Tanner
1985 Bethany Davis Eileen Kilty
1984 Eric R. Ladd Kimberly A. Lynch
1983 Frank Dudish Gina Coroniti
1982 Carol Ptasznik Phyllis Hoffman
1981 Cathleen Woods Susan Plunkett
1980 Helen Panarites Anne Getman
1979 Ed Trefzger Lorie Gage
1978 Elissa Sanchez Laura Noll
1977 Jack Eller Ross Getman
1976 Cheryl Darling Marion Rooke
1975 Richard Bohr Sandra Collins
1974 Kathleen Morris Peggy Nile
1973 Georgia Sternberg Christine Mey
1972 Guy Snedeker Deborah Kubala
1971 Alice Comins Katherine Rooke
1970 Patrice Cacciatore Daniel O'Brien
1969 Christine Monohan William Getman
1968 Glenn Smith Caryl Chambers
1967 Joyce Monteau Jim Strife
1966 James Patrei Janet Keddell
1965 Bill Cornell Kathleen Hoffman
1964 George (Steve) Getman Carol Jean Klippel
1963 Faye Edwards Laura Mason
1962 Roger Fortuna Harold Shelley
1961 Beth Coons Chris Thierfelder
1960 Claire Gilbert Betty Alvis Girardeau
1959 Peggy Wood Casale Lorita Keddell
1958 Linda Edick Susan Fuller
1957 James Barnes Lee Purple
1956 Gwen Elmer NancyTooney
1955 Joan Monz Don Young
1954 Ruth McKelvie Sylvia Leistyna
1953 Richard Hall Doreen Pelletier Murphy
1952 Gwen Gienke William Young
1951 Lester Short Tom Adams
1950 Margaret Wagner Jane Russell Nile
1949 Carl Peterson Shirley Swarthout Galle
1948 Joseph Leistyna Louise Younglove Owens
1947 Violetta Ann Newton Mary Lupinski
1946 Fern Chismore Milton A. Haughton
1945 Marion Ray Mary Horan
1944 Joyce Chismore Jean Lyon
1943 Shirley Pett Kuba Joan Hawes Leggett
1942 Frank Soules Richard Van Wiggeren
1941 Warren Schulz Allen Russell
1940 Edwin Smith Leland Markley
1939 Donald Watkin Dorothy Huyck
1938 Virginia Allen Mary Panarites
1937 John Powers Harold Hemstreet
1936 Margaret Jane Andrus Jean McGowan
1935 William Grimshaw Elizabeth Shaffer
1934 Louise Plunkett Elisabeth Wasmer
1933 Joyce Pierce Sanders Helen Lonis
1932 Mary Haas Ronald Ward
1931 John L. Brown Lydia Smith
1930 Mary Wasmer Thomas Ringwood
1929 Donald Loefler Florence Neale
1928 Zona Kenny Dorothy Hailston
1927 Frank Getman Robert Humphrey
1926 Doris Jones Reginald G. Gaskill
1925 Marie C. Kelly Frances E. Schafer
1924 Mildred Rockerfeller Katherine Ingersoll
1923 Dorothy White Elizabeth Beckwith
1922 Almira Gilchrist Clara Wasmer
1921 Mary Gilchrist Hilda Shaul
1920 Burton Knapp George Knandel
1919 Alfred Taylor Ethel Thomas
1918 Marion Redway Grace Jones
1917 Gertrude Burns Lillian Burch
1916 Jessie Remington Jean Reese
1915 Bessie M. Davis Ruth Lavinia Murtaugh
1914 Fred Reese Mary Carney
1913 Irving Henry McElhose Beatrice Blanche Monsel
1912 Helen Annie Hall Lyle Kirkland Bushnell
1911 Florence E. Merville Roy W. Chandler
1910 Helen Russell Pauline Turnbull
1909 Westley Ingersoll Fred King
1908 Elsie Johnson (Presley) - (name corrected 3/1/2015) Bessie Jarvis (Cross)
1907 Miles Yates Carrie Turnbull
1906 Woodbern Remington Henry Swift
1905 Ona K. Ringwood Leon T. King
1904 Jessie E. Hartford Erma Crim
1903 Enid B. Remington Fred W. Smith
1902 Grace L. Avery Leon G. Ross
1901 Cora A. Taylor Mabel E. Tucker
1900 Marjorie Van Deusen Marguerite B. Armstrong
and Marjorie Squire
1899 A. May Couchman Emma E. Chismore
1898 H. Kirkland Smith Edna M. Shaw
1897 Leroy F. Shinaman Maude H. Burch
1896 Helen R. McCann Jessie Skinner Wright
1895 Cora M. Greene Genevieve L. Ryan
1894 Estella A. Leach Herbert Gough
1893 Adelbert Douglass Julia C. Sloan
1892 Marie A. Wilfert Nellie L. Quaife
1891 Kate B. Osterhout Mary A. Lawton
1890 Helen M. Wright Bacon Kate Joerissen
1889 Elizabeth Lewis Haynes Willis H. Loomis
1888 Herbert H. Myers W. W. Benton, Jr.
1887 Adela VanGumster Alfred Brooks Steele
1886 Harry G. Folts Willis A. Newth
1885 Lincoln C. Ackler Frank S. Hoefler
1884 Clara Angell Russell William W. Kirley
1883 Nellie Rulison Parker Walter Baker
1882 Genevieve Ostrander Porter Fred. B. Sheppard
1881 Charles Comstock Brill Frank D. Russell
1880 Nellie Angell Seamans * I. Clark Seamans *
1879 Maude Cutler Brockway Russell E. Sheperd
1878 Carrie L. Richardson Seward Hakes
1876 Ida Eaton Bugbee Parker Lewis
1874 Margaret Hotaling Scriber Emma Wilson Bennett
1873 Lisette Jones Sherman Cornelia Seamans *


Two honors have been awarded to members of the graduating class since the establishment of the academic department, those of valedictorian and salutatorian. At first, these were awarded by vote of the class. Later they were awarded by the faculty based on scholarship as determined from the records, the person having the highest general standing being made valedictorian and the one having the next highest standing being made salutatorian.

The Class of 1966 raised funds to create a special memorial for classmate and Class Valedictorian Dr. James Patrei. The trophies and recipient plaque were presented to the school during the 2002 Ilion Alumni-All Classes/Sesquicentennial Mega-Reunion. (Note - There were no graduates in 1875 and 1877.)

Thank you to Joe Collea, Kathleen Carney Donahue and Mike Disotelle for help in researching this topic so that the names for the plaque were inclusive and accurate.

* Notes - 1873 Salutatorian's Full name was Mary Cornelia Seamans. The spelling of her name was corrected from Corneilia to Cornelia. The 1880 Valedictorian's name is showing her full married name. Nellie Angell married Isaac Clark Seamans, Salutatorian of 1880. The I. Clark Seamans Syracuse University Scholarship was endowed in his memory.

Note - The 1908 Valedictorian name was changed from Anna Carney (which was based on a 50th reunion newspaper photograph) to Elsie Johnson
Date page was modified October 23, 2021 - see Ilion Citizen June 25, 1908

Note - The 1921 Salutatorian last name was changed from Shawl to Shaul - October 27, 2021

Note - The 1906 Valedictorian's first name was changed from Woodburn to Woodbern - March 16, 2022

Note - The 1888 Valedictorian's last name was change from Myres to Myers - March 21, 2022

Note - The 1879 Salutatorian's last name was change from Shepard to Sheperd - March 27, 2022

Note - The 1942 Salutatorian's last name was change from Van Wiggeran to Van Wiggeren - November 15, 2023

Thank you to Joe Collea, Kathleen Carney Donahue and Mike Disotelle for help in researching this topic so that the names for the plaque were inclusive and accurate.

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