Ilion High School Traditions

Class Games

After the basketball season and sectional competition were over, it was time for class competition in the Annual Class Games. The Juniors and Seniors chose themes and costumes to represent their teams and cheerleaders.

Sample Themes included:

Senior Bunnies, Chinamen, Rag Dolls, Lord Fauntleroys, Savages, Leprechauns, Senior Bubble Dancers, Junior Jailbirds, Senior Cavemen, Beatniks, Stock Car Racers, Junior Bloody Buddies, Secret Agents, I Dream of Jeannie, Romper Room Reject, and The Bees. The Class of 1966 cheerleaders were Lurch Urtz, Baron Braren, Deadly Dekin, Zombie Trombley, Abominable Abeling, Boris Morris, Devil Dibble, Demon Decker, and Loomis.

1969 - The Roaring Twenties

The Freshmen and Sophomores selected Class Colors to feed the rivalry. Open house parties or dances followed the games. This tradition lived on from at least 1945, when the Freshmen beat the Sophomores, 37-35.

In 1972, the traditional Basketball Games ended. Class games then became an across the board, Spring sports competition, including softball teams and the like. The Class with the highest number of points, in the all around competition, was declared the winner. Later, in the 1970s, the basketball class games were resurrected.


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