Ilion Lever Cup Honoree - William Hempstead

William Hemstead

William Hemstead, home address of 51 High Street, died on February 21, 1918, at Camp Greene, S.C., of flu related lung failure. He was a victim of the first of three waves of the 1918 influenza epidemic. He was the second soldier from Ilion to lose his life in service during World War I.

Source: Utica Herald-Dispatch, Saturday Evening, February 23, 1918


Second from Village to Give Life
for Country - Military Funeral


Ilion, Feb. 23. - Sergt. William Hempstead, who is the second soldier from here to lose his life in service, died at Camp Greene, S. C, yesterday.

Sergeant Hempstead had been ill with pneumonia for five weeks and his condition from the start had been critical. His father went to Camp Greene when it was known he was seriously ill. It was thought that he would recover at one period of his illness, but he suffered a relapse which hastened his death.

The deceased was an excellent young man and bore an honored and highly respected reputation. His death will cause profound sorrow and grief. He was a devoted member of the Methodist Church and Sunday school and was yet under the voting age, but knowing that he was not subject to draft, he enlisted in the medical department, such was his patriotism and love of country.

He was born in South Columbia 20 years ago and had lived in Ilion most of his young life, attending its schools and only a year ago he graduated from the Ilion High School. He is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. William Hempstead, and sister, Mrs. Eva Seymour of 51 High street. The remains will be shipped here by express and will be looked after by the Whiter Funeral Company. A military funeral will be held over his remains.


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