Ilion High School
Class Rosters

1906 - 1908

Year Last Name Last Name First Name Sal. Street Number and Address City ST Country Deceased
1906 Arnold Arnold Ray Mr. North Ilion NY USA  
1906 Carney Carney Joseph Mr.   Shanghai China  
1906 Chattaway Chattaway Ruth Miss 85 First Ave. Ilion NY USA  
1906 Davies Davies Zilla Miss 50 East Main St. Ilion NY USA  
1906 Foley Foley Blanche Miss 1 West St. Ilion NY USA  
1906 Hakes Hakes Ruth Miss 25 Maple Place Ilion NY USA  
1906 Harper Harper Swift Mr. Paines Hollow Mohawk NY USA  
1906 Harris Harris Matthew Mr.         yes
1906 House House Lillian Miss         yes
1906 King Banks Gladys Mrs. 2112 West Cumberland Ave. Knoxville TN USA  
1906 Kunze Kunze Julia Miss East North St. Ilion NY USA  
1906 Lobdell Buckley Evelyn Mrs.          
1906 Marten Marten Flossie Miss     USA  
1906 McKeon O'Neil Elizabeth Mrs. 63 Morgan St. Ilion NY USA  
1906 O'Brien O'Brien Edward Mr.          
1906 O'Connell O'Connell John Mr. 86 West North St. Ilion NY USA  
1906 Remington Remington Woodburn Mr. 17 North Fifth Avenue Ilion NY USA  
1906 Shepard Shepard Sheldon Mr.   Columbus OH USA  
1906 Swift Swift Vera Miss   Adrian MI USA  
1906 Tucker Blanche Hollenbeck Moye Mrs. 21 South Fifth Ave. Ilion NY USA  
1906 Williamson Williamson Harry Mr.          
1906 Yetman Yetman Martha Miss   Harlinger TX USA  
1906 Zoller Zoller Marcia Miss          
1907 Cheney Wistrup Nellie Mrs. 35 N. Fourth Ave. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Chismore Chismore Clarence Mr. 50 Rand St. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Coleman Coleman Oliver Mr. 14 S. Third Ave. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Crim Crim Howell Mr. 2 Greenwood Court Utica NY USA  
1907 Eckler Eckler Harry Mr. 120 1/2 East Main St. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Edick Edick Jacob Mr. South Ilion Ilion NY USA  
1907 Edwards Edwards Percy Mr. 41 Falter Place Maplewood NJ USA  
1907 Mallory Mallory Anna Miss   Marnoroneck NY USA  
1907 Marhaver Marhaver Clarence Mr.          
1907 Marhaver Marhaver Irving Mr. 56 Spruce St. Ilion NY USA  
1907 McDay Maury Bessie Mrs. 33 Charles St. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Morgan Morgan Miles Mr. 88 West St. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Nigabower Nigabower Lizzie Miss 67 Center St. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Pearson Delaney Pauline Mrs. 51 West St. Ilion NY USA  
1907 Petrie Petrie Claude Mr.   Columbia NY USA  
1907 Pickert Pickert Edna Miss   New York NY USA  
1907 Roberts Roberts Vera Miss         yes
1907 Snell Snell Hattie Miss   Tampa FL USA  
1907 Tracy Tracy Francis         yes
1907 Turnbull Turnbull Carrie Miss       USA  
1907 Williamson Dutcher Grace Mrs. R.D Mohawk NY USA  
1907 Yates Yates Miles Rev.   Cooperstown NY USA  
1908 Ackler Jones Vera Mrs. Seventh Ave Peoria IL USA  
1908 Barger White Ethel Mrs. Concord St. Ilion NY USA  
1908 Bell Welling Marion Mrs.   Hannibal NY USA  
1908 Brand Brand Harrison Mr. 2360 Massachusettes Ave. Ilion NY USA  
1908 Brooks Brooks Belle Miss 37 Third St. Ilion NY USA  
1908 Carney Carney Anna Miss   Schenectady NY USA  
1908 Du Bordieu Du Bordieu William Mr.   Chicago IL USA  
1908 Jarvis Cross Bessie Mrs.   Auburn NY USA  
1908 Johnson Presley Elsie Mrs.   San Auselmo CA USA  
1908 Kark Newton Blanche Mrs.   Saratoga Springs NY USA  
1908 King Crim Ruth Mrs. 2 Greenwood Court Utica NY USA  
1908 Myers Myers Harrison Mr.   West Winfield NY USA  
1908 Parker Smith Josephine Mrs.   Los Angeles CA USA  
1908 Robinson Zeller Grace Mrs.   Riverdale MD USA  
1908 Van Wiggerin Edwards Elsie Mrs. Fourth St. Ilion NY USA  
1908 Werner Werner Clyde Mr. 544 East Main St. Batavia NY USA  

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