Ilion High Class of 2004 Awards & Honors

Class of 2004 Officers:

President: Kristell G. Hendrick
Vice-President: Matthew G. Chuff
Secretary: Alicia N. Audino
Treasurer: Sonya E. Young


The scholarships, awards and other honors recognized at the Friday evening June 25, 2004 commencement exercises included:


Alicia N. Audino, Herkimer County Counselors' Association Scholarship, Rooney-Gibbons & Psychology Talent College of St. Rose Scholarship.

Gary R. Baron, N.Y.S. Lottery Scholarship.

Thomas B. Bechard, Elks LodgeScholarship, Siena College Grant.

Megan A. Burger, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Samantha L.Cavanaugh, Siena College Grant, Siena College Franciscan Scholarship.

Matthew G. Chuff, Elks LodgeScholarship, N.Y.S. Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

Andrew W. Dack, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Tiffany A. Drake, Paul Smith's College Scholarship, Mower Family Farm Award, MG James Ursano Scholarship.

John F. Drapalski, Pop Warner Scholarship.

Karlee M. Eckler, Elks Lodge Scholarship, N.Y.S. Scholarshipfor Academic Excellence.

Robert P. Gollegly, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Ashley R. Hoffman, N.Y.S.Scholarship for Academic Excellence, G.P.O. Scholarship, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Kaylynn E. Iglesias, Pop Warner Scholarship.

Alicia R. Korol, N.Y.S. Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

Amy M. Kosina, UticaCollege Honors Scholarship.

Danielle F. Lester, William Hennessey Memorial Scholarship.

Beth D.Lytwynec, Herkimer County Music Educators Scholarship, B-Sharp Music Scholarship, Boston Conservatory Merit Scholarship.

Justine J. Marryott, Elks Lodge Scholarship, Dr. Bernard Burke Scholarship.

John T. McAvaney, HerkimerCounty Music Educators Scholarship.

Brandy M. Metott, Sarah M. Roberts Memorial (N.Y.S. Quarter Horse Assoc.)Award, Rooney-Gibbons & Cultural Diversity College of St. Rose Scholarship.

Melissa A. Paoni, Elks LodgeScholarship.

Kimberly L. Remmers, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Kristen M. Squire, SUNY-Fredonia HonorsScholarship.

Bridget E. Sweeney, N.Y.S. Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Syracuse University Chancellor's and Merit Scholarship.

Christie A. Szpyrka, Rooney-Gibbons College of St. Rose Scholarship.

Jamie L. Trevett, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Andrew H. Tucker, Siena College PresidentialScholarship.

Kayla M. Viti, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Krysten S. Vivyan, Elks Lodge Scholarship.

Sonya E. Young, Iona College Scholarship, "Fries to be Wise" Burger King Scholarship.

President's Education Awards Program: Philip R. Boyd, Ashley R. Hoffman, Kristen M. Squire, Karlee M. Eckler, Alicia R. Korol, Krysten S. Vivyan and Justine J. Marryott.

Music Honors

John Philip Sousa Band Award, AndrewW. Dack.

Louis Armstrong Jazz. Award, Kaylynn E. Iglesias National School Orchestra Award, John T. McAvaney

National High School Choral Award, Beth D. Lytwynec, John T. McAvaney

Tri M Music Honor Society (forOutstanding Musical and Academic Achievement): Philip R. Boyd, Kaylynn E. Iglesias, Beth D. Lytwynec, Samantha L. Cavanaugh, Alicia R. Korol, Andrew H. Tucker.

Academic, Service & Citizenship Awards

Art Three-YearAward, LeAnne M. Stevens. Outstanding Service in the Arts, Heather M. Day.

Business Proficiency in OfficeProcedures, Kristell G. Hendrick

Office Procedures and Keyboarding, Shannon D. Kelly.

Loretta O.Douglas English Award, Sonya E. Young.

Marston English Award, Jessica L. Ford

Mohawk Valley Chapter D.A.R. American History Award, Alicia R. Korol

10th Year Anna Schwartz Memorial, Matthew G. Chuff

Cornelia Nagle Memorial Award (History 4 Years), Ashley R. Hoffman

County Conference of Mayors Award,Ryan P. Dusseault.

Historical Club History Award (Historical Club of Ilion), Kristen M. Squire.

HomeEconomics Award, Amanda M. Barretta.

Elsie W. Edsall Memorial Home Economics Award, Allison V. Luther.

Technology Education Award, Mark A. Mroz.

Spanish Initiative Award, Alicia R. Korol.

Outstanding Achievement in a Foreign Language, Ashley R. Hoffman

Foreign Exchange Student Recognition,Carlos M. Alcarez, Yi Fei (Christina) Chen, Anne Wedemann.

Math 4-Year Award, Alicia R. Korol

Math and science: first prize, Andrew W. Dack; second prize, Robin A. Dunadee.

Rensselaer Math & Science Award,Breanne L. Rathbun.

Delta Kappa Gamma Music Award, Kaylynn E. Iglesias.

Priscilla BurnhamMemorial Prize for Instrumental Music, Kaylynn E. Iglesias.

A. Wallace DeVere Memorial Award in Vocal Music, Thomas A. Clark.

Music Award - Senior Entering Music School, Thomas A. Clark, Beth D. Lytwynec, John T.McAvaney, Brian P. Piaschyk.

Ilion Music Boosters "Outstanding Musician" Award, Philip R. Boyd,Samantha L. Cavanaugh, David M. Cittadino, Thomas A. Clark, Danielle F. Lester, John T. McAvaney.

Ilion Music Boosters "Unsung Hero" Award, Alicia N. Audino, Gary R. Baron, Stacy L. Buhaj, Heather M. Day, Ryan J. Watson, Keith J. Wren.

Music Service Award, Andrew H. Tucker.

Herkimer County Music Educators' Association Award, Thomas A. Clark.

Outstanding All-Around Musician, John T. McAvaney, Beth D. Lytwynec

Distinguished Service Award in Music, Thomas B. Bechard

Director's Award for Vocal Music, Beth D.Lytwynec

William and Nettie Parker Prize, Andrew W. Dack.

Bausch & Lomb Science Award, Gail E.Murray.

The M. Doris Dollar Prize for Science, Saxxon K. Gonzalez

John Guy Prindle/Ann Cranney Memorial Award: first, Sonya E. Young, second, Philip R. Boyd.

Student Council Award, Leadership, Enthusiasm & Dedication, Beth D. Lytwynec.

Students of the Year Award, Matthew G. Chuff, Ashley R. Hoffman.

Student Council Underclassman Worker Award (Junior), Scott T. Sterling.

Student Council Senior Worker Award,Melissa A. Paoni.

Herkimer BOCES Dollars for Scholars, Tiffany A. Drake.

Kathleen A. Tisci MemorialScholarship, Heather M. Day.

Joseph A. Baker Memorial Award, Matthew G. Chuff.

First Source "Excellence in Service" Award, Krysten S. Vivyan, Sonya E. Young.

Charles J. Lang Memorial Award, Scott E. Ahern.

Randall W. Steele Medical Research Memorial Scholarship, Justine J. Marryott.

Judy Mae Stone (Class of 1967) Memorial Scholarship, Jessica L. Ford.

"The Grant 'Skip' Smaldone Memorial Scholarship," Trenton E. Fournier.

Ilion Days Scholarship, Allison M. McClouskey.

Key Club/Kiwanis Award, Matthew G. Chuff.

Mary Beth Boucher Spanfelner Volunteer Award, Beth D.Lytwynec.

Catherine and Colonel Bart Shelley Scholarship, Andrew W. Dack.

The James PanaritesFamily Valedictorian Scholarship, Alicia R. Korol.

The James Panarites Family Salutatorian Scholarship, Ashley R.Hoffman

The James Panarites Family Scholar/Athlete Award, Beth D. Lytwynec, Robert D. Raux

The O'Connor Engineering Scholarship, Gary R. Baron.

Mohawk Valley General Hospital (MVGH) Guild Scholarship, Justine J. Marryott.

Jennifer Lynn Johnson Memorial Art Scholarship, LeAnne M. Stevens.

Jennifer Lynn Johnson Memorial Child Care Scholarship, Tricia S. Fletcher.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Seymour Memorial Scholarship, Megan A. Burger, Andrew W. Dack.

The Harry and Irene Staley Memorial Scholarship, Samantha L. Cavanaugh.

Nellie Snell F.A.G.O. Scholarship, Alicia R. Korol.

The Joseph and Ellen O'Neil Scholarship, Alicia R. Korol.

Gilmartin Scholarship Award, Ashley R. Hoffman.

SBU "Spirit Award," Nicole C. Austin.

The Murf Award, Matthew G. Chuff.

Leona Whiter Memorial Scholarship, Kayla M. Viti.

George A. DeLuco Leadership Scholarship, Krysten S. Vivyan, Wesley R. Vivyan.

Mary McLean Memorial Scholarship, Gary R. Baron, Melissa A. Paoni.

Wayne A. Tayler Scholarship, Danielle F. Lester.

Salvatore R. Zito Award, Robin A. Dunadee.

Joseph S. Sorge "Never Be Less Than The Best" Scholarship, Matthew G. Chuff.

Ilion Elks' Lodge Scholarships, Thomas B. Bechard, Megan A. Burger, Matthew G. Chuff, Andrew W. Dack, Karlee M. Eckler, Robert P. Gollegly, Ashley R. Hoffman, Justine J. Marryott, Melissa A. Paoni, Kimberly L. Remmers, Jamie L. Trevett, Kayla M. Viti, Krysten S. Vivyan.

Barbara J. White Memorial Scholarship, Thomas B. Bechard, Marshall S. Hoffman.

John S. Janicki Memorial Scholarship, Robert P. Gollegly.

Janet Kirkland Memorial Award, Kimberly L. Remmers.

Allen C. Seifried Memorial Scholarship, Matthew G. Chuff.

Roberta Dineen Memorial Scholarship, Beth D. Lytwynec.

Myron (Mike) Bouck Memorial Award, Amy M. Kosina.

Kate Sullivan Montini Memorial Scholarship, Beth D. Lytwynec.

Ilion United Methodist Church High School Senior Award, Tricia A. Clemens, Kristen M. Squire.

N.Y.S. Lottery Scholarship, Gary R. Baron.

N.Y.S. Correctional Officers PBA Scholarship, Tricia A. Clemens, Kristen M. Squire.


Triple "C" Award - Character, Courage and Commitment, Matthew G. Chuff, Krysten S. Vivyan.

D.A.R. Good Citizen Award, Matthew G. Chuff.

B'nai B'rith Citizenship Award, Gary R. Baron.

Burton T. Seymour Memorial Prize for Service, Kristell G. Hendrick, Sonya E. Young.

Barbara Durant Memorial Award, Justine J. Marryott.

Zonta Service Award, Kimberly L. Remmers

Fleet Bank Scholarship, Beth D. Lytwynec

Kathleen Withington Memorial Award (St. Augustine's Guild), Kayla M. Buttignol.

School Service Award, Danielle F. Lester.

Computer Service Award, Justin R. Carney.

2004 National Junior Honor Society Award for Outstanding Service, Tricia A. Clemens.

N.Y.S. Comptrollers Achievement Award, Kristell G. Hendrick.


Ilion Police Benevolent Awards, Robin A. Dunadee, Saxxon K. Gonzalez.

Women of the Moose Prize for Nurses' Training, Marissa S. Ackley.

School Citizenship Award, Heather M. Day, Patrick G. Dowd, Trenton E. Fournier, Tyler J. Steenburg

Student Initiative Award, Thomas A. Clark, Shannon D. Kelly, Andrew H. Tucker.

Publications-Linda Braybrook ('62) Memorial Prize, Alicia N. Audino, Nicole C. Austin, Megan A. Burger, Kristell G. Hendrick.

Valedictorian (Earl Parry Watkin Memorial Award), Alicia R. Korol.

Salutatorian - School Prize, Ashley R. Hoffman.

Ilion/Frankfort Memorial Auxiliary 502 of the VFW Progress Award, Thomas B. Bechard, Kaylynn E. Iglesias.

Ilion/Frankfort Memorial Auxiliary 502 of the VFW Most Improved Award, Brandy M. Metott.

Ilion Junior-Senior High School Bookstore Progress Awards, Justin R. Carney, Danielle M. Desmond, Colleen E. McMahon, Richard A. Wentworth.

Knights of Columbus Special Award & Recognition, Ryan J. Watson.

School Student Achievement Award, Nicole J. Almond, Nicole E. Dutcher, Karlee M. Eckler, Amy M. Kosina.

School Student Recognition Award, Samantha L. Cavanaugh, Kristen M. Squire, Kayla M. Viti.

School Student Progress Award, Scott E. Ahern, Tricia S. Fletcher, Jessica L. Ford, Danielle E. Pileggi.

Joseph Baker Award, Bridget E. Sweeney

Senior National Honor Society Award, Alicia N. Audino, Matthew G. Chuff, Andrew W. Dack, Tiffany A. Drake.

Daniel Stone Memorial Scholarship, Wesley R. Vivyan.

William & Beryl Welch Scholarship, Ashley R. Hoffman

Agnes Morgan Hamlin Prize, Melissa A. Paoni

The Albert W. Schneider Masonic Prize, Krysten S. Vivyan.

2004 Outstanding Student Worker Award, Nicole C. Austin.

University of Rochester Humanities & Social Sciences Award,Andrea A. Long.

Congressional Medal of Merit, Ryan P. Dusseault

The Mark S. Mogensen Memorial Award, Matthew G. Chuff.

Leo R. Grygiel Scholarship Fund, Dylan R. Delamarter.

Leslie Curtis Adams Memorial Scholarship, Allison M. McClouskey.

The Christine Misiaszek Memorial Award, Gary R. Baron, Justin R. Carney, Samantha L. Cavanaugh, Kristell G. Hendrick.

Ilion Days Scholarship, Allison M. McClouskey.

Key Club/Kiwanis Award, Matthew G. Chuff.

School Leadership Award, Kristell G. Hendrick.

Special Senior Assembly "Video Award," Justin R. Carney.

Office PA "Good Morning" Student, Beth D. Lytwynec.

"Best Attitude" Award, Brandy M. Metott

Principal's Recognition Award, Erik J. Atkinson, Christie A. Szpyrka.

Troop 8-Eagle Scout Recognition Award, Donald A. Montez, Andrew H. Tucker.


Marion Brill Scholarship Foundation, Inc. winners:

Alicia N. Audino, Tricia A. Clemens Allison M. McClouskey, Nicole C. Austin, Heather M. Day, Brandy M. Metott, Gary R. Baron, Karlee M. Eckler, MelissaA. Paoni, Thomas B. Bechard, Kristell G. Hendrick, Kristen M. Squire, Philip R. Boyd, Ashley R. Hoffman, Bridget E. Sweeney, Megan A. Burger, Alicia R. Korol, Ryan J. Watson, Samantha L. Cavanaugh, Amy M. Kosina, Sonya E. Young, Justine J. Marryott.

Herkimer County Community College Foundation Tuition Scholarships: Nicole C. Austin, Robin A. Dunadee, Danielle F. Lester, Stacy L. Buhaj, Kaylynn E. Iglesias, Krysten S. Vivyan.


Clayton Memorial Scholarship, Mathew G. Chuff.

The Burton T. Seymour Memorial Scholarship, Keith J. Wren.

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Anderson Community College Scholarship, Stacy L. Buhaj, Tyler J. Steenburg.

The Daniel Keddell Memorial Scholarship, Philip R. Boyd.

Richard Cormia Technical Drawing or Design Award, Saxxon K. Gonzalez.

The P.T.O. John Guy Prindle Scholarship, Kayla M. Viti.

The P.T.O. George Purple Scholarship, Kaylynn E. Iglesias.

Ilion Community Club Memorial Scholarship, Alicia N. Audino.

Leo J. Sammon, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Justine J. Marryott, Wesley R. Vivyan.

Earle T. Jones Memorial Award for School Service, Andrew H. Tucker

Earl Parry Watkin Scholarship, Megan A. Burger, Robert D. Raux, Krysten S. Vivyan.

Ilion Teachers' Association Future Teacher Scholarship, Kristen M. Squire.

Ilion Alumni Association Scholarship, Kayla M. Buttignol, Donald A. Montez.

Richard Adams Scholarship, Allison M. McClouskey.

Ilion Fish & Game Club Ecology Scholarship, Tiffany A. Drake.

Moose Scholarship for Outstanding Athlete, Alicia R. Korol, Wesley R. Vivyan.

I. Clark Seamans Scholarship, Bridget E. Sweeney.

Richard S. Salisbury (Class of 1978) Memorial Scholarship, Krysten S. Vivyan.

West Hill Elementary School Service Award, Kristell G. Hendrick, Mark A. Mroz

Marion R. Barton. Scholarship, John T. McAvaney.

American Legion Auxiliary Ilion Memorial Unit 920 Scholarship, Dylan R. Delamarter, Melissa A. Paoni.

Mary E. Cross Memorial Scholarship in Music, Brian P. Piaschyk.

Christine Gaffey Neisinger Memorial Scholarship, Nicole E. Dutcher.

The Helen Coons Durrett Memorial Scholarship, Kristen M. Squire.

Volunteer Scholarship (In Memory of Daniel Stone, Carter Moore, and Thomas Shepherd), Nicole C. Austin.

Anelia B. Wallace Scholarship, Wesley R. Vivyan.

John K. Fitzer Memorial Scholarship, Krysten S. Vivyan.

E.C. Woolver, American Legion Scholarship, Ryan P. Dusseault.

The Lillian Hines Coons Memorial Scholarship, Brandy M. Metott, Ryan J. Watson.

Grace McGaw Memorial Scholarship, Melissa A. Paoni.

Utica College Scholarship, Dylan R. Delamarter, Christina M. Ham, Amy M. Kosina.

Green/Romer Merit Scholarship, Karlee M. Eckler.

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