Ilion High 1882 Senior Class Facts

As reported in "1904 Alumni Publication"


Light blue and cardinal


Class Motto
We forge our own fortunes


Class Characteristics and Incidents

Thirteen in class. Alumni organized at this time. Good scholarship and high ideals. Good fellowship, good looks, good everything. One member graduated at the age of fourteen and another at the age of fifteen. Class held the last "May Day." "We were a prosaic lot, and did nothing worth recording." "Went to see the circus when Professor Poland didn't say we could." Too modest to mention gifts and graces. "I look back upon the school work with a considerable degree of pleasure. The worst feature was the cramped condition for room, so that we often had to sit on the platform or on the front seats. As to the social part, I think our class functions and the old time May days were the most pleasant."


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