Ilion High School

1926 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1926"


The Senior Annual greets you! This Senior Annual is unique in that it has not only revived an old custom but also because it is the first one to be published since the new additions to our High School. The class of 1926 is proud to be the first to leave this signal honor and sincerely hopes that all Succeeding classes will continue the custom of printing an annual.


The preparation of "The Mirror" was begun later than is usually customary but, nevertheless, we have done our utmost to make it interesting to you. The success of the annual should not merely be accredited to the Editorial Staff but also to the pupils and teachers who have helped in various ways.


The editor wishes to express her thanks to the members of the staff who displayed such excellent school spirit during the preparation of "The Mirror." She also wishes to extend her thanks to Mr. Sisson, the Senior Faculty Advisor, and to the entire faculty for the advice and time furnished.


The Senior Class wishes to express their sincere thanks to Mr. Prindle for the ideal way in which he has helped the class during the entire four years and who has made possible the publication of this-our book. Mr. Watkin also deserves our highest esteem for his supervision during most of the high school term of the Class of 1926. We also wish to publicly acknowledge the many favors and manifold kindnesses of the Board of Education whose efforts for the advancement of our school are untiring.


With this brief foreward, the Senior Annual of 1926 goes forth. The Senior Class sincerely hopes that it will fulfill its mission and stir in each heart greater loyalty to the Ilion High School. Our final request is for you to read it and kindly judge our efforts.


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