Ilion High School

1927 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1927"


Listen, my readers, and you will hear

Of the greatest class in many a year.

On September the fourth in twenty-three;

Only a few of us now there be,

Who came on that famous day and year,

To the school on the hill now grown so dear.


I will endeavor to retrace step by step and recall to your minds eye of the more important events during our high school career.


We are willing to admit that we were as "green" and truly as "fresh" as any class of freshies that ever entered Ilion High. But, thank Heaven, years gave us valuable experience. Freshmen classes, as a rule, do not accomplish much, due to the lack of organization and co-operation. I will not say that we were an exception to the rule. However, we elected Harry Shoemaker as President, and Margaret Ellis as Vice-president. Miss Briggs was chosen as Our Faculty Advisor, for whose faithful leadership we extend our gratitude.


Our only social activity was a Freshman party, held in the gymnasium Saturday evening, December eighth. There was a good attendance and dancing and games were enjoyed.


One of our members, Ernest Sitts, received the first prize of $10 in the American Legion Essay Contest, April 8, 1924, for his essay written on the topic of "Law Enforcement."


It also seems proper to mention at this point that we, the Freshmen of '23, beat the Juniors in the interclass scholastic contest. Aside from this, our Freshman year slowly became a memory.


When we returned to school in the fall of 1924, we came as wise and prudent Sophomores. We elected our officers: President, Harry Shoemaker; Vice-President, Margaret Ellis; and Secretary-Treasurer, Joseph Kyser. This year we elected Mr. Baker as our Faculty Advisor, for whose kind attention and leadership, we are very thankful.


After we had become accustomed to our new rank, we had an excellent supper and social in the science room. Everyone had a most enjoyable evening.


This year Elizabeth Meehan added laurels to our name, for she won the Lincoln Memorial Medal in the Lincoln Essay Contest, and Nina Jones also did her bit by receiving Honorable Mention in the Flag Day Contest.


Then came our junior year, for which we had all so eagerly waited. Early in September we elected the class officers: President, Joe Smith; Vice-President, Margaret Ellis; Secretary, Joseph Kyser; Treasurer, Raymond Barnes. Miss Alida Baker was unanimously chosen for Faculty Advisor. The Class of '27 can never entirely pay the debt of gratitude they owe to these able leaders for their successful guidance-through this year.


The Junior Class was honored by being chosen to take charge of issuing a school paper. Through the efforts of the editors and the co-operation of the students and faculty, it met with success and was enlarged to an eight-page paper. We hope that this custom be continued by the future classes, and that they will add to its measure of success.


A Bake Sale was held in Chandler's store during the year, which added a certain amount to Our treasury. This was an entirely new idea, but look to the class of '27 for ideas!


Again Elizabeth Meehan did her duty for the class. This year she won second prize in the annual prize-speaking contest. Harry Shoemaker won second prize in the Electric Light Contest and Dorothy Roach received Honorable Mention.


During the early part of February, the juniors enjoyed a class party. Supper was served at six o'clock. The tables were prettily decorated for Valentine's Day. After the supper, the crowd slowly wended its way to the auditorium, where a short entertainment was given, followed by dancing in the gym.


In the latter part of the year, the Junior Prom was held at the West Hill gym in honor of the Class of '26. The gym was decorated in light blue and gold, the class colors, with varicolored balloons. This was the big event of the year, and credit is due to the committees in charge, whose time and labor made it a success. However, the members of the class themselves are responsible for its financial success.


This was the closing event of our junior year, which will linger in our minds as a pleasant memory.


Gradually we ascended the ladder of knowledge until we became Seniors-our high school days nearly ended. As we climbed the hill that bright September morning, our Alma Mater grew dearer to us and we realized that we were to take the places of those who have gone before us. With this in mind, we have endeavored to do our best.


A short time after our return in '27 as Seniors, we organized for the last time, electing as our officers: President, John Spicer; Vice-President, Margaret Ellis; Secretary-Treasurer, Joseph Kyser. We also chose a very capable advisor, Mrs. Day. For her generous contribution of time to this office and the kind and judicious advice she so willingly gave, the Class of '27 extends the heartiest thanks.


We lost no time in starting our activities and during the latter part of October, we held a Senior Banquet in the High School library. It was a great success and the class thoroughly appreciates the efforts of the committee.


Since the Seniors believe that "variety is the spice of life," our next get-together was a Winter Carnival held in Russell's Park. After the out-of-door activities were over, we all came to the High School for refreshments, and if singing indicates a good time, we sure had a "wow!"


Our next social event was an old-fashioned party. Every member of the Senior class was present. Many customs of our grandfathers were revived and each Senior was dressed in unique attire. This certainly was an outstanding feature in our young lives.


On the night of April 5, 1927, the Senior play, "Easy Payments," was presented in the Capitol Theater under the capable direction of Mr. Sisson. (By the way, we are the first class, that has ever had the honor of producing a play in such a fine building, and we are very proud.)


A large audience was on hand to see the play. In the intermission between the second and last acts, flowers were presented to Dorothy Roach and Mildred Harter, in appreciation of the class for their efforts in making the play a success. As a result of the play, the class treasury was enriched by a net profit of one hundred and ninety dollars.


There now remains but the grand Senior Ball and Commencement night for which we must make preparations, and then our high school activities will be ended.


So, at last, we have come to this glorious year.

We've been courageous and full of cheer,

And quite uncommen to classes before,

You shall hear of us evermore,

For, borne on the wings of the Past,

Through all our history to the last,

'Till the echoes reach the vaulted heaven,

We'll stay the praise of '27.

----- Ethel Stevens.



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