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1930 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1930"




MARY WASMER, Valedictorian THOMAS RINGWOOD, Salutatorian




Senior Class History


"Justly Caesar scorns the poets' lays;

It is to history he looks for praise."


THESE are Shakespeare's words in referring to one of the greatest men the world has ever produced. However, the praises of the present generation are not known to the poet or historian. It is only when individuals have accomplished their great life-work and are laid to rest that the world sees them in their greatness.


Thus far the class of 193O has made a brilliant record in life's great journey.


Our class has been a leader, not a follower, and we are proud to have so many who have done outstanding work throughout these four long years.


Four years ago we entered high school as freshmen. We have only a faint memory of that year and can recall our great awe and timidity of the dignified Seniors of '26.


In our Sophomore year we were more fully organized as a class. For president we chose Donald Martin and Mary Wasmer as vice-president. Our one social event of the year was a banquet after which dancing was held in the old gymnasium.


Then came the Junior year, to which each Sophomore had been looking forward for a long time! Bob Smith lead the class as president with the help of Mary Wasmer as vice-president, Vivian DuBois, secretary; Donald Martin, treasurer; and last but not least, Miss Ruby as adviser.


In our Junior year, a Thanksgiving party was held in honor of our famous football team. The splendid success of the party was due to the chairmen of committees: Beatrice Myers, Mary Wasmer, Eleanor Tucker, and John Gleason.


On Washington's birthday the Juniors and Seniors held a very enjoyable dancing party in the gymnasium which brought both classes into finer friendship.


The most outstanding event of the year was the Junior Prom under the chairmanship of John Best. It was very unique in its decorations which consisted of a tulip garden and wind mill cleverly made by our class artists. The Prom was not only a social success but a financial success as well.


On commencement day we were very sorry to see the class of '29 leave but still we were proud to take the places of those who were to start on life's journey.


As Seniors we elected Harvey Watson, president; Mary Wasmer, vice-president; Edward Bowers, secretary; Eleanor Tucker, treasurer; and again Miss Ruby as our most competent adviser. The choice was a wise one and the Senior Class has been very successful under these leaders.


In the fall we planned a "roast" under the chairmanship of Mary Wasmer. On account of weather conditions we were compelled to hold the party indoors which did not hinder its success the least bit.


Again we held another party, this time a Christmas social, at which each one enjoyed himself.


We are proud to have so many Seniors represented in the Sportsmanship Brotherhood, numbering 36 in all: D. Garber, M. Wasmer, E. Tucker, E. Dewhurst, B. Myers, P. Singer, L Singer, M. Rockwell, M. Tuttle, H. Maury, V. Goldthwaite, D.Martin, F. Hofmann, F. Plunkett, J. Best, E. Bowers, G. Jackson, W. Murphy, E.Christiana, D. Brothers, V. Mack, R. Smith, R. Stinson, C. Bergin, H. Watson, A. Kerr, J. Gleason, D. Wiedeman, R. F. Kerr, W. Wagner, R. Seiler, S. Capes, E. Costello, T. Ringwood.


June has come, bringing all the activities of Commencement. The four years of high school life are soon to be ended. During this time, the class of '30 has worked diligently, sincerely and faithfully, with ever the motto in mind, "Light and Truth."

Eleanor Dewhurst.


CLASS MOTTO: Light and Truth


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