Ilion High School

1931 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1931"


Mr. Prindle and the faculty have both told us that we are a very unusual class. Being gullible, we are quite willing to believe it, and will probably not realize for years that each Senior class for generations has fallen prey to the same delusion.

As Sophomores we won the scholarship Cup offered by Stone & Luke for the highest class average of the year. But we also found time to sponsor a Winter Carnival and Spring Picnic, which, due to the efforts of the class officers, Jack Brown, Lloyd George Benson, Gertrude Dexter and Thomas Cook, assisted by Miss Mildred Gordon, class advisor, were enjoyed.

Our social activities were more numerous in our Junior year, consisting of informal dances in November and March, our Junior Prom in May, and a picnic in June. However, we maintained a high standard of scholarship, despite those social distractions, since a Junior home room, 12, kept possession of the scholarship banner throughout the year. Our Junior, officers consisted of Thomas Cook, Gertrude Dexter, Alice Treiber, and Jack Brown.

We returned for our Senior year to elect Jack Brown, Gertrude Dexter, Alice Treiber, and Thomas Cook, as officers, we selected Miss Clare Wasmer as class advisor. Our calendar for parties has been a full one, including a Sausage Sizzle, a Halloween Dance, a Football Dance, the Senior Ball, and several Tea Dances. The class has a large representation in the Sportsmanship Brotherhood: Jack Brown, Gertrude Dexter, Thomas Cook, Alice Treiber, and Alice Hanning were elected as Sophomores; Mary English, Vivian Du Bois, Albert Meehan, Leonard Cowlin, and Lydia Smith, as Juniors; and Elizabeth O'Brien, Helen Kenealy, Doris Buckley, Maurice Raymond, Starr Cole, and Raymond Bedworth were elected as Seniors. The local chapter was very much pleased when Jack Brown was elected State President of the organization.

Many Seniors have been outstanding enough to attain membership in the National Honor Society. They are Lydia Smith, Jack Brown, Gertrude Dexter, Elizabeth O'Brien, Doris Buckley, Marion Ferris, Thomas Cook, Mary English, Franklin Ball, Dorothy Jenne, Maurice Raymond, and Marjorie Shaver.

We leave Ilion High School indebted to her not only for the store of knowledge which she has bestowed, but more indebted for those intangible things which fours years of school life have given: a spirit of Service toward one's fellows; a spirit of Loyalty to one's cause; and a spirit of Truth-seeking toward life.



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