Ilion High School

1932 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Senior Annual of 1932"


We, the Class of 1932, are nearing the end of our journey in the Ilion High School. We have worked hard to acquire knowledge, and have found it pleasant most of the way. One distinguishing honor for our class which no preceding class can claim, is that we are the first to complete the six-year Junior-Senior high school.

After being herded around like sheep without a shepherd for two years by the high school students, we at last became Freshmen, and when we thought of graduation, how far away it seemed!

In our Sophomore year we elected the following officers: Francis Lynch, President; Howard Ross, Vice President; Kathryn Niles, Secretary-Treasurer; and Mr. Swarthout, Class Advisor. We held one social function, a fall party, which was thoroughly enjoyed by a large percentage of the class.

The following year as juniors we elected Ronald Ward, President; Kathryn Niles, Vice President, and James O'Connor, Secretary, Treasurer. Our social activities consisted of a party held at Russell Park, and the annual junior Prom, which was an outstanding success.

As Seniors, we elected the following officers: Ronald Ward, President; James O'Connor, Vice President; Kathryn Niles, Secretary; and Thomas Morris, Treasurer.

Our advisor for our junior and Senior years has been Mr. Swift, whose capable help and advice has been invaluable to us.

This year has been a year of hard study for us, but it has not been in vain. Our scholarship is higher than in any previous year of our high school career.

As we leave this, our High School, and begin the journey of life, may we, of the Class of 1932, live in such a way that we will bring honors and glory to Ilion High School which has given us such a fine foundation to meet the problems of life. May our graduation be only a commencement.



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