Ilion High School

1933 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1933"

No one ever reads Senior History yet if we don't write it no one else will and in years to come, unless gently reminded of these tender playful years how can we recall in what ways we did share in all the high school activities?

Back in 1929 a merry bunch of children just out of the grades embarked on their freshman year. As officers of the class we elected Robert Meehan, President; Alice Rockwell, Vice President, and Frances Jones, Secretary-Treasurer.

In our sophomore year we became a better-organized class and chose Mrs. Hildebrant as our advisor. A set of officers was chosen consisting of Alice Rockwell, President; Elma Shaver, Vice President and Alton Pellitier, Secretary-Treasurer. The first and only social event of the year was a party which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our junior year brought more work and more activities. Alton Pellitier led the class as President, assisted by Dorothy Nichols as Vice President, Carlton Ennis as Secretary and Hayden Williams, Treasurer, with Miss Ruth Gordon, advisor.

During the year two very delightful dances were held. By far the greatest social event of the school year was the Junior-Senior Ball which transformed our ugly gymnasium from a place of work to a bower of colorful flowers where the monsieurs and mademoiselles found fantastic pleasures. Our committee consisted of M. Barnes, J. Hemingway, A. Rockwell, M. Nolan, F. Jones, E. Tucker, H. Sullivan, G. Radley, 0. Slocum, C. Getman, M. Smith, C. Daily and A. Drake.

After a brief respite of two months we again entered the portals of our Alma Mater for our last term as haughty seniors. We, one-hundred-ten in number, immediately elected our Senior officers. Frank Scott, President; Walter Johns, Vice President; Dorothy Nichols, Secretary; Fred Best, Treasurer, and Miss Ruth Gordon, Advisor.

The social affairs consisted of many parties and a Christmas Ball with M. Nolan, as chairman.

The class play the "Antics of Andrew" was presented May 19 and was an overwhelming success. Just as the "Soothsayers had predicted."

A Penny Social was held May 20th under the chairmanship of Jane Phillips. Only our own class was invited and we had lots of fun. Mr. and Mrs. Prindle and Mr. and Mrs. Watkin, as usual, pleased the class with their presence.

As this book goes to press we can only mention our future plans. The most delightful of all social events of the year promises to be the Senior-Junior Ball on June second under the Senior chairman, Frances Maury and her committee consisting of: E. Wilkins, A. Drake, J. Ashton, M. Dunn, G. Waterman, R. Currier, G. Radley, J. Pugh, E. Colburn, G. Williams, D. Milstead, R. Billington, C. James, C. Bedworth, and a junior committee under M. Fay. This party promises to even eclipse last years in music, decorations and pleasure.

The class picnic is to be held June 26. Plans are not fully materialized but sentiment at present seems to be in favor of Cedar Lake.

After commencement, the class of '33 and their friends will hold a farewell dance in the High School gym under the chairmanship of the class officers and officers of Room 16.

Now our high school days are nearly completed. Looking back we doubt if there is one of us who regrets staying to the end and following the crowd. We've enjoyed being associates and will always remember these years, because they have knotted more firmly the ties of friendship.



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