Ilion High School

1935 Senior Class History

As reported in "Annualogue of 1935"


In the history of the Class of '35, as well as in the history of any organized group, it is possible to find some episodes which are to be condemned, as well as a great many which are to be highly commended. Now, however, as we near the close of our high school careers, we realize that even the episodes we are not so proud of have been of some value to us, for they have taught us the folly of our ways.


As freshmen we did little but wander about aimlessly. In our sophomore year we chose the following people as our officers: Jack Caswell, President; Catherine English, Vice-President; Kenneth Bleau, Secretary-Treasurer; and Mr. Swarthout, Faculty Advisor. The one social event of the year was a "Baby Party," which was not only entertaining and unusual, but successful as well.


At the beginning of the junior year we chose Jack Caswell as President; Paul Kinney, Vice-President; Catherine English, Secretary; James Mackin, Treasurer; and Mr. Baker, Faculty Advisor. Later, however, Mr. Bates took Mr. Baker's place as advisor, since the latter was occupied in a study of vocational guidance for students. We have never been very active socially, consequently our only activities in this line were our parts in the successful Junior-Senior ball and the class night program, which even the Seniors admitted was good.


We entered our senior year determined to make a good showing in all that we undertook. Our officers were: President, Paul Kinney; Vice-President, Catherine English; Secretary, Evelyn Hight; Treasurer, Matt Williams. Once again we chose Mr. Bates as faculty advisor, for his competent and expert guidance. Our first social activity this year was a mid-winter ball, held the Friday evening of Regents' week. Later a committee from our class worked with one from the Junior class in staging the annual Junior-Senior Ball. We concluded with a class-night dance.


In conclusion, we think it only sensible to speak a word of the achievements of the various members of this year's class. We have a large representation in the Sportsmanship Brotherhood. Those who are members are as follows: Ruth Allison, Frank Campbell, William Grimshaw, Catherine English, Edythe Duesler, Francis DeJohn, Jeanette Patterson, Beatrix Baxter, Arlene Bellinger, Alida Helmer, Evelyn Hight, Janet McGowan, Betty Shaffer, Ruth Ward, Lillian Wasmer, Joseph Manion, Robert Kennedy, Arthur Roberts, Donald Partington, Edna Friis, Adelaide Reynolds and Paul Kinney.


The following are members of the National Honor Society: Edythe Duesler, Beatrix Baxter, Arthur Bryant, Paul Kinney, Lillian Wasmer, William Grimshaw, Evelyn Hight, Alida Helmer, Alice Wilfert, Janet McGowan, Frank Campbell, Catherine English, Ruth Allison, Ruth Ward, Betty Shaffer. Membership in this club is based primarily on scholarship and is a high honor.


The following Seniors have earned awards in athletics: Matt Williams, Joseph Manion, William Ringwood, Frank Campbell, Arthur Barnum, Stewart Welch, Francis DeJohn, James Mackin, Donald Partington and Paul Kinney in football; Matt Williams and Tom Williams in baseball; Stewart Welch in basketball; Arthur Barnum in track.


Three of our classmates gained the distinction of having earned their honor "I" by the end of the junior Year. They were: Matt Williams, Catherine English and Paul Kinney. Several more will have earned theirs by the time Commencement arrives.


It is with deep regret that we leave this school, but it is with pardonable pride that we look upon our accomplishments in it as undergraduates. We leave with a feeling of gratitude toward the faculty for their efforts in our behalf.



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