Ilion High School

1937 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1937"


Fellows and girls-all you lads and lassies-let's take a look back into that dim distant past when we, as Freshmen, first adorned this fair Alma Mater of ours with our important selves. Really now-weren't those the good old days?

Do you remember the first disappointment to come to us when it was rumored that Freshmen were not to be allowed to attend the dance the night before the Herkimer Ilion game? Some of us felt our wounds more deeply than others, and some went so far as to plan a party excluding everyone but Freshmen. Then Mr. Prindle, ever the pacifist, soothed our wounds by taking the matter to the Senate, which finally relented and permitted us to attend.

In the fall of 1934, you will remember, we met to elect leaders for the Class of '37. Mr. Swarthout, then in our eyes equal to any ruler's Lord High Privy Counsellor, took charge of the meeting, only to be rewarded with the post of Faculty Adviser. Robert Hynes was elected President; Clarence Getman, Vice-President; Norma Wood, Secretary; and Margaret Fleming, Treasurer.

Then the Sophomore Party-our first enterprise-and was it successful! Successful to the tune of $4.04. We don't know where the other penny went unless Jake thought he needed a commission for selling tickets at the door.

How fortunate we deemed ourselves to have one of the members of that famous debate team which journeyed to Topeka, Kansas, a member of the class of '37-Louise Snell. Well, '37 always has had outstanding members.

As Juniors, we elected Duane Prosser, President; Norma Wood, Vice-President; James Schremp, Secretary; and John Powers, Treasurer; with Mr. Baker and Mr. Swarthout for our advisers.

About mid-year we held, as is the custom, a Junior Party. This, as you will remember, left our treasurer, Johnny, financially embarrassed, reversing the $4.04 profit of our Sophomore year to a minus $4.04.

Under the guidance of our capable predecessors, the late class of '36, we decorated the gym in Colonial mode and danced to the collegiate music of the Colgate Dons, at the annual Junior-Senior Ball.

Carrying out the idea of Buck Rogers and Dr. Huer, we staged the Class Night Program for the Seniors. You may remember that our ideas were so hot that the building caught fire during our dress rehearsal, necessitating a postponement until the damage was repaired.

Then the next day after Class Night-do you remember climbing out of bed to go and decorate the theater with the daisies that we had stumbled over fields to pluck the day before? At this Commencement we received recognition as one of the best classes of all times, when we became the first Junior Class in the history of our school to win the Stone and Luke Scholarship Cup.

Well, here we are, the high and mighty Seniors. Yet we don't feel any different physically. In fact we feel a little insignificant. We are about to be graduated from the high school, but it will survive our passing and continue in prosperity long after we are gone.

As Seniors, we elected Duane Prosser as President; Robert Fay, Vice-President; Norma Wood, Secretary; and Gertrude Tjeerdsma, Treasurer.

In December we held a Christmas Party to develop a spirit of friendliness and cooperation in the class. The party was a success, both socially and financially.

The members of our class who gained the distinction of being elected to the Sportsmanship Brotherhood were: D. Carr, D. Donovan, R. Fay, M. Gilmartin, A. Hoeschele, R.Hynes, R. Long, H. Milsted, G. O'Connell, D. Prosser, G. Tjeerdsma, G. Trimble, B.Venema, L. Wells, M. White, N. Wood, T. Bushnell, A. Cole, A. Hegeman, L. Kane, J. Powers, E. Seiler, M. Trimble, A. Urtz, F. Zeh.

Senior members of the National Honor Society were: T. Bushnell, R. Fay, M. Gilmartin, A. Hoeschele, L. Kane, N. Lake, J. Powers, D. Prosser, L. Snell, G. Tjeerdsma, M. White, N. Wood, M. Cash, D. Donovan, H. Eastham, H. Hemstreet, M.Ruddy, E. Seiler, H. White.

And now the time has come to bid our Alma Mater goodbye. How can we journey on through life without her guiding force uppermost in our minds? We cannot-our foundations are based on her. We shall ever love, honor, and glorify her name.



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