Ilion High School

1938 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1938"



Sept. 10, '34-We are freshies--nagged by upper classmen.

Sept. 25, '34-Getting so we "can take it."

Oct. 2, '34-Staged a "get acquainted party"-juvenile Astaires and Rogers were present-a night of revelry.

Oct. 28,'34-Pep meeting at monument-freshmen allowed to "swing" at high school-"hub-hub" of excitement.

Oct. 29, '34-Ilion-Herkimer game-the green and white stole the bacon.

Nov. 7,'34-Carl Anderson introduces squeaky shoes into Room 29. Called it a "new fad."

Jan. 18,'35-Regents--not nervous-MUCH!!

Feb. 16,'35-Freshmen gain admission to Junior Honor Society--N. Brown, A. Casey, M. Harter, J. Hawley, M. Panarites, B. Rudd, R. Chambers, F. Winsor and V. Allen.

May 15, '35-Few freshies brave enough to attend Junior-Senior Prom. June 20, '35-At last . . . VACATION.




Sept. 11, '35-Back to the "old grind." Chose as leaders:

President, MaryCole; vice-president,Leo Fake; secretary, Mary Panarites; treasurer, Tracy Warner. Received Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Bates as faculty advisers to keep us aright.

Oct. 26,'35-Our sophomore representatives, Gus Panarites and Sam Bubb, helped the Gold and Brown subdue Little Falls.

Oct. 29,'35-Corrine Cox entertained Music Club-spirits dampened.

Nov. 12,'35-Our Utopia ... victory-Ilion 12, Herkimer 0.

Dec. 16, '35-Additional recognition to Junior National Honor Society: M. Cole, L. Fake, L. Hoye, V. Dorn, J. Fake, G. Eastham and E. Curtis.

Feb. 17, '36-Party, orchestra (radio), games, eats ... result?-a good time!!!

Mar. 4,'36-B. Rudd, L. Fake, and N. Brown joined ranks of Sportsmanship Brotherhood.

May 2,'36-Fred Wilson "bounced" from Room 34-destination, Room 29.

May 5, '36-Lynn Hoye visits Herkimer often-have decided to investigate.




Sept. 12, '36-Ship of state arrived in port. On board were:President Leo Fake; vice-president, Charles Travis; secretary, Mary Cole; treasurer, Samuel Bubb.

Oct. 1, '36-Marie Cormia called "walking attention sentence" in public speaking.

Oct. 15, '36-A few Ohioans became Ilionites: F. Young, D. Terwilleger, and E. Evans.

Nov. 6, '36-Football paper dedicated to Prof. Bemis. Was a great success.

Nov.12,'36-Ilion waged again it's yearly battle of brawn, wits, and morale. Sadly we bowed in defeat. Score: Herkimer 13, Ilion 6. S. Bubb, K. Panarites, F. Murray, and J. Parkinson earned letters.

Nov.22, '36-Curt came today with another new coiffure-where DOES she get the ideas?

Dec. 21, '36-Seniors threw a dance and we were allowed to attend-did we feel honored! All the new Hi-Y initiates ran around in short pants and big red bow ties.

Jan. 12, '37-Sportsmanship Brotherhood election-C. Travis and S. Bubb elected.

Jan. 16, '37-Regents are well on the way. They're getting to be a habit, so we don't worry about them any more.

Mar. 10, '37-Not much excitement. Getting attached to the dear old place.

Apr. 15,'37-More of our class became members of the Sportsmanship Brotherhood: V. Allen, A. Casey, R. Fitch and F. Murray.

Apr. 29, '37-The first members of our class chosen to the National Honor Society were: V. Allen, N. Brown, L. Fake, M. Panarites, and B. Rudd.

May 22, '37-Junior-Senior Prom-after a week of chalking, pasting, and blowing up balloons-evidences of sophistication on some--amidst penguins, aurora borealis (northern lights to you illiterate ones). Polar atmosphere proved invigorating as well as entertaining.

June 24, '37-Class night. It was our night to howl. Much foolishness accompanied a farce of senior play, featuring Rex Fitch and "his pretty young pig." In kindergarten comedy Juniors imitated seniors, while Chuck Bishton occupied the dunce stool. Farmer's wit was created by Fred Wilson, and Nancy Brown's antics on a velocipede hit the spot in a post-office sketch in which gifts were bestowed upon the mighty seniors.

June 28, '37-Graduation. Juniors bearing flowers bedecked local theater. We all pictured ourselves accepting diplomas.




Sept. 15, '37-We started off with a bang, but are trying desperately to settle down. When the smoke blew away we found Chuck Travis, president; Rex Fitch, vice-president; Barb Rudd, secretary, and Mary Cole, treasurer.

Sept. 16,'37-Yes, we made the grade. You must call us SENIORS now.

Oct. 5,'37-Lewie Merritt evaded "4:OO History Club" for a tennis match.

Oct. 16,'37-Assembly ... George Elias . . . "The Man Without a Country."

Oct. 29, '37-Senior boys journey to Little Falls- cause-girls in Tri-City Plays night before.

Nov. 16, '37-On mucky field, Ilion lost to "ye olde rivale." Score: 13-6. Lettermen: R. Fitch, R. Chambers, S. Bubb, K. Panarites, F. Murray, J. Parkinson, A. Lauer, and A. Berckemeyer.

Nov. 22,'37-We learned how to have "It." Jill Edwards, noted personality instructor, was our teacher.

Dec. IS, '37-Senior Party, ping pong, Alley Oop, and Virginia Reel -first attempt at Big Apple.

Jan. 20,'38-Regents week climaxed by novel Senior Winter Sports Carnival-skied, slid, snow-sported, supped and seemed sociable.

Feb. 4,'38-Cast for "Double Door" announced.

Feb. 10,'38-Brotherhood elections. Seniors elected were: R. Chambers, M. Cole, R. Day, A. Lauer, K. Panarites, M. Panarites, D. Terwilleger, F. Winsor.

Feb. 21, '38-Senior Shindig-Shaggin' and Shinin' superb!!

Mar. 3,'38-Had National Honor Society elections. Six Seniors were admitted: Mary Cole, Olga Davala, Jane Hawley, Elwood Miller, Ann Suhanchak, Fred Winsor.

Mar. 17, '38-Senior honor students announced.

Mar. 25, '38-The monotony was broken by our first and last basketball game of the season. Frankfort was the opponent; and although our boys put up a good fight and were on the way to a thrilling and victorious finish, we lost by a score of 53 to 42.

Apr. 4,'38-Senior Ball Committee announced: A. Berckemeyer, J. Butterworth, B. Carroll, E. Curtis, D. Enjem, M. Fay, T. Fenwick, M. Ford, M. Harter, L. Houck, L. Hoye, A. Lauer, E. McDonough, S. Merrick, J. Murphy, K. Panarites, F. Remmers, W. Robson, H. Sterling, V. Wheelock, R. Yardley.

Apr. 5,'38-Cast of Senior Play announced: C. Bishton, R. Day, S. Grainger, E. Hall, M. Leonard, L. Merritt; E. Miller, F. Murray, M. Murray, B. Nichols, B. Rudd, B. Sullivan, D. Sutton, R. Thompson.

Apr. 8, '38-Finishing touches on copy for 1938 " MIRROR."



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