Ilion High School

1939 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1939"


September, 1935.


ENTERED into Ilion High School sonic one hundred and fifty boys and girls. They call themselves Freshmen.


BORN the Junior National Honor Society to which Frances Doig and Albert Jeffts were admitted.


ENTERTAINED at one Freshman Party the Freshman Class. Arrangements were made by James Morris, George B. Smith, Nona Reyome, Betty Prosser, Edward Parkinson, and Betty Shaver. Mr. Baker was adviser. Proceeds were donated to the Music Department for new uniforms.



September, 1936.


DIVORCED one hundred and forty boys and girls from the title of Freshmen to the title of Sophomores.


ELECTED were Dorland Spencer as President, Leslie Myers as Vice-president, Betty Prosser as Secretary, and Sherman Baxter as Treasurer-all officers of the Sophomore Class. For advisers, Miss Ruby and Miss Kinney were chosen.


MARRIED to the Sportsmanship Brotherhood were Betty Prosser and Winifred Fuller in November; in March George B. Smith and Sherman Baxter were honored. To the Junior National Honor Society Donald Watkin, Patricia Rudd, Mary Fitzpatrick, George B. Smith, Dorothy Huyck, Bernice Egger, Velma Ferris, Keith Smith, Richard Deming, Mary Ella Sickler, Herbert Barnum, Clark Dagenkolb, Genevieve Joy, Eugene Hall, Warren Thom, Betty Shaver, Clara Burke, Charles Osgood, and Helen Suits.


HONORED were all the Sophomores when Nina Bailey received a scholarship to Ithaca College in return for her excellent dramatic accomplishments in "Wit's End" at the annual Dramatic Contest at Ithaca.


PLAYED Bingo at the Sophomore Party by the Sophomore Class under the leader,ship of class officers and advisers. Profits were given to the Tennis Club for new nets.



September, 1937.


DIVORCED (again) this time from the title of Sophomores to the title of Juniors.


CHOSEN as Junior Class officers were Leslie Myers, President; Sherman Baxter, Vice-president; Patricia Rudd, Secretary, and George B. Smith, Treasurer. Miss Caygill was chosen as the class adviser.


BESTOWED honors again on Nina Bailey when she received a second scholarship to Ithaca College for her most successful dramatic achievement in "Double Door."


ELECTED Donald Watkin, Dorothy Huyck, Velma Ferris, Eugene Hall, Bernice Egger, Frances Doig, and Patricia Rudd to the National Honor Society.


WON the annual Junior-Senior battle by (mais oui) the Juniors.


TRANSFORMED by the Class of '39 the Ilion High School Gym to an outdoor scene of April Showers-expressly for the satisfaction of the Junior-Senior Prom goers.


SATIRIZED the Class of '38 in the Class Night Program by a play whose cast included Doug Baxter, Viv Day, Lou Day, Joe Derby, Betty Prosser, Kink Steber, Flossie Shaw, Keith Smith, Betty Frankish, Bernie Egger, Betty Noble, Gwen Jarvis, Rex Hinman, and Gene Hall. The latest in burlesque was presented by the Flora Dora Girls, a chorus of the pink-and-blue garbed Bob Whittemore, Harold Hitchcock, Dick Baker, Bob Scofield, Bud Warner, Hank Marks, Austin Smith, and Tom Lester. Singing by Hank Marks and tap-dancing by Bud Warner. In another skit, Bud Parkinson acted as Mr. Prindle, Margie Christopher as Mrs. Grimshaw, Nina Bailey as Miss Gordon, and Joe Derby as one Senior who shall remain nameless.


PICKED scads and oodles of daisies to decorate the Capitol Theater for Commencement.


HONORED (my! weren't they honored when only Juniors) when James Morris rep. resented New York State in Washington in return for writing the prize-winning composition in the National Air Mail Contest. The Junior Class was also honored when, at Commencement, Eugene Hall won the Lever Cup. To top all honors, Donald Watkin won nothing less than a trip to Europe as first award in the League of Nations' Contest.



September, 1938.


DIVORCED (who's this, Peggy Joyce?) from the title of Juniors to the omnipotent title of Seniors.


DELEGATED to lead the Senior Class of '39 were Eugene Hall as President, Leslie Myers as Vice-president, Betty Prosser as Secretary, and Patricia Rudd as Treasurer. Mrs. Fitzpatrick was chosen to fulfill the position of Senior Class Adviser.


DEBUTED such honorable organizations as the L*O*R*E* and the Beaver Board.


HONORED Richard Deming, Genevieve Joy, George Smith, Richard Frank, Winifred Fuller, Keith Smith by election to the National Honor Society.


ENTERTAINED were some hundred and thirty Seniors at their Holiday Dance. The affair, being open to the public, padded the rather depleted treasury to the tune of sixteen dollars.


FELL THROUGH one good plan for a Senior Class Winter Frolic which was to take place at Russell Park. Plans were being formed to have a dance following the Frolic.


ENJOYED the annual Junior-Senior Prom in the gymnasium, May 26. Decorations portrayed an "Alice in Wonderland" version of Fairyland.



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