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1944 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1944"


"Milestones of Our Four Years"


As the reporters for the "Mirror of '44", we have just returned from a four year journey. On this trip, we traveled through the towns which the "Class of '44" has left. From these towns our citizens have found new places in the world.



The Class of '44 first started out on a very crooked, dim-lighted, and jagged road which led to the town, "Freshman." In this town, our timid and fearful Freshmen gradually became acquainted with the townspeople and their guides. John Monohan was elected Mayor, and Mrs. Fitzpatrick was our guide.

In this town seven of our citizens were elected into the Junior National Honor Society. A party, at which we played games, danced, and ate refreshments, was among the frolics in "Freshman."




We continued our journey on a road which was less crooked, and a little wider. When we arrived at "Sophomore," we chose John Monohan, Mayor; Allan Murray, Vice-Mayor; Jean Hilliard, Secretary; and Donna Smith, Treasurer. Our guide in this town was Miss Gordon, under whose direction we held a party in the town-hall.

"Sophomore" saw our honor doubled when fourteen of our citizens were taken into the Junior National Honor Society.

Some "Sophs" took part in the "Pirates of Penzance," which was dedicated to the memory of David Cramer.

Although the road leaving "Sophomore" was quite well lighted and had only a few curves, one of our newest citizens, Dick Platt, was killed on this part of the trip. We felt deeply the loss of our companion, but continued on our way until we saw the surburban site of "Junior" in view.




The new mayor, Dorothy Fay, with her council, Allan Murray, Vice-Mayor; Jean Hilliard, Secretary; and William Slocum, Treasurer, welcomed us. Since our previous visit, John Monohan, former mayor, and Roland Yardley, former treasurer, of "Junior Town" had answered the call of the armed services.

Our visit was brightened by the choosing of the Junior cheerleaders, Margaret Vayo, Eleanore Tracy, Dorothy Wheeler, June Ellen Murray, Eileen Edick, and Beverly Johnson.

The lettermen showed up in this town, for Raymond Johnson, Theodore Melnick, William Slocum, John Smallwood, and Roland Yardley received letter in football. In track, Lockhart Armstrong, Roy Edick, Roger Hunt, William Slocum, Charles Warburton, and Wiley White won the honors entitling them to wear letters. The only boy receiving a letter in basketball was Paul Hoffman, the manager.

As your reporters, we were proud to know that four of our citizens of "Junior" were elected into the Senior National Honor Society. They were Joyce Chismore, Lockhart Armstrong, Donna Smith, and Shirley Cramer.

Our joy was suddenly broken by sadness, for Robert Kent, a citizen of long residence, died unexpectedly. The citizens of "Junior" attended his funeral in a body.

Miss Sheldon, the guide for "Junior" site, helped us stage our class night which ended our visit in "Junior Town."




On our homeward stretch the road was wide and straight, and as we approached the city of "Senior," the trees seemed to be beckoning us on. The reception committee was large, and Allan Murray, Mayor, along with June Ellen Murray, Vice-Mayor; Donna Smith, Secretary, and Nancy Rudd, Treasurer, made the affair more lively.

Our first attraction was the choosing of the Senior Cheerleaders. Eileen Edick, Beverly Johnson, Margaret Vayo, Margaret Mullen, June Ellen Murray, and Dorothy Wheeler came off with the titles.

The second event was the awarding of letters. In football there were ten lettermen: William Burger, Roy Edick, Raymond Johnson, John Scott, William Slocum, John Smallwood,William Smith, Charles Warburton, Edward Williams, and Ernest Woolver. In basketball, Edward Williams, Roy Edick, William Slocum, William Smith, and Gerald Morgan. With the help of Mr. Mack, we sponsored two projects the sale of stationery and the appearance of Mr. Vadeboncouer, to help finance our "Mirror."

In January of 1944, we lost some more of our fellows to Uncle Sam. Those who left were Edward Williams, John Smallwood, Thomas Hanley, Wiley White, Charles Warburton, Charles Pooler, and Lockhart Armstrong.

Our last scheduled meeting was our Senior Play, "The Whiffenpoof," which played to a near capacity audience on the evening of May 5. Lois Hall, Rose DeSano, Shirley Bird, Bruce Scouten, Joseph McIntyre, William Smith, Allan Murray, Eleanora Cahill were in the cast.

As your reporters, we enjoyed reviewing your years before you are thrust out into the big world. We wish you much happiness.


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