Ilion High School

1946 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1946"


WE have called this the Class "Memoirs" instead of "History" because of the unpleasantness attached to the latter word in our Junior year.

At last our four years of high school are complete and we can now survey the awful (????) things we have done. Our memory nearly fails us where our first year is concerned, but we do recall the terrors we endured trying to find our way around the maze of halls and corridors.

Our first opportunity to participate in high school affairs was a gym demonstration offered for the enjoyment of the public.

For the first time in our high school careers, certain members of the class, Fern Chismore, Jane Daz, Nonie Jarvis, Louise Pelton, Nancy Supplee, Milton Haughton, Dick Heaps, and Lawrence Neuse-our "brainy" classmates-achieved recognition from the Junior National Honor Society.

With this we began our Sophomore year at good old Ilion High. Now we enter into the full swing of our high school life by electing our class officers: President, Russ Harter; Vice-president, Dick Heaps; Secretary, Dawn Bullion; and Treasurer, Tom Padgham. At this same time we acquired a class adviser, Mrs. Hopkins, who helped us with our grand slam-bang Sophomore dance.

Christmas time rolled around and certain members of the class received comical gifts, such as rattles, dolls, and questionable bottles, at Home Room 29's party.

Again the Junior National Honor Society increased its membership with: Robert Johnson, Pat Wright, Louise Mogensen, and Shirley Geesler.

Home Room 29 wound up the year with an event which was originally planned as a picnic, but-it rained! Miss Gordon added to the hilarity of the party with her great ability of leading the Conga line. We also tried to see who could eat the most and, as yet, the matter remains unsolved.

As Juniors we elected Tom Padgham as President, Milt Haughton as Vice-president, Shirley Geesler as Secretary, and Dick Heaps as Treasurer.

After a lot of hair-pulling seven Junior Varsity Cheerleaders emerged victorious to yell for the J. V. teams. They were Shirley Burns, Julie McKeon, Dawn Bullion, Peg Durkin, Nonie Jarvis, Liz Pettengill, and Mary Smallwood.

Our boys as Juniors contributed a great deal to the success of our athletic teams, both Varsity and Junior Varsity. We are sure our sports would not have been as successful without our staunch Junior athletes. Of course, with all victories some rain must fall. In our case, it was a cloudburst, and we were beaten by the 1945 Senior Varsity in the annual Junior-Senior basketball game. Still, there was one in our midst who received athletic recognition for four long years of track. He was Ted Armstrong, winner of the Varsity Club Trophy for being the "unsung hero" of the year.

A performance known as the Junior Class Minstrels became one of the most well remembered occasions of our high school career. After lots of fun and hard work the grand show finally took place with a great deal of hilarity. A dance followed our grand success.

Our year was terminated by the Junior-Senior Prom, by the annual Classnight which was a first class riot, and finally by Commencement (at which we sat!).

The more intelligent, or ambitious, members of the class Russ Harter, Dick Heaps, Jane Daz, Shirley Geesler, and Louise Pelton found themselves in the Senior National Honor Society.

We jumped into our Senior year with a violent and vehement campaign conducted by the Gold and Brown parties for the class offices. The victors were Milt Haughton, President; Russ Harter, Vice-president; Louise Mogensen, Secretary; and Joe McShalley, Treasurer; and Miss Gordon was chosen to advise us.

With these officers in the saddle we launched upon an entirely new idea a Halloween-Party-Banquet at which a good time was had by all.

To cheer on our "pigskin potentialities" and "hopeful hoopsters" our cheerleaders were the same as last year with the exception of Mary Smallwood, who was replaced by Betty Folmsbee.

The annual Christmas Ball, postponed because of a flu epidemic developed into a Valentine's Ball. The "Queen of Hearts" was Peg Durkin. Considering the postponement, the dance resulted in a gala event.

Flash! Other members of the class that hit the jack-pot for the Senior National Honor Society were Milt Haughton, Fern Chismore, Eiluned Jones, Louise Mogensen, and Pat Wright.

Those who might have graduated with us in June, but whom Uncle Sam nabbed first, are Bob Sorenson, Robert Harter, Joe Tracey, Bill Leitz, Emmett Gollegley, Fran Jennette, Bob Clement, Jim Murphy, Leroy Backman, Bud Vayo, and Milford Yardley.

For those who have struggled along and read this far, we award an "endurance" medal, and for those who dropped along the wayside in boredom, we don't blame you.


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