Ilion High School

1947 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1947"


We, the class of '47, having climbed to the top rung of the ladder of our high school education, can look across the horizon of our tedious past quadrennium. The sight that meets our eyes is a clear pattern of student activities which tends to fade into the hazy realm of our freshman days gone by.

Our freshman days may appear to be misty, but certain names shine through the fog of uncertainty. Margaret Bruso, Harry Heiland, Mary Lupinski, Pat Murphy, Ann Newton, and Robert Rowlands are the personalities connected with the Junior National Honor Society. These names, rather than events or other incidents, are the only images which are distinguishable.

The vision of our Sophomore year is a clearer one --- one in which we first had our opportunity in the art of actual voting. The results were good with such officers as Sam Nile, President; Ann Newton, Vice President; Pat Murphy, Secretary, and Don Lang, Treasurer.

This year the names of Jean Mosher, Doris Judson, Rosemary Harris, and Virginia Curley were added to the membership of the Junior National Honor Society.

A dance, in true Sadie Hawkins' Day manner, was held. The girls asked the boys as well as doing all the rest of the honors in connection with the affair.

The Christmas party up in 29, with Miss Gordon furnishing the refreshments, lies deep in the memory of our fellow classmen.

We ended the year with a class party at Russell Park; and all enjoyed themselves with refreshments, followed by a softball game which was refereed by Miss Gordon.

The portrait of our junior year is a clear vision, unaffected by the fog of forgetfulness. We started off with an election of our class officers: President, Tom Mills; Vice President, Tom Kibbe; Secretary, Ralph Joy; Treasurer, Harry Heiland, and Mrs. Davis, class advisor.

Next, the roaring seven-Cheerleaders, to you-were chosen. Barb Bowie, Rosie Coleman, Rose Costanza, Ann Furman, Grace Lever, Pat Murphy and Dot Van Steinburg were our proud results.

For the first time a large percentage of our class participated in the dramatic activities of the school. In a series of three one-act plays, "Nobody Sleeps," "Detour Ahead" and "Wildcat Willie Plays Santa," the different leads were handled by Tom Kibbe, Barb Bowie, Dave Doty, Steve Seamans, Carolyn Deming and Lloyd Baulch. In addition to these dramatic events Tom Kibbe, for the second time, and Lloyd Baulch represented our class in the presentation of the tri-city plays.

For the first time, such names as Pat Murphy, Sarah Davis, Ann Newton and Mary Lupinski, most of which had previously appeared on the Junior National Honor Society, came to light in the Senior National Honor Society.

Our junior year ended with great fun and laughter at the Senior class night. Remember, kids?

Our last year's activities will always be clearly remembered is the best of our four years. To start the final year with plenty of vigor, the class elected Harry Staley as President, Ann Newton as Vice-President, Gerry Horan as Secretary, and Tom Mills as Treasurer.

Carolyn Deming joined the group of cheerleaders and Rose Costanza took the place of Grace Lever, who was ill.

After six years of strenuous labor, our senior varsity football team defeated Herkimer in the annual football game. The resulting score was 7 to 0.

The brilliant students, which means that they made the Senior National Honor Society in the fourth year, were Marion Baker, Margaret Bruso, Jean Mosher, Sam Nile and Robert Rowlands.

Tom Kibbe and Mary Thompson had the leads in "Are You Listening," a comedy which, represented our class in the tri-city plays.

The Christmas Ball was held with the usual holiday good cheer and excitement. The annual Christmas Queen this year turned out to be Norma Dodge.

There are always "brainy" people whose special talents bring honor to the Senior Class. Ann Newton had the great honor of winning the DAR Good Citizenship Contest. Harry Staley represented our school in the American Legion Oratory Contest. Robert Sanders, who previously won the first prize in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Essay Contest, was awarded first prize in the essay contest sponsored by the Americin Legion Auxiliary. Virginia Curley also won prizes in the two contests previously mentioned.

This year, as the time rolled around for the presentation of the senior play, there were a large number of parts to be filled. To the satisfaction of all, Tom Kibbe, Sam Nile, Barb Bowie, and Grace Lever took possession of the leading roles with many others in the supporting cast.

Many music concerts were presented to raise money for the choir's trip to Montreal. The total of the Seniors going on this trip was 53. Sight seeing, as well as the musical activities, was enjoyed by all.

The year came to an end, as usual, with the Prom and Class night as the most enjoyable commencement activities.

The Class of '47's High School career is at an end However, our four years will always be remembered for the good times we had in our various activities.


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