Ilion High School

1951 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1951"


The halls of the Gold and Brown echoed to the laughter and excitement of approximately 90 eager freshmen in the Fall of 1947. After the confusion of trying to locate classrooms had died down, we proceeded to the business at hand.


Our first major problem was to elect freshmen cheerleaders. The honors were at length conferred upon Joan Parks, Peggy Russell, Matilda Faulkner, Dot Kidder, Barb Jarvis, Emilie Yavornitzki, Shirley Trevor, Nancy Harter and Diane Luke.


Much excitement was caused that year by the forest fires in North Ilion. Many of the boys from school volunteered their services to help fight the blaze.


The biggest event of our freshman year was the annual Freshman Frolic held in the gym during the month of March. Volleyball and stunts and tumbling were the main attractions. The class games followed closely. The Sophomores quickly put us in our place by coming in about 8 points ahead.


That year the Junior National Honor Society elected Tom Adams, Matilda Faulkner, Janice Ingersoll, Jack Kennell, Phil Kennell, Charles Rahm, Lester Short, Earl Stacks, Patricia Sutherland and Doris Wilcox.


Varsity letters were won in track by Jack Sullivan; football, Jack Sullivan; baseball, Craig Nichols; bowling, Fred Burns; skiing, Ray Jones and Bob Voelcker; swimming, Bill Morton, and Jack Kennell; gym team, Bob Warren, Jim Parker, Earl Stacks and Bob Boucher.


President of junior Choir was Peggy Russell. Nancy Harter was elected Vice-President.


As the school year drew to a close, we eagerly looked forward to becoming Sophomores on the second floor.


The Sophomore year started off with a bang. Election of class officers took place. Bill Morton was elected President; Vice-President, Jack Sullivan; Secretary, Diane Luke; and Treasurer, John Smith. Miss McKennan was chosen as Class Adviser. Jack Sullivan left for the Air Force in December, and Jack Kennell was elected to succeed him as Vice-President.


The Halloween parade and party was a great success. We had many bake sales during the year which brought in a considerable amount of money for our treasury. A Sophomore party was held in March.


The Senate elected Matilda Faulkner as Secretary. The junior National Honor Society elected Robert Voelcker to its ranks.


Sports enthusiasts for our second year were rewarded with letters. They are as follows: football, Bill Morton and John Rej; basketball, Bill Morton; baseball, Jack Kennell and Craig Nichols; track, Dave Parsons and Carlton Brown.


In the class games which followed the closing of the basketball season, we were victorious over the Freshman team.


Our junior year was filled with many activities. Our class officers elected were President, Jack Kennell; Vice-President, John Smith; Secretary, Martin Burns; and Treasurer, Janice Ingersoll. The Senate elected Jack Kennell Vice-President. The J. V. cheerleaders were as follows: Patricia Sutherland, Nancy Harter, Matilda Faulkner, Janet Brown, Peggy Russell, Diane Luke, and Dorothy Kidder.


A new member in our ranks this year was Shirley Deller who transferred from Utica, New York. Fred Burns, a member of our class since the Freshman year, left in the middle of the year for Endicott.


The junior Class continued its good times by having a Halloween party in the high school gym. The entertainment was a varied nature. Volleyball, dancing and general merrymaking was the theme. The night before Halloween everyone as usual made the hike to Miss Gordon's house for her annual Halloween party.


Next on the list of the junior planning came the Christmas Ball. The theme was "Santa's Dream". Everyone joined in the work and fun of decorating the gym. The dance was a huge success. The juniors had again proved that their work wasn't in vain.


A great shock to the junior Class was the loss of Frank Lyons. A friend to all, his classmates will always remember him.


Football season brought its rewards to many Junior boys. Phil Kennell, Bill Morton, Stan Ford, Fred Burns, John Rej, and Carlton Brown received letters and bars for their efforts.


Next on the agenda was the junior Minstrel Show. There were several acts including stunts and tumbling, singing and comedy.


Bill Morton added a bar for basketball to his collection of honors. Phil Kennell received a letter for his efforts in varsity basketball.


The junior Class basketball team lost to the Seniors in the inter-class games by three points. To make up for this disappointment, we had seven lettermen in other sports. These included Jack Kennell, Bill Morton, and Craig Nichols for baseball; and Dave Parsons, Stan Ford, Bob Warren and Lester Short for track.


The junior Class sent delegates to Boys' State. Phil Kennel], Jack Kennell, Dick Lyman, Jim Parker and Lester Short were chosen to represent Ilion High School.


Miss Gordon selected Janice Ingersoll, Matilda Faulkner and Phil Kennell to accompany her on the trip to the New York Herald-Tribune Forum of the United Nations. Phil was unable to attend, so he made the trip in his Senior Year.


The American Legion Auxiliary Essay Contest was another feature of our Junior year. Janice Ingersoll was awarded first prize, Joan Parks took second, and Phil Kennel] received honorable mention.


The Fort Plain Sectional Music Festival and the Rome Music Festival wound up our junior year.


In the fall Of 1950 seventy-three pupils trudged back to rooms 16 and 13 to start our last and shortest year. Before this year ended, we were to lose six of our classmates to the armed forces. Robert Boucher and Ken Roberts were accepted in the navy. Craig Nichols and Carl Pfeifer joined the Air Corps; Earl Stacks and Carleton Brown have not been called as yet.


Pat Sutherland moved to California during the summer.


Election of class officers placed Lester Short as President; Jim Parker, Vice-President; Dick Lyman, Secretary; and Janice Ingersoll as Treasurer. Closely following was the election of homeroom officers. In room 16 Pete Jones carried a majority of votes for President, Ted Allston was elected Vice-President and Martin Burns, Secretary-Treasurer. In homeroom 13, Marg Koerner was made President, Bill Morton was elected Vice-President and John Smith took the office of Secretary-Treasurer.


Peggy Russell, Matilda Faulkner, Shirley Trevor, Dot Kidder, Janet Brown, Diane Luke and Nancy Harter copped cheerleading honors for the senior varsity.


Senior National Honor Society elected as members Janice Ingersoll, Lester Short, Tom Adams, Jack Kennell, Matilda Faulkner and Peggy Russell.


Football honors were awarded to Jim Parker, Phil Kennell, Jack Kennell, Pete Jones, Bob Warren, Bill Morton, John Smith, John Rej, Lester Short, Dave Parsons, Jim Noffer and Stan Ford.


In another major sport, Dick Lyman and Ted Allston won letters as managers of the Varsity basketball team composed of these lettermen: Dave Parsons, Bill Morton, Jack Kennell, and Phil Kennell.


A newcomer from Chadwicks High School, by name, Lorraine Pavese, became a member of our graduating class.


The Senior Play, an annual presentation, was titled "The Whole Town's Talking". The cast, made up entirely of Seniors, worked three months in preparing this successful farce.


The class game between the juniors and Seniors was won by the Seniors. Two points was a small margin but insured victory.


As our last project of our high school years, the annual Senior Prom will be presented in June.


As we prepare ourselves for the big event of graduation, we look back with many happy memories on the four years spent in Ilion High School. We will never forget the school, the class rooms, the halls and the happy times we have had.


The only sad note of our graduation will be graduating without our beloved guide and mentor, Mr. Prindle. We shall carry with us all through the years the thought and the sadness that we, the class Of 1951, were the last class graduating from Ilion High School to have had our actions, throughout the four years guided by his patience and understanding. We shall always remember what he has done for us.


And so, we say, "Farewell" to good old Ilion High School.


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