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1952 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1952"


One hundred and ten excited and bewildered students became the Freshman Class of Ilion High School, in the year 1948.


The year started out with the election of cheerleaders. Lois Kennell, Ann Ahern, Jean Spaman, Ruth Fay, Betty Sutton, JoAnn McKenna, and Julia Bechard were chosen.


The Freshman football team had a fair record of three wins, two defeats, and one tie. The basketball team, which included Paul Earl, Chris Monohan, Eugene Talbot, Bob Hand, and Charles Cooper, won three games and lost three.


In the spring of 1949 the Freshman Class held its annual "Freshman Frolic," a success we delighted in. One of the highlights of the dance was Alex MacBlain dancing with Miss Farrell.


In the beginning of the Sophomore year the class faced a new problem, the election of class officers. We elected as our President, William Young; Vice-President, Jerry Angell; Secretary, Joseph Kinville; and Treasurer, Betty Sutton.


Following the election of class officers, we held the Sophomore Dance, the first moneymaking venture of the year. Leo Grygiel, our class adviser, outlined our various needs for money and as a result we held a bake sale, in which we netted over $6o.


On March 17 the Sophomore team handed the Freshmen a crushing defeat of 33-19 in the annual "Class Games." The Cheerleaders were the same as in the freshman year.


The boys who won football letters that year were Doug Hall, Dave Thompson, and Chris Monohan. Joe Kinville won a letter in Track.


Junior year started off with the election of class officers. William Young and Jerry Angell were elected as President and Vice-President for the second time. Ruth Fay was chosen as Secretary and Richard Putch was elected as Treasurer.


Junior Varsity cheerleaders were jean Spaman, Lois Kennell, June Pelletier, Ann Ahern, Betty Sutton, Julia Bechard, and Ruth Fay. The Junior Varsity Football team completed a very successful season with no defeats in their five game schedule.


The Junior class sent William Young to the Senate where he was elected Vice-President.


The next big event in our junior year was the Christmas Ball which had as its theme, "Christmas Fantasy." Matilda Faulkner was elected Queen of the Ball.


Shortly after the Ball, the Juniors became bakers for a bake sale to make up a deficit we had suffered in decorating for the gala affair.


The class games found the Juniors losing to the Seniors by 2 points. The cheerleaders selected a theme of "Pirates" for this affair.


After weeks of rehearsals, the Juniors presented the junior Variety Show on May 5, 1951. Many acts of various descriptions were given by the entire class. The acts were written by the students and directed by Frances Smith, Student Director, Mrs. Esther Davis and Mr. Grygiel. The Grand Finale was the Juniors' version of "Dearie," and contained references to various activities at school, such as Miss Gordon and her American History class "write-ins," the dunking of Mr. Grygiel in Cedar Lake on our Sophomore picnic, the Freshmen Frolic, and Miss Gordon's parties.


For the big trip to New York, Miss Gordon chose from our class Gwen Gienke, Ann Alvis, Charles McHarg and John Sheehan.


Bill Young, David Thompson, John Shibut, and James Phillips were sent to Boys' State at Colgate by local Ilion organizations. This visit lasted one week during the summer.


Many juniors helped decorate the Capitol Theatre for the Commencement Exercises of the Class of 1951. The whole class took part in the ceremonies that night by following the graduates down the aisle.


Doris Jordan was the only newcomer to our class that year, having moved from Plattsburg, New York, shortly before school began in September of 1950.


To close the junior year, another picnic was held at Cedar Lake.


The letter winners in Football that year were Charles Cooper, Douglas Hall, Joseph Ruane, Robert Hand, Jerry Angell, and Robert Luke. Douglas Hall, Joseph Kinville, Joseph Ruane and Charles Cooper won Basketball letters, while Joe Kinville and David Thompson won letters in Track. Douglas Hall was the Baseball letter winner.


The Senior year as usual began with class elections. William Young was once again chosen President and Jerry Angell, Vice-President, with Joseph Kinville as Treasurer and Ann Alvis as Secretary.


Profiting by the mistakes of previous classes we began work early on the Annual. We elected John Sheehan Editor-in-chief of THE MIRROR. For the first time, recently the class chose the Editor-in-chief. In turn he appointed the MIRROR staff as follows: Ann Alvis and Robert Huyck as Art Editors; Sherli Jones, Senior Editor; David Thompson. Sports Editor; June Pelletier, Typing Editor; Charles McHarg and Robert Cormia, Photography Editors; Gwen Gienke, Activities Editor; Doneta Day, Staff Secretary. Miss Nellie Schmidt is Staff Adviser, and Mr. Richard Frank was appointed Business Adviser.


The class balanced its budget by the sale of candy at the football and basketball games, money from the magazine and Christmas Card sale, and from the Senior Play.


The day before Christmas vacation began, the Senior homerooms held a combined party in ROOM 16. Alfred Smith provided the class with Christmas Carols and other selections on his zither.


For the first time since the organization of the MVI League, llion captured the championship with the outstanding record of four wins and no defeats within the League. Douglas Hall, Joseph Ruane, Jerry Angell, Charles Cooper and David Thompson were named to the All-Valley dream football team, another honor for our class as they are all Seniors.


The Senior Class selected Ann Alvis as a contestant in the DAR Good Citizenship Contest.


Lois Kennell was elected Queen at the Junior Ball in December. Her attendants were Ann Alvis, June Pelletier, Ruth Fay and Jean Seibert.


Varsity cheerleaders for the year were Jean Spamaii, June Pelletier, Ann Ahern, Julia Bechard, Ruth Fay, Betty Sutton and Joyce Hungerford.


"A Change of Heart" was presented by the Seniors on March first and was a huge success. The cast included Sherli Jones, Ann Alvis, Gwen Gienke, Phyllis Reed, Jean Seibert, Beatrice Donahue, Doneta Day. Betty Sutton, Norman Johnson, Bill Hall, Stewart Pelton, John Sbibut, John Tillinghast, Alfred Smith, Bob May and Dave Phillips. Lucille Kinney was Student Director.

The Seniors came up with some snappy ideas for the Class Games, which were held in the spring. The class spirit shown at the game was fine to see. Everyone who attended yelled his lungs out and generally had a good time.


Prom night was a gala night for all. Every Senior served on various committees, each doing his part to make this a Prom we'll never forget.


In the future still are the Baccalaureate Service, Class Picnic at Caroga Lake, and the final trip across the stage for our diplomas Graduation Night.


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