Ilion High School

1955 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1955"


The Freshman Frolic captured the spotlight of lighthearted freshman activities.

Freshman football games played ended in moral victory, only.

The basketball team enjoyed a better record, but class games went to the Sophs.

Cheerleaders selected were B. Hand, I. Humphrey, B. Irving, N. Lyons, G. Manion, D. Manore, P. O'Shea, Jean and Joan Meays.


Sophomore activities began with class elections. Jack Bortel was elected president; Jon Momberger, vice-president; Marilyn Bedworth, secretary; Pat McCormack, treasurer. Mr. Fay was selected class adviser.

At Halloween we danced at a "Harvest Hop."

In the class games we defeated the Freshmen. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders chosen were Marilyn Bedworth, Nancy Jones, Jean and Joan Meays, Dorothy Manore, and Dorothy Ayers.

A picnic at Cedar Lake ended the year.


Fran Fresco was elected president of our Junior year; Julie Lupinski, vice-president; Alan Kennell, secretary; Donna-Rae Jennings, treasurer.

Chairman of the Christmas Ball, "Winter Wonderland," was Don Young. With more than a hundred couples gliding around the silver Christmas tree, our Ball was a sprightly event.

The Junior Chinamen lost to the Senior bunnies in the class games.

Our year ended with a fare-well picnic at Piseco Lake for June-Rae Baker.


To lead the class in their last difficult year, the Seniors elected Don Young, president; Jon Momberger, vice-president; Pat McCormack, secretary; and Julie Lupinski, treasurer.

Don Roberts was elected president of Room 13 and the Senate, while Tom Hackman headed Room 16.

Carol O'Connell, Betty Hand and Barb Irving were added as varsity cheerleaders.

Donna-Rae Jennings won the D.A.R. award and was voted Queen of the Christmas Ball with Marilyn Bedworth and Ruth Callahan attendants.

The Senior Play, class games, and finally the Senior Prom followed. The class picnic provided fun for all.

And now we leave with a hopeful eye to the future, and memories of happy times.


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