Ilion High School

1956 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1956"


In September 1952, 129 bewildered students entered high school as the Class of '56. Class games provided us with fun and excitement even though we lost. We ended the year with a rollicking picnic at Russell Park.

We began our second year by electing Earl Tibbits, Robbie Manley, Nancy Rothwell and Nancy Earl as class officers, and Esther Wilcox and John Westbrook as class advisors.


As Sophomores we defeated the Frosh in the class games. J.V. Cheerleaders selected were Mary Capes, Barb Kennell, Sally Kerr, Judy Lang, Joanne Loomis and Barb Wilcox. At the end of our junior year, Pat Stilwell and Becky McDaniels were also chosen to comprise the Varsity squad.

Money making efforts were checking coats and selling magazines.

To wind up the year we held a picnic at Cedar Lake. As usual it was full of surprises -RAIN!


Headed by our new officers, Clay Fuller, Nancy Rothwell, Gwen Elmer and Lucille joy, our junior Class began the year with a successful magazine sale.

The highlight of the year was the Christmas Ball, "Winter Enchantment," with Warner Connick as General Chairman.

In the action-packed class games, the "Rag Dolls" mopped up the Senior "Natives".

Six Juniors, Joanne Elmendorf, Clay Fuller, Janice Humphrey, Barb Kennell, Carol Thierfelder and Nancy Tooney, were elected to the Senior National Honor Society.

Clay Fuller, Charles Smith and Larry Yapell represented Ilion at Boys' State.

Warner Connick's yard provided a perfect setting for our last get-together as juniors.

Although we had a successful junior year, we all looked forward to our last and best.


As our last year began, we welcomed three new members to our class-Bill Reed, Bill Mower and Duane Runyon.

The class elected Warner, President; Earl, Veep.; Skip, Treasurer and Theresa, Secretary.

The first activity of the year, sale of Christmas cards and wrapping paper, paved the way for our future successes. Wasting no time between projects, in October we held a Twirp Dance followed in November by a bake sale and an Orchestra Dance. During the winter we sold candy at basketball games.

Nancy Rothwell, Chick Smith, Suzanne Mack, Don Loopman and Betsy Blaise demonstrated their dramatic ability in the Tri-City Play's presentation of "High Window".

Pat Stilwell was chosen Queen of the Ball with Sally Kerr and Barb Kennell as Attendants.

The Mirror Staff was competently headed by Carol Thierfelder, Editor-in-Chief.

Our three-lettermen are J. Fifield, C. Fuller, R. Manley, E. Tibbits, L. Yapell, B. Carney, J. Cooper, V. Durant, R. Frosh and C. Kamp.

Prospective events are Class Night, Senior Play, Senior Picnic and the Senior Prom.

The final, most important event is yet to come when we walk across the stage to receive our diplomas and meet the challenge of a new world.


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