Ilion High School

1964 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1964"


Frisky Frosh

One hundred and fifty four 44 "students" barged and scrambled their way into the sacred halls of ivy in the great year of 1960. Entrance, us. No doubt influenced by the Presidential Election, we felt a need for student leadership; and Paul Morris, Cheryl Miller, Dan McGrath, Bob Clive, Don Keddell, Ed Haggerty, and Tony Maneen were chosen to make life easier in homeroom.

Finally getting settled we felt we were true experts as a "community" group; well, almost. It was the first time that the new students realized that papers were meant to be folded and all messed up.

The lucky Sophomores managed somehow to beat us in our first encounter with class games, even though we had: Doug Bernard, Don Keddell, Ed Haggerty, Paul Pickett, Paul Morris, Al Slocum, Tim McCormack, Mark White, Tom Heintz, "Peewee" Lozo, "Cappy" Phelps, Dennis Weiss, John Burkhart, Tom Morris, and Bill Wardle to bring us the victory. Our spirit was backed by the cheerleaders: Leslie Fay, Cheryl Miller, Jean Dulak, Nancy Frosch, Linda Hart, Sandy Shaw, Janet Frezza, Mimi Mills, and Leslie De Reus. Rumor said we didn't want any feelings hurt, so we let them win. With disappointment soon forgotten, we marched over to Paul Morris' for an open house. When the lights were on for awhile all seemed to be having a superb time. (Sorry, Mrs. Derby) Later the girls dragged themselves off to Cheryl Miller's house for a pajama party. Never forget that one, will we, Pat!

Many found out too late, when finals hit Ilion, exactly what the teachers had tried to tell us all year. Oh, well, there's always next year to make resolutions about studying more.


Swinging Sophs

Becoming Sophomores in the following year we took another step closer to our last plateau together. Since we now knew exactly how much we needed leadership, we found ourselves with Paul Morris, President, Dave Wells, Vice-President, Leslie DeReus, Secretary, Steve Getman, Treasurer, and Don Keddell was selected as the Secretary of Student Council.

This was the year we handled the coat check at basketball games, which came as a great aid to our shaky treasury. Cheryl Miller, chairman of this great undertaking, did a superb job and set a record-she lost only 2 pairs of overshoes and a coat or two; but gained 15 scarves and 3 mittens. Fewer words were never spoken by our class (wardens) advisors, Miss Ford and Mr. Fahey.

With the money we had acquired we decided to have a skating party in February. Afterwards, with aching backs and posteriors we bobbled over to Jack Valent's for an Open House.

In order to build up our funds again we planned our first dance. "Swing into Spring" was the first semi-formal to hit Ilion that year and we all had fun swinging on the decorations.

Finally it came our chance to win at class games. Doug Bernard, as a member of the Class A Section III Championship team, proved vital to our success along with Don Keddell, Ed Haggerty, Den Weiss, Al Slocum, Joe Callahan, Tom Heintz, Mark White, Tom Morris, Paul Pickett, Tim McCormack, John Burkhart, Bill Wardle, Tony Maneen, and Dan McGrath. For our peppy cheerleaders we chose Leslie Fay, Cheryl Miller, Linda Hart, Sandy Shaw, Janet Frezza, Bev Dzimitrowcz, Jean Dulak, Mimi Mills, and Leslie DeReus. To celebrate our success we skipped over to Lance Nehr's for a house wrecking party!


Jumpin' Juniors

At long last we were Juniors! The only thing that really brought it home to us was the fact that many of us had 208 as a homeroom. Election time proved profitable, as we slated Paul Morris as President again, while Charlie Bennett assisted as Vice-President. Carol Klippel became our Secretary, and Steve Getman was again the holder of the purse. Don Keddell moved up the ladder as Student Council Vice-President.

As far as subjects were concerned, whew! We had plenty of work to keep us busy. We soon learned we couldn't go to classes with blood shot eyes. But we did make up for all the hard work when we got to chemistry lab. One of our colleagues decided to test the bunsen burner with his sleeve; ouch! Another rinsed out his pneumatic trough with concentrated hydrochloric acid, (the class cleared out in record time) Did you know that a bunsen burner attached to a water faucet makes a great squirt gun?

It was the greatest year ever for the Bombers with an undefeated basketball season. They brought home the Section III Class A Championship title for the second straight year and we had reason to be proud of them. We can't forget our players who aided the victory; Doug Bernard, Al Slocum, Mark White, and Don Keddell, nor can we miss the cheerleaders; Janet Frezza, Leslie De Reus, Susan Bums, Linda-Jo Caple, Cheryl Miller, Joan Snedeker, and Joyce Watson.

Before we knew it class games had rolled around, and it was our turn to dress properly for the occasion. We held our own stock car races urged on by our checker flag cheerleaders; Janet Frezza, Nancy Frosch, Mary June Gardner, Jean Dulak, Pat Alexander, Dizzy, Mary Ladd, Linda-Jo Caple, and Sandy Shaw. Having such a great team we caused the seniors trouble, but fell as the losers. Penny Remmel had a rough time with us at the open house.

Next on the agenda was the Jr. Prom. Steve Getman, chairman, had fun with the pagoda, but we did finish on schedule. "Kahiki" proved definitely to be a night to remember.

With the arrival of our class rings, we finally came to the realization that we had only one more year until graduation in '64. There was no way to change the inscription on the rings.


Sharp Seniors

The end of our stay in Ilion is coming up soon. As this goes to press, we find we have left many wonderful times behind, such as our great football concession stand. Home games were never so much fun, even though we did experience a game where everyone drank foam.

Once we all got settled in the cafeteria, we held elections of officers for our class and Student Council. Charlie Bennett, Tom Morris, Linda Caple, Al Slocum, were President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. Don Keddell held the monopoly on the votes for President of Student Council. Other honors and jobs were offered to the Seniors. Leslie De Reus was selected for the DAR Good Citizenship Award and Elaine Mutchler, Pam Dauten, and Janet Goldin were chosen to lead us through the annual card sale. Later in the year Lois Hofstra and Sue Gogol took care of getting our announcements ready for us in June.

With the close of football season came the time for electing some Queens for Homecoming and the Senior Ball. Sandy Shaw and Leslie De Reus presided respectively over the festivities. This year's theme was Christmas Fantasy.

As for basketball, this year we found ourselves tied with Mohawk for first place. The whole team did an excellent job and two of our classmates, Doug Bernard and Mark White, were chosen for the Iroquois League All-Star Team. Other Seniors that made up the squad were Al Slocum, Dan McGrath, Terry Sweeney, Bill Day, Don Keddell, and Marty Wilson as the manager. Right now we are looking forward with great hopes to another Section III Championship in this sport and in the winter sports, volleyball, ping pong, and badminton.

There is much more of our Senior Year to complete and many more of us have to hear from our prospective collages. Steve Getman seems to be our candidate for Yale and has an excellent chance because of his 275 on the Regent's Exam.

Along with the memories that we are leaving behind, we are making room for the memories that we have yet to create, such as Class Games, Spaghetti Dinner, and Paint Night (which started a bit early this year-like October, yeh Bill!)

Then GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!


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