Ilion High School

1967 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1967"


To Whomever It May Concern,

Perhaps for most of us school can be defined as one of the bigger obstacle courses of our lives. For 236 entering freshmen in September 1963 it seemed the biggest! We found ourselves faced with problems which were to determine the course of our high school careers. Would we be college entrance or business majors? Would we take Latin or French? When we look back at some of the choices we made there is regret for some of us and gratefulness for others.

In our freshman year career folders, science projects, and history maps proved to be our main downfalls, but then we had not yet encountered term papers or book reviews...

As IMPORTANT freshmen we battled it out against the INSIGNIFICANT sophomores in class games and found ourselves to be a little less important and the sophomores to be a little more significant!! We recovered quickly however, and took ourselves to Weeden's for an open house and then to DeForrest's for a p.j. party (girls only, that is).

Leading us through our maze of new found confusion were our homeroom officers: Monk Merchant, Tim Heneka, Theresa DeForrest, Debbie Harris, Mike Purcell, Dennis Staskus, and Jack Sweeney. Joyce Monteau presided over Jr. High Senate and Peggy Getman was president of National Junior Honor Society.

Before two wonderful months of relaxation, we made our final decisions as freshmen and chose Chris Morris as president, Bill Leach as treasurer, and Sharon Wagner as secretary of our sophomore class.

Pat Trevor, Joan Withington, Mary Carney, and Marsha Davidson were chosen as J.V. cheerleaders, and Joan was also elected as secretary of Student Council.

As Sophomores we took an active part in running Ilion High School, or so we thought. Our first big project was the coat check. Here we proved to be good advertisers:

"Don't risk getting your coat stomped on by grubby freshmen --- check it at the SOPH COAT CHECK!"

However as coat checkers we lacked the ability needed to keep the right boots with the right coats. Peggy Getman and Monk Merchant are to be held responsible for any articles still lost!

Feeling that we could well manage it (as every sophomore class before us has) we took the risk of sponsoring a soph hop. To the disbelief of Mr. Fake and Mrs. Scanlon, no damaging incidents occurred and we even made a slight profit!

This was the year for us to show our superior basketball ability, for at class games we started our winning streak by crushing those poor helpless freshmen. The school decreed no house parties after class games so most of us stayed for the dance afterwards.

In the spring some of our classmates found a majority vote at the student elections. For Student Council we offered Joan Withington and Mike Braun as two excellent candidates for the vice-presidency. Since they were so good we took them both!

To lead us our junior year we chose Bill Leach as president; Mary Carney, vice-president; Pat Cirillo, treasurer; and Nancy Robertson, secretary.

Figuring that. as juniors we would dominate the sports scene, we put eight girls into the cheering ranks. They were: Theresa DeForrest, Cindy Coyle, Joan Withington, and Marsha Davidson for the varsity team and Pat Trevor, Margaret Slocum, Sharon Wagner, and Pat Cirillo on the j.v. squad.

Thinking we were all set for our junior year, we met, for the first time, an obstacle which almost proved us wrong---the REGENTS!! Nevertheless, the majority of us made it through, and we headed toward a very important and colorful year of our school history.

To begin our activities as juniors we rang doorbells, used our charm and ability to beg, and as a result, sold a few magazines. Our small profit convinced us to put more effort into our future money making schemes.

With the coaxing of our guidance counselors, many of us wrote colleges and let the thought of further education take some form in our minds. At the same time Chemistry and English II also took a form in our minds --- called a mental block!!

To build up our deflated treasury, we set up the basketball concession stand. Head soda jerks were Vic Norman and Mary Ann Kroll. Vic often found himself taking coca-cola showers while Mary Ann desperately tried to account for all the "borrowed" candy. Our profit on this business venture was a foreshadowing of similar future successes.

When the honor of our class was being threatened by an invasion of some beings from "Another World", our very own "Underworld" rose to the occasion as we juniors defeated the seniors during the tense class games. To help our boys were some female secret agents whose job it was to protect "Howie the Mole!"

Then in May came our object of creativity, the prom, christianed "A Dive to the Depths" by Melinda Marley who was head scuba diver. To help her was Victor Norman (co-head scuba diver) and a crew of octopus makers, streamer hangers, mermaid lovers, and clam bakers!! Needless to say, the prom achieved its purpose of entertainment and remnants of fishnet, clamshells and an eight-foot shark could be seen leaving the gym after the prom.

This was also the time we met the unbelievable, discriminating, computerized, unfair, three hour long, future predicting exam, known by a more formal cover-up name--the S.A.T. (excuse our emotion). A real boost to our treasury was an experiment conducted by us during track season. At an invitational track meet in Ilion, Marg Slocum headed a concession stand at which we filled the stomachs of the other cindermen so that they could not possibly win any races. Unfortunately, the experiment wasn't completely successful. Prior to Student Council elections, Mike Braun received a special honor by being elected President of the District 7 Student Councils. When the Gold and Brown parties did battle it out for Student Council leadership positions, Vic Norman took the gavel and Cindy Coyle the money (literally, of course).

At our last class meeting we chose our leaders for the senior year. Joan Withington was drafted to lead us around our last obstacles, Bill Leach was awarded with second-in-command, Mike Braun was made treasurer, and Edna Sullivan was given the job of recording the chaos of our class meetings.

Eight juniors were honored by being tapped for National Honor Society: Mary Carney, Pat Cirillo, Peggy Getman, Barb Keddell, Joyce Monteau, Margaret Slocum, Jim Strife, and Joan Withington.

Once again our girls were heard practicing their cheers for three weeks until the judge finally selected Mary Carney, Pat Cirillo, Cindy Coyle, Theresa DeForrest, Marg Slocum, and Joan Withington as varsity cheerleaders.

With our newly purchased class rings, we finished the school year and entered summer vacation as unofficial seniors.

For temporary summer occupations Jim Colburn, Mike Braun,Vic Norman, Fran Plano, and Jim Strife headed for Boys' State, while Mary Crossett, John Felzareno, Joyce Monteau, Marg Slocum, Roger Weeden, Fran Plano, Joan Withington, and Steve Reul spent six weeks in the Colgate Summer Seminar program.

The following September 190 of us proudly entered our final year at Ilion High School with the precedent of being the first class to graduate after a full year in the new school.

To start off our senior activities, we set up the Football concession stand to feed the crowds that come to watch Mr. Kleeman's "Comeback Club" in action.

In order to supply the stand with fresh popcorn, Friday nights were spent measuring oil, popping corn, and then stapling one hundred and fifty bags of the finished product. Unfortunately, neither Sharon Wagner or Marg Slocum could predict the weather, so on those unexpectedly warm Saturdays the crowd had to settle for an abundance of coffee and very little soda. Even though we managed to sell almost all of our supplies and made a sizeable profit, everyone was happy to hand in their hot dog prongs when the season ended with Homecoming.

Our Bombers met Frankfort for Homecoming under the reign of Queen Joan Withington and King "Ziggy" Steele. The weekend activities had been planned by chairman Theresa DeForrest.

Figuring that as seniors we could handle two projects at the same time, we had the card sale and Senior Ball scheduled before Christmas.

Pat Cirillo and Mary Carney set up station for the card sale on the cafeteria stage. Everyone's family enjoyed their Christmas cards and the class enjoyed the profits.


Moonlite & Misteltoe

December 17, 1966

9-1 $3.50

Music by the "Pastels"


For the ball Mike Braun provided the "moonlite" and Peggy Getman supplied the "Mistletoe". On December 17, after twenty-four hectic hours of decorating, the gym was transformed into a fantasy forest, of evergreens, red ribbon, and mistletoe.

At midnight the throne was occupied by a lovely queen, Sharon Wagner, and her four attendants: Peggy Getman, Joan Withington, Marg Slocum, and "Ricki" Geutskins.

With half a year left, we seniors have already made a name for ourselves. This year Ilion had eighteen Regents Scholarship recipients, with Joyce Monteau receiving the highest mark in the county and Joel McGovern the fifth highest. The other fortunate winners were: Ann Acquaviva, Michael Braun, Peter Chapin, David Chesbrough, Marsha Davidson, John Falzareno, Margaret Getman, Pamela Gollegly, Barbara Keddell, Wayne Kencharik, Martin Merchant, John Miller, Francis Plano, Stephen Reul, James Strife, and Roger Weeden.

Many of us have heard from the colleges of our choice and job opportunities and are looking forward to next fall. But the year is not over yet, and we have many traditional senior activities left. We must defend our class honor at class games, demonstrate our originality on Dress-Down Day and Paint Night, and prove our accomplishments on Senior Day. Then, on June 25, we will face one of the most important events of our lives---Graduation!!!

Having eagerly awaited our Senior days, we now spend them with some apprehension, knowing that they will soon be over. And with each of our last fleeting moments, we will grasp those last memories of our high school lives at Ilion High School which we will cherish forever!


Sincerely yours,

The Class of 1967


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