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1970 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1970"


We, the class of 1970, can now look back on four years of high school with mixed emotions. We can recall when it all began-September, 1966. For most of us, it was an exciting day, filled with enthusiasm and anticipation of the future.

Within a short time, we performed our first duty as a class. We voted in Barb Stubley as Junior High Senate President. Also chosen to represent us in the Senate were Steve Applegate, Mary Ann Bonvino, Nancy Canning, JoAnn Capes, Shelly Danforth, Karen Goodman, and Allen Staring.

Fall drifted into winter and the seniors were beginning to plan a ball. Twelve freshmen girls dressed in red shifts and four freshmen boys dressed as Wee Willie Winkies to serve at "Moonlite and Mistletoe" on December 17. Later in the spring, twelve freshmen girls served at the Junior Prom, "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows", dressed in flower costumes.

Before we knew it, class games arrived. Our guys put up a good fight in the traditional game against the Sophomores, but lost.

Spring brought cheering try-outs and six members of our class won places on the J.V. squad. They were: Mary Ann Bonvino, JoAnn Capes, Debra Chesebrough, Shelly Danforth, Alison Frazier, and Deb Valentine.

Also in spring, National Junior Honor Society chose to induct new members. JoAnn Capes, John Carter, Judy Crocker, Mary Ann Hughes, Bob Keddell, Deb Long, Kathy Monohan, Dean Rathbun, and Sue Schneider joined Jeanne Willeams, Suzanne Southwick, Tim Murphy, Mary Ann Bonvino, Steve Applegate, Gwen Ames, Karen Colburn, Donna Colburn, Ellen Morse, Kathy Gogol, Pat Cacciatore, and Deb Valentine in representing the class of '70.

Our last duty as Freshmen was to elect class officers for the coming year. Dean Rathbun was chosen to lead us, followed by Vice-President, Pat Losier; Secretary, Dan Keddell, and Treasurer, Kathy Gogol.

Also chosen to represent us as Secretary of Student Council, after an exciting election, was Allen Staring.

September, 1967-

Home Room Presidents chosen for our Sophomore year were Bill Albin, Donna Colburn, JoAnn Capes, Shelly Danforth, Jean Nichols, and Diane Sarfnie. Inducted later as new members to Student Council were: John Carter, Kathy Monohan, Tim Murphy, Barb Stubley, and Jeanne Williams.

The Sophomore Hop and the Coat Check were our two main projects for the year. The theme for the "Hop" was "Groovin' in the Galaxies" and, as you might guess, it was Groovy.

The Winter Carnival was a great weekend, especially for the Sophomores. We won first prize for snow-sculpture by forming a huge foot.

Soon class games occurred and the Sophs won 50-35. Don Williams led the winners with 9 points followed by Bob Keddell with 8, and Frank Barrett with 7. Cheering on the players in long sweatshirts and jeans were JoAnn Capes, Shelly Danforth, Kristen Edwards, Janice Fischer, Alison Frazier, Kathy Gogol, Marilyn Johnson, Kathy Losier, Pat Losier, Diane Sarmie, Barb Stubley, and Deb Valentine.

Cheering try-outs came around again, and this time nine members of our class won places on the squad. Chosen for Varsity were: Mary Ann Bonvino, JoAnn Capes, Shelly Danforth, and Deb Valentine. New members of the J.V. squad were: Kristen Edwards, Kathy Losier, Kathy Monohan, Jean Nichols, and Sue Schneider.

Our class president, Dean Rathbun, was then elected to the office of Vice-President of Student Council.

About the same time, National Junior Honor Society took in three members of our class; Kristen Edwards, Gary Miller, and Phil Snedecker.

Finally we elected class officers for our Junior year: Bob Keddell, president; Gary Miller, vice-president; Kristen Edwards, secretary; and Dan Keddell, treasurer.

September 1968-

We now had two years behind us and two ahead of us. Again we chose Home Room Presidents. They were JoAnn Capes, Dave Grieco, Kathy Monohan, Dan O'Brien, Barb Stubley, Dave Williams, and Chris Wirth. New members selected later in the year included: Steve Applegate, Kathy Gogol, and Mary Manion.

The magazine sale was only one of many major projects of our Junior year. Headed by JoAnn Capes and Steve Applegate, the sale lasted for two weeks, and over $1700 worth of magazines were sold. Top salesman was Mary Ann Bonvino. It was also the Juniors' responsibility to run the Concession Stand at basketball games. We all worked together under Deb Chesebrough and Barb Stubley to make it a success.

Ten members of the class were selected to attend Colgate University's High Ability Seminars at Procter High School. They were: Jeanne Williams, John Carter, Steve Applegate, Dan O'Brien, Deborah Long, Dan Jaquish, Mary Ann Hughes, Steve Mitchell, Patrice Casciere, and Judy Crocker.

At the Winter Carnival Kristen Edwards was elected Junior Attendant.

Class games were different and exciting during our junior year. Cheering the mighty juniors on in Roaring Twenties costumes were: Gail Bechard, Sharon Burke, Sheila Burton, Mary Fitzer, Chris Hyer, Cindy Kane, Regina McCann, Deb Melnick, Roseann Nestle, Julie Noffer, Nita Seamon, Sue Scram, Barb Stubley, and Candy Yule. Other members of the class performed in a skit. Unfortunately, our men were defeated by the seniors.

In March, the Music Department presented OKLAHOMA. Four members of the Junior Class, Steve Carter, Steve Mitchell, Steve Applegate, and Sue Southwick, appeared in leading roles.

Twelve members of the senior class were inducted into National Honor Society, the highest honor that a high school student can receive. This was a much larger number than usual. The juniors honored were Margaret Manion, Phil Snedecker, Dan O'Brien, Mary Ann Hughes, Jeanne Williams, Steve Applegate, Mary Ann Bonvino, John Carter, Patrice Cacciatore, Donna Colburn, Patrice Casciere, and Deborah Long.

Perhaps the most important event of the year was the Junior Prom. After much discussion and careful consideration, "Oriental Midnight" was chosen to be our theme. Barb Stubley took on the difficult job of being chairman while Kathy Gogol took charge of the decorations.

That same month, cheering try-outs gave Mary Ann Bonvino, JoAnn Capes, Kristen Edwards, Kathy Gogol, Sue Schneider, and Deb Valentine positions on the Varsity Squad.

Shortly after, we chose class officers for the last time. Dave Grieco became our president; Allen Staring, vice-president; Nita Seaman, secretary; and Janice Fischer, treasurer.

Dan Keddell was victorious in the Student Council presidential election and Dan O'Brien took charge of the money as treasurer. Dan Keddell then appointed Tim Murphy as parliamentarian. (To keep us quiet at the meetings.)

At the end of our Junior year, we discovered that two members of our class were being sent abroad by the A.F.S. The Class of '70 was truly proud of Steve Applegate and Bob Keddell.

We were also proud of John Carter, Tim Murphy, Dan O'Brien, Phil Snedecker, and Allen Staring, who attended Boy's State that same summer.

Other important men were Jim (Tank) Richards and Dave Williams, co-captains of the Varsity Football squad, Dave Williams, Bob Keddell, and Lou Patrei, tri-captains of the Basketball team, and Eric Burger and Dan Keddell, co-captains of the Wrestling squad.

Our senior year began with Home Room elections as usual. Chosen to represent us in Student Council were Frank Barrett, Mary Fitzer, Kathy Gogol, Bob Keddell, and Jean Nichols, Also selected as new members were Mary Ann Bonvino, Kristen Edwards, Kathy Losier, and Matt Marley. Several other seniors also represented various school organizations in Council.

The first important money-raising project of the year was the Concession Stand at Football games. Headed by Nita Seaman and Shelley Danforth this project raised a great deal of money.

One big event of the year was Homecoming '69. Co-chairmen for the event were Alison Frazier and Bob Keddell. The senior float, "Happiness is a Golden Bomber Victory", won first prize. Shelly Danforth and Dave Williams, reigned as queen and king.

On January 17, the Seniors presented "Snowball", headed by Carol Lewis and Barry Babbitt. It was a semi-formal dance held in the cafeteria which was decorated by Shelly Danforth and her committee. The "Villagers" played from nine to one, and at midnight, Pat Losier was crowned queen, with Janet Bereza as first attendant and Nanette Swartz as second attendant.

At the present time, there is a growing list of college acceptances. Other awards which have been given to deserving seniors are: the D.A.R. award to JoAnn Capes, the first Student of the Month Award to Nita Seamon, and second and third places in the Elk's Youth Leadership Contest to Steve Applegate and Mary Ann Bonvino. Five members of the class received National Merit Scholarship Letters of Commendation. They were: Steve Applegate, John Carter, Pat Casciere, Judy Crocker, and Margaret Manion. In addition, seventeen members of the senior class have won Regent's Scholarships, three have been named alternates, one has received a Nursing Scholarship, and two have been named alternates to the Nursing Scholarship.

We still have a lot to look forward to-Class games, Dress-Up Day, Dress-Down Day, Paint Night, the Senior Assembly, and most of all, Graduation 1970. For graduation will be one of the happiest occasions of our lives. We can look back on all that has been accomplished, and we can look forward to all that will be accomplished.



The Class of 1970

February 18, 1970


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