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1972 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1972"


At one time, 1972 seemed far away, in an entirely different decade! Four long years were ahead of us then; we had a lot to learn and a lot to do. Now, it is almost over. Memories are ours to do with as we wish - to laugh over, to cry over, to regret, to learn from, to remember. . . Most important are our individual experiences. We need no help in remembering these. But as a class, we must declare our significance - our class history.

September 1968- We were scared to say the least. But our enthusiasm overpowered our fear as we joined together as the Class of 1972.

Our first important task was fulfilled when we elected representatives to Student Council. Bill Morris was elected Corresponding Secretary and our Homeroom Presidents were: Laurie Anderson, Tom Falzareno, Gary Norman, Lorry Pratt, Rick Rheinhardt, and Putt Watson.

Time passed quickly and soon those weeks of Winter Carnival planning were in motion. Diane Bates reigned as Freshman Attendant to the Queen. We placed second in the Snow Sculpture Contest and in the Toboggan Race. Overall, it was a memorable weekend and a highlight of our first year in Senior High.

Spring came, not only with the pressures of final exams, but also with the Class Games. Dressed in a variety of colors, fifteen of our girls cheered our players to an 'almost' victory.

Our Freshmen year came to a close as we all looked forward to a memorable vacation ending with a new beginning- our Sophomore year.

1969 - Our homerooms were the same, but representing us in Council were newly elected presidents: Laurie Anderson, Diane Bates, Heather MacKenzie, Lynn Nile, Bubba Strife, and Sharon Yardley. Also playing a big part in Council were our class officers and Phyllis Palmer, Council Secretary. Barb Hall served as President with Chris Coriale, VicePresident; Steve McGrath, Secretary; and Kim Torbitt, Treasurer.

Money -making activities included the Sophomore Coat Check and the annual Soph Hop. With the theme, "Happiness Is the Spirit of 72", we won a proud second place in the Homecoming float competition. An even prouder third place was ours four months later with our Winter Carnival snow sculpture. Phyllis Palmer was chosen Sophomore Attendant and once again Winter Carnival was a memorable weekend.

Class games ended the right way this year with our victory over the Freshmen. Ahead of us were two months of sun and fun, followed by a year full of new responsibilities. Two down, two to go!

1970 - A new year, a new decade! Mr. Hebert and Mr. Vail became our official class advisors as we began a year which ended more successful than ever imagined. President Bob Strife kept class projects well organized with Vice-President Tom Stubley, Secretary Mickey McCann, and Treasurer Pat Meehan. Also representing us in Council were Laurie Anderson, Council Vice-President; and Homeroom Presidents: Sue Crocker, Kevin Heneka, Diane Polley, Rick Rheinhardt, Mark Scram, Gary Melnick, and Darlene Doolen.

Ordering our class rings was the first big event of the year. Almost 150 of us squeezed into the Conference Room hall and ordered what, at the time, seemed to be the most important item of our lives.

Our Homecoming float again captured second place with the theme. "Bombers Will Rise Again." Working on the float and participating in Homecoming Activities kept our minds off our rings and we enjoyed another great Homecoming weekend.

Our Magazine Sale also kept us busy. It was a tremendous success as our total profit was $1,100. Steve Winslow was top salesman.

Basketball season came and the great Junior Concession Stand added to our account. Natural with such an encouraging treasurer's report, plans for our prom began.

Sue Garnsey and Mark Morris did an outstanding job as co-chairmen. After much discussion, we decided to present "The Age of Aquarius" on May 22. The Decorations proved to be beautiful and tradition turned for the better when the New York Express played. This was the first rock band to ever play at an Ilion prom and, needless to say made the prom unique. Also highlighting the night was our own Master of Ceremonies, Bob Strife. It was truly an event that few of us will forget.

Back-tracking a few months takes us to Winter Carnival. Finally, we were able to claim a first place position. Not only did one of our numbers come in first in the snowmobile race, but one of our teams also finished first in the Toboggan race. Unfortunately, our snow sculpture was less than successful and took a fourth place honor. Barb Hall was selected as our Attendant to the Queen.

In the spring, a Senior Activity Committee was set up. Through the efforts of this committee, plan were made and dates set up for activities to come in our last year - as SENIORS!!!

1970- 'Senioritis' was unquestionably an epidemic. We knew we had to make the most of this year, our last. The Senior Concession Stand, faithful at every home game, proved profitable; as did our two dances.

Homecoming, under the chairmanship of Sharon Yardley, was undoubtably the most successful event our class has participated in. Every senior girl was presented a corsage before the pep rally. The senior boy cheer leaders were certainly an asset to the weekend's spirit. Steve McGrath and Phyllis Palmer reigned as King and Queen. Our float, "Roast Frankfort", was to be first prize material, but...

Another big weekend came when we defeated the Herkimer Magicians. Senior Players were given special recognition at the Friday Pep Rally - the last one for us.

The OK for the Senior Lounge was granted, and Diane Bates and Barb Hall took charge of its organization. Often mistaken for a Casino, our lounge was a lot of fun; at least, for the short time we had it.

The academic segment of our class was recognized when 6 members received letters of commendation and Guy Snedeker, Jim Irving, and Larry Manion became finalists in the National Merit Scholarship program.

This is as Far as the actual recorded history of the class of '72 goes, as MIRROR 72 is due at the publisher on February 15. But there is evidence that we will continue our search for new and original activities.

Under the direction of Diane Polley and Pat Meehan, our class is planning to make history, and hopefully start a new tradition, by presenting "The Haunted Honeymoon" as our class play.

Other committees have also been set up to prepare for our final days at Ilion High. Sharon Yardley and Diane Bates are heading the Senior Week Committee. At the same time, Phyllis Palmer and Sarah Radley are serving as cochairman of the Graduation Committee, in an attempt to make our graduation a unique one.

On that day, we will each be presented as an individual. An individual built on our experiences and acquaintances that we have encountered in the past year. We all look forward to that day and to a life that will be new and different. New friends, new experiences, and new responsibilities that we must meet alone.

But whatever the future brings, let us never forget the times which were a part of us all as the CLASS OF 1972.


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