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1976 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1976"


Thirteen Years ago, Debbie Doolen was playing with her doll in the West Hill Kindergarten. John Paoni was pushing his truck around the floor of the Annunciation Kindergarten. Mary Jane Doty was taking a nap on a little cot in her kindergarten. We've come a long way. Now we're great big seniors.

The Class of '76 has been a part of IHS for the past four years. During these four years we have shared many good times and some bad. It's now time to look back on some of the highlights of these memorable years.

As Freshmen, everything seemed new to us, but we managed some how! We were under the guidance of Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Shaul and led by Jan Maley, Tom Brayton, Cindy Brewer, and Terry Bates.

Our first effort as a class was the homecoming float which placed third. Linda Daily and Danny Morris were chosen as our attendant and escort at Winter Carnival. We were just getting started for the years to come.

We began our Sophomore year by electing Howard Crofoot as President, Carol Calicchia as Vice-President, Marion Rooke as Treasurer, and Nancy Hoy as Secretary. Mr. Monohan joined Mrs. Shaul as our class advisor.

Our homecoming float once again placed third. Sue Hilliard and Dennis Gildersleeve were selected to reign over Winter Carnival Weekend.

To earn money, we held a Spaghetti Supper and sponsored a Sophomore Dance. Both proved very profitable.

Our junior year brought class rings, the magazine sale, the concession stand, and the prom.

As in previous years, the election of class officers was the first on our calendar. Cindy Brewer, Carol Calicchia, Marion Rooke, and Tina Paulus were voted to represent us.

Our homecoming float took first prize and our winning efforts continued throughout the year.

Our class sold over $3000.00 worth of magazine subscriptions and succeeded in passing our projected goal. Top salesmen were Joan Keddell, Carol Calicchia, Maureen McClave, Sue Sweeney, and Kathy Fuller. $872.53 more was added to our treasury through the concession stands held at every home basketball game and wrestling match. For Winter Carnival, Terry Bates was our attendant and Tony Mazzara was her escort.

We also sponsored another dance and had a booth a the Student Council Bazaar entitled "Bowling for Pies."

Our last and largest class project was the Junior Prom. With Carole Getrnan and Terry Bates as co-chairmen, we set to work on "A Dream Goes On Forever." Everyone sat twiddling their thumbs until the paper came in and from that moment on, the class was in constant motion. It was held on May 17, 1975 and the band was "Keel the Puppet." The many long hours spent painting, papering, and stuffing tissue paper into chicken wire bushes proved worth their while and our "four day prom" was a huge success.

Finally, in the fall of 1975, we began the school year as "Super Seniors!" We looked up to Judi Meehan, Deb Perlock, Linda Daily, and Nancy Hoy to lead us in our final year.

During the football season, we turned our talents to cooking hotdogs and making popcorn to sell at the concession stand. We had a lot of fun, sold a lot of food, and also made a lot of money by it.

Our Senior Homecoming was a very happy and successful one. KevinMatthews and Judi Meehan were selected to reign over the festivities and Cindy Brewer and Tina Paulus did an outstanding job as cochairmen for the weekend. Even though we learned that Betsy Ross was not the Boss in the float competition, our spirits were not dampened. The Bombers went on to defeat the Little Falls Mounties 18-7 and celebrated with a Victory Dance on Saturday night.

The Christmas Ball, under the direction of Brian Hendrix and Sheila Morris, was also a big success of the Class of '76. It was held at the Twin Ponds Golf and Country Club and "Keel the Puppet" once again provided the music on December 28, 1975. Over forty couples enjoyed a delicious dinner followed by dancing.

Winter Carnival'76 was another memorable event. Bill Clements and Tina Burger were chosen as King and Queen and Linda Rice was our senior attendant with Alvaro de Simon as her escort. Our snow sculpture did not even place, but at least we had a lot of fun working on it in subzero weather!

And now here we are with but a short time left in our last year at IHS. These past four years have been the best for us all and it will be really hard to say good bye. Still, we're looking forward to our graduation and we're looking forward to our futures. But most of all, we're looking forward to looking back.


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