Ilion High School

1978 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1978"


It is always so hard for people to say good-bye and now at the end of our Senior year we are faced with this task. We will be leaving IHS with a lot of happy memories. So, we have decided to share with everyone the memories of our high school years. For this reason we dedicate the next four pages of our yearbook so that you too can look at what we, the Class of 1978 have experienced.

Our Freshmen year was a lot of fun. We were young and just starting to act as a class. That year our Class Officers were President: Shelly Moreau, Vice President: Mark Lynch, Secretary: Cindy Dack and Treasurer: Tim Hyer. Our advisors for that year and the years to come were Mr. Bernard Anderson and Mrs. Marieta Craska.

Our first job that year was to construct a float for Homecoming with the theme "Those were the days ... These are the Days". Unfortunately it didn't place.

Our second task was to be a snow sculpture for Winter Carnival. But we had no snow sculpture because of a midwinter thaw. But we still had Winter Carnival Queen and King and their Attendants and Escorts. Freshmen Attendant and Escort were Cindy Dack and Tim Hyer.

The years went by fast and before we knew it we were,"Sweet Sweet Sophomores". This year our class was under the leadership of Stan Hammond as our President-, Janet Gydesen Vice President, Cindy Dack Secretary and Laura Noll Treasurer.

Our first attempt at uniting our class during tenth grade was the building of our Sophomore float. That year our class took second place to a picture of the Junior float. Our theme was "Ye Mounteas Beware the Bombers are on the War Path".

Next we had our spaghetti supper ... we found out that too many cooks spoiled the sauce.

Winter Carnival turned out to be a big success. First our Class pulled through with the spirit award which went to homeroom 202. Then on Friday evening Laura Noll and Matt Paoni were announced attendant and escort to the Queen. Our snow sculpture took first with the theme "Winter's Dragon On". On Saturday morning our class took first in the toboggon races. That night we had a dance where everyone had fun.

The next year we were Juniors and we pulled our class together and made the class of "78" a unit. We worked hard together and had a good time. Our class was now under the sole guidance of Mr. Bernard Anderson for this we are grateful for his bravery. Our class officers were: President: Laura Noll, Vice President: Janet Gydesen, Secretary: Jackie DeRocco and Treasurer: Ron Fuhrer.

HomeComing was a lot of fun, we took first place with our float. The theme was "We'll give Johnstown the axe and knock them into a pioneer daze".

Our next duty was the magazine sale. Several individuals made out quite well. The Class as a whole did very well also. It was a benefit to a savings account.

Following Home Coming was Winter Carnival. Julie Vandawalker and Don Fickler were chosen as attendant and escort to the Queen. Our snow sculpture won first place once again, with the theme "Winter's for the Birds". Saturday morning at the toboggan races the Juniors took first place.

The Highlight of our Junior year was our Prom. It was held on May 22, 1977 with the theme, Paradise. Chairpersons were Sally Manion and Pat Miller. The band was Prism and they did an excellent job. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was well worth the time and effort we put into it. Queen was Pat Miller and her escort was Dick Moschetto. Attendants and escorts to the Queen were Laura Noll and Dave Lester, Joanne Reynolds and Tim Humphrey, Sally Manion and Matt Reile, Julie Overacker and Mike Tillinghast. The day following the Prom we all went on a picnic to Wintergreen Park. The weather was nice and it was great.

Before we knew it our last year was upon us. Our Senior year was one which will be remembered always. The first big event was HomeComing. Chris Anderson and Marc Evans were chosen as Queen and King. Our float theme was "After the Bomber Victory the Mounties will be lost in space". It won first place.

On December 18th we had the Senior Ball at Grimaldis. The Chairpersons were Beth Edwards and Patty Sweeney. The band was Holidaye. The Queen was Patty Sweeney and her escort was Brad Bruce. Everybody had a good time.

Next was Winter Carnival. Karen Gressel and Dan Smith were chosen as Queen and King for the weekend. Our Snow Sculpture took third place. Our theme was "Winter we can Bear it".

The next duty on the agenda was ordering announcements and getting measured for caps and gowns. The Yearbook is still 75 days behind but with all the disasters that happened and are still happening our days at Ilion High were great and will be great for the rest of the year. We are all looking forward to graduation day June 24, 1978 and are hoping that we will all be there.


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