Ilion High School

1980 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1980"


For the past four years the Class of 1980 of Ilion High School has had both its ups and downs. We have had many memorable experiences. Now we have the pleasure of sharing them all with you. For us it is a pleasant reminder of yesterday.

Our class began its history when we claimed the title of "Itty Bitty Fresbmen." Being new at the game, we sought guidance from Mr. Grieco. That year we were led by classmates Rusty Dack, President, Andrea Daily, Vice President, Susan Hammond, Secretary, and Patty Bulson, Treasurer.

Our first major task was to construct a Homecoming float. We were happy to receive second place with our creation, "Bombers Will Cut through Sir Bills."

Now believing that we knew what we were doing, we constructed King Kong out of snow for the Winter Carnival. But to our dismay, King Kong was not a winner. Susan Hammcnd and Jeff Smithson were chosen as attendant and escort for the Winter Carnival Weekend.

In our sophomore year we were under the leadership of Andrea Daily, Vicky Snyder, Tina Squire, and Linda Grieco.

Again, we somehow created a Homecoming float. Unfortunately though, it did not place. However, we made up for this failure during Winter Carnival. We created a first place choo-choo train to follow our theme "Winter's Chuggin' Along!" That year we selected Andrea Daily and Brian Johnson as attendant and escort for Winter Carnival.

During our sophomore year we held our famous spaghetti supper. As the night progressed, we experienced Italian chefs. Despite a batch of rubbery spaghetti, the supper was very profitable.

The arrival of our Junior year meant magazine sales, class rings, the prom, and concession stands. To help us through this memorable year we elected Mike Cunningham, Linda Grieco, Patty Bulson, and Andrea Daily.

For Hcmecoming that year we constructed a huge orange pumpkin. It took long hours of working with kleenex and tissue paper, but when it made its big debut, it took first place.

Our next two major projects were our class rings and magazine sale. As Jolly-Olly Juniors we sold over six thousand dollars worth of magazine subscriptions. With the help of Mr. Grieco and Mr. Wallace, our concession stands also were very profitable.

Our snow sculpture for Winter Carnival again placed first. This time it was a colorful rocket with little green Martians. The caption read, "Winter's a Blast!" Our Winter Carnival attendant and escort were Rhonda Lynch and Robert Eddy.

The highlight of our junior year was our prom. The chairpersons were Debbie Dunham and Terri Murphy. It was held on May 19, 1979, with the them, "Everybody Has a Dream." The band "Sail" provided the entertainment for this special evening. Terri Murphy, escorted by Craig Stetson, was crowned queen of the prom. The tremendous effort of everyone in the class made this night a huge success. The prom was followed by a breakfast and a picnic. The picnic was held at Wintergreen Park.

We started our "Superstar Senior" year with Linda Grieco, President, Matt Stubley, Vice President, Tracey Fake, Secretary, and Greg Jones, Treasurer.

For our final Homecoming we selected Roger Salvaigni and Maureen Morris to reign as king and queen. Our float was an enormous creation of Winnie the Pooh, and it won second price. Despite the invasions of bees, our football concession stands were very successful.

Our next event was the Christmas Ball, with Tracey Fake as chairperson. It was held on December 22, 1979 at the Towpath Inn. The band was "Whirlwind." Tracey Fake, escorted by Jeff Smithson, was chosen as Queen. Like our prom, the Christmas Ball was another success.

Winter Carnival turned out to be a snow-less occasion. We chose Ben Parker and Anne Getman to reign as Winter Carnival king and queen. Senior Attendant and escort were Judi Bosquet and Roger Hall. We also won the poster contest, at the pep rally. It read "Superstar Seniors Shine With Spirit."

Now that Winter Carnival has passed us by, we're slowly approaching Graduation Day. Until then, we will continue to add to the memories of our previous years. In years to come we will be able to open the pages of this yearbook and recall our "good old days" at Ilion High School.


Karen Murphy


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