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1983 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1983"


This is an opportunity to reminisce about our past - to record the memories and experiences of the Class of 1983. It seems as if it were only yesterday when we, as shy, unconfident freshmen, entered into Senior High. We began the year with Mrs. Nicolette and Mr. Anderson. They strove to become successful advisors for our class. Sally Vandawalker became President assisted Vice-President - Steve Harris, Treasurer- Steve Smith, and Secretary- Robin Stubley.

We undertook our first project for Homecoming. The theme of the float being, "Spook the Knights into Daze." We unfortunately didn't place, but we pledged we'd win next year.

Winter Carnival Weekend came about, however, the lack of snow made snow sculptures impossible. We chose Kendra Burdick for Winter Carnival attendant and Ken Waite as her escort.

We began our sophomore year with the leadership of Scott Hendrix, Joyce Harter, Sally Vandawalker, and Steve Smith.

With the pledge we made as freshmen to accomplish, we began creating an interesting somthing in Karen Reese's garage. The "something" turned into a golden apple which stated,"Trojans Won't Worm Through." Once again, we unfortunately received no place marking for Homecoming 1980.

Winter Carnival ended with Bonnie Robinson and Steve Harris, as sophomore

attendant and escort. The snow was uncooperative again, leaving us with barely a trace. Thus, it ended any thought of a sculpture.

In our junior year, we were more determined than ever to succeed. Miss Cirillo and Mr. Anderson were our junior advisors. This meant helping with the magazine sale, rings, and the basketball concession stand. To help this memorable year, we chose Sally Vandawalker, Erin O'Bryan, Erin Burns, and Robyn Burt as class officers.

For Homecoming decided to develop a better form. We created a skunk in Erin O'Bryan's garage which spelled out "Skunk Knights." We managed third place which was a switch for our class. Maybe we had developed winning style in our "old age".

For Winter Carnival, the snow was sparingly cast on the ground - no hope for sculptures. Debbie and Scott Hendrix were our junior attendant and escort.

The class of 1983 had much to be proud of in our junior year. We had three letters of commendation winners from the PSAT'S. The winners included Frank Dudish, Jeff Yule, and Rud Edick.

The month of May marked the most exciting event of the year - the Junior Prom. We chose Lisa Annuto and Linda Fike as our chairpersons. The entire class worked long, hard hours for the 1982 Prom to become a success. The gym was transformed into something of a fantasy world. Linda Fike was voted Queen for this occasion, along with John Yule as her escort. They danced the traditional slow dance played by our band, the Whiz Kids.

Three Ilion juniors attended Boys State and Girls State, a program which took place in the summer. The students were Frank Dudish and Rud Edick for Boys State, and Joanne Metz for Girls State.

Our senior year had finally arrived. We all looked forward to 1983. The year we would graduate and start to plan the rest of our life.

Mrs. Shaul and Mr. Anderson became our advisors. Elected to our senior class were again, Sally Vandawalker as President, Patrick O'Connor as Vice-President, Ronnie Hart as Treasurer, and Vickie Humphrey as Secretary.

Homecoming was a big success with the talents we carried over from our junior year. We decided to make our float bigger and brighter than ever before. We worked in Kim Johnson's garage to maintain a good float for 1982. We came up with a colorful float saying, "Trick them... Treat us to Victory!" This sent us to first place. What a great way to start off our senior year! Billy Dack and Joyce Harter were selected as King and Queen. To add to the festivities, we won the football game and had a victory dance that night.

Early this year, Frank Dudish was presented with the prestigious R. P. I. Award and the Baush & Lomb award for maintaining the highest average in math and science.

Four senior students participated in the Jayncees Outstanding Young New Yorker Contest. They included Joanne Detore, Linda Fike, Steve Harris, and Jeff Yule. Joanne Detore was selected as the winner and went on to the District where she placed 3rd.

Another contest in which two seniors participated was the V.F.W. "Voice of Democracy" Scriptwriting Contest. The winner this Year was Joanne Detore lst place, and Kim Rivers placed second. Joanne then had the opportunity to go to the County Contest. She won 3rd place in Herkimer County and 9th place in the District.

When December rolled around, we planned for the next event - the Christmas Ball. It was held at the Whiffle Tree Inn in Ilion. The Honeybush Brothers were selected as the band. That night, Sally Vandawalker was chosen Queen.

Winter Carnival 1983, arrived in due time. That weekend, we had no snow - again! That meant, of course, we had lost our last hope of creating a snow sculpture. There was a big pep rally followed by a basketball game against the Frankfort Knights that evening. Allison Karpowich was our Queen along with Mike Murphy as King. Senior attendant went to Erin O'Bryan and Jim Callister escorted her. It was a happy event.

The 1983 Regent's scholarship winners were Frank Dudish, Jeff Yule, Rudyard Edick, Jim Callister, Gina Coroniti, Kati Tisci Timothy Humphrey, Vinnie Nanduri, Sally Vandawalker, Brian Herkel, Scott Hendrix, and John Kenealy. Karen Reese was chosen an alternate for Regent's nursing scholarship.

As we glance backward in time, for a few moments, we will find a lifetime of happy memories. As we approach our graduation, we look forward to begin a new time in our lives. We will remember our years at Ilion High School for our memories can never be erased.


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