Ilion High School

1988 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1988"


The class of '88 was born in 1982. As a group of disorganized seventh graders, we were quickly introduced to the fads and fashions of Junior High; mouths stuffed with now-n-laters and sneakers lined with friendship pins. We experienced our first eight period day, signed our first slambook, and passed our first thousand notes. Junior High was definitely a time of expanding our horizons. It was also a time for Jordache jeans and high top Nikes, Pop Warner dances & new friends.


As Freshmen, we were finally part of the "sophisticated" Senior High. Our first float was built at Ida Hendrix's house. It may not have been a beautiful sight, but it was a product of a lot of hard work and unification. Despite the endless hours of flower making, the Freshmen float was a flop; it placed 4th. As our first year participating in Winter Weekend activities, Amy Bullis was elected as the Freshmen attendant and Jeff Brownrigg was her escort.


As "Sweet-Sophs", we were no longer considered "little kids" but the upperclassmen were still intimidating. Our Homecoming float was built at Pam Savage's house. It turned out to be a "Fierce" shark surrounded by beach equipment-it came in third. (At least we placed!) Our Winter Weekend attendant was Erin Bly, and her escort was Mike Grainger. That year, social activities included dances and air bands. Mini skirts, jean jackets, and Reeboks were in. Florescent, leather pants, and half shirts were out.


Our Junior year brought many changes; later curfews, licenses, and informals had proved that we were growing up. Egg fights at South 5th throwing peas in the cafeteria, and senseless bickering proved that we weren't. Nonetheless, our weekends seemed to become more exciting. As parties increased, boredom decreased and many of us learned the fine arts of "cruisin" and "hanging out" at McD's.


Our float was constructed at Mark Ames' house. To our great astonishment and jubilation, "Winnie the Pooh" captured first place. The hard work had finally paid off. Winter Weekend attendant was Julie Ford and her escort was Pete Pannes.


With our Junior year came the very successful prom. Because we wanted to be unique, we held the prom in the cafeteria. It turned out to be a great idea as our typical lunchtime haven was remodeled into a "masquerade dreamland." The trivial conflicts were set aside and we united to share a great time. As our Junior year came to an end, the excitement and tension was building as we anxiously anticipated one of the best years of our lives.


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