Ilion High School

1991 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1991"


The past four years at IHS have been memorable ones for the Class of '91. It seems like only yesterday that looking admiringly at the mature seniors wondering if we would ever reach that point in our school careers. Well, suddenly our senior year was here, and we were making plans for graduation and thinking about the future. Yes, the memories we made will last forever. Let's look back on some of those events that helped make these memories. During our freshmen year our officers were Jenifer Wells, Carrie Rowley, Sue Pannes, and Mike Reed. We were very excited that year because it was our first year in the Homecoming float contest. The theme was 'Space', and we made a football player and rocket for our float. However, due to our lack of experience, our float wasn't very good and we came in third place in the contest. We were disappointed but decided to use it as a learning experience that would help us do better the next year.


In our sophomore year, Jenifer Wells, who had done such a good job as freshmen class president, was once again elected to lead our class. Helping her were Heather Manley, Sue Pannes, and Gail Fletcher. In November of our sophomore year, we once again began work on our float for Homecoming, determined that we would be winners that year. But this was not to be. We placed last, but once again we vowed not to give up and in the hopes we would win the next year!


Our junior year brought many changes. This was the year of our magazine sale. We did pretty well with sales and started to accumulate money toward that all important event--the prom! We prepared for SAT tests, concession stands at the basketball games and wrestling matches, and, of course, another Homecoming float. The theme was 'Decades,' and we had to build our float around the 1970's. We had learned a lot over the past two years, and our float turned out to be pretty good. 'Crocodile Rock' won third place that year, and the entire class was thrilled. The officers that year were Becky Moreau, Heather Manley, Sue Pannes, and Missy Higgins. They worked hard and made our junior year a successful one. Our prom was held outside the school for the first time in the school's history. We had it at the Sheraton Inn in Utica, and everyone who went had a great time. The theme was "This is the Time', and Jennifer Ruff and Steve Lang were crowned Queen and King.


Before we knew it, our senior year was here with many new and exciting experiences awaiting us. This was the year that our football team not only won the CVC Championship but also went to the Dome where they won the Section III Championship. And along with the winning football season came another big win. Yes, you guessed it!--in the Homecoming float contest. Our Cookie Monster float came through for us, and we finally won first place! Lance Tabor and Jodi Wildey were chosen Homecoming King and Queen, and we all felt nostalgic when we realized that next year we would be returning as alumni of IHS on Homecoming weekend. Jenifer Wells was once again elected to lead our class, and she was aided by Chris Tully, Sue Pannes, and Jennifer Getman. Our senior ball was held at the Holiday Inn in Utica, and we all had a wonderful time, although it was hard to get up for school the next day! After that, the year just seemed to fly by and before we knew it, it was time for graduation.


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