Ilion High School

1992 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1992"


The class of 1992 began their high school careers with anticipation. Anxiously the new ninth graders worked toward making a banner year. Although we lost our first poster contest, we took third in the homecoming float contest. Our float, under the then "Bombers Shock the Knights, " took third place and established us as a force to be reckoned with. The creative process took place in the Manley's garage. When winter weekend came, the class of 1992 chose Amanda Corriero and Chad Blaise as their attendant much to the chagrin of the mismatched couple. Under the guidance of our officers Erica Ganzman, Jackie Moreau, Bridget Curley and Michele Albin we made it a year to be remembered.


As sophomores the class of '92 elected Erica Ganzman, Chad Blaise, John Kowalczik, and Amanda Corriero as their officers. Under this government we started a long tradition of first place finishes in the poster contest, we took first place in both the homecoming and winter weekend contest with our poster's featuring "The Bomber Bear". Also, we took first place in the float contest during homecoming with a magnificent showing. Our "Stealth Bomber," as created in Tyner's garage, was the hit of the parade. The sophomore attendants for winter weekend were Jason Darling and Jessie DeJohn.


In our junior year we elected Erica Ganzman, Shannon Manley, Bridget Curley, and Amanda Corriero, as class officers. Under their leadership, we once again had a crushing victory in the poster contest. Our giant "Snowmobile Bear" took first place. We captured second place in the homecoming float contest. The giant Bart Simpson we created in Deschamps' garage won the hearts of the crowd. Kim Leach and DJ Raux were the junior winter weekend attendants. But the big event of our junior year was the Prom. We worked hard to make it wonderful, and it was. It was something all of us could enjoy together.


At the beginning of our senior year we elected our class officers to be Bill Murphy, Shannon Manley, Bridget Curley, and Amanda Corriero. Although our float only took third place, the float crew of '92 worked hard to get the job done. Our poster, however, was a magnificent tribute to all the other posters that came before. The colossal "Hockey Bear" took first place and completed our winning record. The king and queen of winter weekend were Craig Dewan and Maica Gomez, our lovely foreign exchange student. Their senior attendants were Kim Leach and DJ Raux. For homecoming, we voted Carrie Plunkett and Ben Stubley king and queen. As the snow began to fall, our thoughts turned toward the Christmas Ball. It was a gala evening. As we look toward graduation and our futures, we know we will always remember our years at IHS.


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