Ilion High School

1993 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1993"


I'm sure we all remember being freshmen, our first year of real high school! It was the first time we had to deal with choosing class officers and entering in the float contest for homecoming. We were full of excitement and we were wondering if we would ever be seniors. But, here we are and soon we will all be going our separate ways. But our memories will last forever. As we entered our freshman year we chose Johnny G. to lead us as president along with Laura Newkirk as vice-president, Suzette Applegate as secretary, and Sheila Greig as treasurer. Our first float was a failure but we had fun! The theme was "Victory Through The Years" and our decade was the 90's. We took the futuristic approach and used George Jetson, but we came in last. We used it as a learning experience and decided we would really win the next year.


In our sophomore year, we again chose Johnny to be our president We replaced Laura with Mark Barbuto as vice president and Sheila and Suzette switched roles as secretary and treasurer. In November, we started work on our float, it was an open theme. But, once again, we came in last. Another learning experience!


In our junior year, we went through many changes: S.A.T.'s and magazine sales and the long awaited junior prom. Jamey Jacquays and Reagan Dunham were chosen as king and queen and Ashley Hendrix and Rudy Gadziala and Kristen Lamphear and John Scialdo were chosen as the two couples on the court. The class voted to have the prom away and had it at Twin Ponds Country Club. The theme for homecoming that year was "Bombers Make it a Story Book Ending." Our class made Puff the Magic Dragon and all of that work finally paid off and we took second place. Our officers for the year were president, Kristen Lamphear, vice president, Will Lennox, secretary, Kelly Taylor and treasurer, Suzette Applegate.


Before we knew it, our senior year was here! We played the Jugglers for our homecoming game and the senior theme was "Bombers, Execute the Jugglers." We finally came in first! Twerp Brownrigg and Kim' Duga were chosen as homecoming king and queen. Our class officers were president Will Lennox, vice president, Suzette Applegate, secretary, Kelly Taylor and treasurer, Kim Duga. Then there was our senior ball which took place at the Crystal Chandelier. After that, the year just seemed to fly by and before we knew it, it was time for graduation.


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