Ilion School Superintendent

Mr. Frank D. Warren

1905 - 1911
superintendent_james_dunn - Mr. Frank D. Warren

Mr. Frank D. Warren came to Ilion in November. 1905, and had completed nearly six years of service, when he decided to go to work for The Library Bureau. Mr. Warren was a native of Utica. He was graduated from the Geneseo Normal and after a few years of teaching he entered Hamilton College. There he took high rank both as a man and as a student. He was a prize debater, salutatorian of his class, and a "Phi Beta Kappa" man. After his graduation, he became principal of the Mary Street school at Utica. From there he came to Ilion. His years with Ilion were been marked by a steady advancement along all lines of work, by unity and harmony between the faculty and students. He was a man of fearless principles, high integrity, and nobility of purpose. His mind was judicial, his reasoning logical, his interest always sincere, never feigned. He was an orator of no mean ability, an executive whose subordinates delighted to do his will. He left Ilion with the respect and admiration of all whose pleasure it had been to know him.

Source - Senior Annual of 1911

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