Ilion Alumni Pharmacist

Mark Hendrick - IHS 1974

November 2020

By Aileen Carney Sweeney

Mark Hendrick IHS Class of 1974

Mark Hendrick - IHS 1974 - Pharmacist

Mark Hendrick was born February 7, 1956 the son of George and Bernice Hendrick. Mark graduated from West Hill elementary school in 1968. He graduated with the Ilion High Class of 1974. Mark married Cathleen Mazzara IHS Alumnus, on January 20, 1979 at the Church of the Annunciation, Ilion. Mark graduated from Long Island University (Brooklyn Center) School of Pharmacy in 1981.

After graduation from pharmacy school, Mark worked for Bristol Myers, for eight years, in Syracuse, as a manufacturing auditor and manager of technology transfer. Mark opened his own two pharmacies, in Syracuse, with his business partner. Mark and Cathleen are the parents of five children and live in Cicero, NY.


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Mark Hendrick IHS 1974 - November 2020 -

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