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David Marley - IHS 1984

November 2020

By Aileen Carney Sweeney

David Marley - IHS 1984 - Pharmacist

How did David Marley end up becoming a pharmacists? Well, here you have it in his own words....

"I made the decision to go to pharmacy school when I was a junior in high school. The year was 1983, and I had been working as the delivery boy in my local hometown drugstore. I watched as the local pharmacist, or druggist as they were known then, called everyone by name, and everyone in town knew who they were. There were no computers, prescription labels were typed on a typewriter, and some were even written by hand. Most importantly even without computers, the pharmacists knew what medicines their patients were on and what allergies they had. They took care of their patients." - May 1, 2008

David Marley attended Annunciation School in Ilion and graduated from Ilion High School in 1984. Dave chronicled his days after graduating from high school on the web site.

"After leaving Ilion for SUNY @ Buffalo in 1984 to start pharmacy school, I got kicked out in 1987 for partying too hard, (lots of drugs and alcohol). I tried again in 1988 only to get kicked out again, (even more drugs and alcohol). Finally in 1989 I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and cleaned up. Believe it or not, I got back in Rx school in 1990, graduated in 1992. Moved to Rochester for a year, then to Winston-Salem, NC where I currently work as the Executive Director of the state's Impaired Pharmacist program. I also met my wife Elizabeth (also a pharmacist) in 1992, married in 1994.

"Right now there are no kids, but we do have 2 dogs, Maggie (AKC Dave's Sugar Magnolia), and Kipper. Elizabeth and I are currently both pursuing our Doctorates in pharmacy through UNC-Chapel Hill, and then kids to follow, we think. After living in Buffalo and Rochester for a total of 9 years, I can say I do not miss the snow, enjoy boating/water-skiing from April to October, and don't even own a snow shovel." - Jan 6, 1998

Since 1998, Dave and Elizabeth became the proud parents of Megan Elizabeth Marley born n 7/8/02 and a son, Logan, born in July 2004. Dave earned his Doctorate degree (PharmD) in Pharmacy from UNC-Chapel Hill in May of 2000, and was credentialed as a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) in October 2000. He continued to serve as the Executive Director of the North Carolina Pharmacist Recovery Network, Inc.,

In November 2003, the Marleys opened up their own business, Marley Drug in Winston Salem, NC. Just two months after opening, the business was very popular. "That was the year we had the bad, early hit of flu that hit the kids," he recalled. "We were the only store in two counties that was able to get TamiFlu [oseltamivir, Roche] to keep the kids alive. We really earned our stripes the second month we were open."

Following in the footsteps of his Ilion home-town pharmacists, who took care of their patients, Dave stated in an article on, "From my front-end clerks to the person who does refills, they all know that we exist for the customers."


Miracles Among Us: Dave Marley....

TV News WKII12 video - Classmate Dave Marley shares his miracle story of nearly dying on the ice rink and fighting his way back in this television news video from 2013. (September 12, 2016)

In May of 2012, at the age of 46, Dave suffered an aneursym while playing ice hockey with his son, Logan. Down But Not Out: Dave Marley recovers from an aneurysm.

Vice President Joe Biden made a special call to Dave while Dave was recuperating in the hospital. The Vice-President had also suffered an aneurysm in 1988 and shared his recovery with Dave. Thankfully, Dave also made a full recovery.


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