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From - Tue Jun 30 20:47:12 1998
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From: aileen sweeney 
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To: od@borg.com
Subject: Request for permission to post OD Articles, from 1963 Ilion High School Fire, on IHS Alumni Website
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Dear Sir/Madam:

This email is being sent to you to request permission to 
reproduce three Observer Dispatch Articles, from 1963, dealing 
with the subject of the Ilion High School Fire, on the 
Ilion High School Alumni web site. 

Photocopies of these subject articles were sent to me
 by, Ilion alumnus, Paul McCabe, Class of 1964. 

The first article is from Vol. 40 -- No. 356. 

A web version of this can be found at:


The second article does not contain the newspaper's heading, so I 
am not sure if it really is an Observer Dispatch article, although I 
suspect that it is. 

This article is at:

The third article was written by Ilion alumnus, HAROLD WHITTEMORE, Class
of '32 and can be found at:


This year marks the 35th anniversary of the tragic fire. I would like to 
honor the memory of Fireman Seymour, (the father of six Ilion alumni and 
an alumnus himself), who died in the school's arson, 
by republishing these historical articles. If there is an 
objection to using these aforementioned articles on the 
Ilion Alumni web pages, I will leave remove them immediately.

Aileen Sweeney

Aileen Carney Sweeney
Ilion High School Alumni Website - Administrator, '74
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To: asweeney@dreamscape.com
From: od@borg.com (OD Newsroom)
Subject: Reproducing articles

Dear Ms. Sweeney,

You have our permission to reproduce the three O-D articles dealing
with the fire. Just please make sure you state on your web site that
they are reproduced "with permission of the Observer-Dispatch." That way,
anyone thinking of doing the same thing will know to contact us first.

Thanks for contacting us. I'm giving your email to our Ilion reporter, 
Sandra Fentiman, since your web site and the anniversary of the fire 
might make for an interesting story or column.


Michael Kilian
Metro Editor
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